This world is not my home | Reviewer: Adanma Uzo-Ngerem | 8/24/14

This song is my mom's special song. She always sings it after reading her bible and her expressions make me feel like she is already there in heaven. Now that she has passed I believe she is there with the angels singing all day long, that is why I want to sing it for on this day.

This world is not my own | Reviewer: Franklin ikenna | 8/13/14

Indeed this world is not my own and my home,I have home some where beyond the sky,the sung always make me revived and it tells me how heaven looks like,it remind me that heaven is a real place to go and dwell.

of course heaven is my home absolutely free no paymnt of rate. dis earth im jst passing through. | Reviewer: Philip Jonah frm Jalingo Taraba State | 8/8/14

Whenever i had dis song even i m sad, trouble,or if i feel am longly dis ix d song dat is usually come into my mind, emidately if i start songing dis song im feling so much in hapi full with d Spirit ov almighty GOD,God bls Jim Reeves & God bls us 2.

I'm console! | Reviewer: Nadiye S. Freeman | 6/1/14

Jim has really done a great job here! The song is rich in word & very touching,..! It makes focuses on my home above it also condole me! Thank God for jim reeves


Oh how wonderful is the LORD who gives us the songs to praise Him!
The song 'This world is not my home' has indeed been the sole source of my blessings.It brings me hope at times of my adversities and has kept reminding me that I have a safer place to be! How i long to be there!

peter from tanzania | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/24/13

at the tme of sadness,hopelessnes,lonelyness oi lord i know u wl a there for me,
rip jim reeves wat a song
and i cant feel at hme in ths world anymore
merry xmas and happy new year

are u all ready to go to gloryland, of enternal blessing and favours of unending joy? | Reviewer: M.C. Accuracy | 11/9/13

when i heard the song title, i was like how will the music be all about? But when i heard the song it was my devoted soul touching and song of the month. And it remind's me about gloryland, every moments i check through my spiritual affair's with God, to abide to all his commandments! so as to obtain the citizenship of gloryland. God bless Jim Reeves, God bless us all .amen.

memorable song in my life | Reviewer: doreen kobusingye | 10/24/13

This song ''This world is not my home'' by Jim Reeves is a song that when i listen to it , it reminds me of my late Dad (Tumusiime Deus) he loved it so much and every time i would sit with him he would sing it for us it reminds me about him and he left us 8 children peacefully and said that this world is not his home. we will always love You dad. and thank you Mr Jim Reeves for this wonderful song. may de good Lord be with you for ever and ever.

This World is realy not my own. I belive it's somewhere beyond the sky | Reviewer: NWAOGU JOSEPH U. IMERIENWE | 10/5/13

This song ''This world is not my own'' by Jim Reeves is a song that when you remember or sing it, u will automatically be in spirit. You will be thinking only about heaven. This song always console me whenever 'am in difficulties. Thanks be to GOD Almighty who Has inspired Jim Reeves to compose this songs and other ones. I must make heaven. Alleluya

This world is really not my home | Reviewer: Fijabi Olayemi | 9/26/13

Whao! I've been listening to this music for a long time, but then i dont understand all about it except the chorus until now that i just see the lyric and i cant even wait to see that Gloryland, to join the Angels in singing that sweetest praise and above all to sit at the feet of the Most High God. But Then I still need His Mercy and Grace.

Jossy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/22/13

Actually, we are just a stranger on this earth. We were sent for an assignment, I pray that the strength to carryout the assignment successfully should be available for us in Jesus, name.

This world is not my home | Reviewer: John kennedy from imsu | 6/12/13

This world is really not our home, we are here just for a purpose and what is that purpose? To do the will of GOD and keep his commandment. Thanks to jim reeves who has composed this converting melody. My prayer to everyone of us is to meet that glory land

Dis earth iz nt my home | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/13

What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and looses his souls. The life of man here on earth iz short and brief? Afta living dis sinful world, what shall we be remember for. Thank u mr jim reeves 4 d legacy u laid down, for others to follow. May we all see in heavenly kindom in jesus name(amen)

this world is not my home | Reviewer: sonsuantak vaiphei | 4/17/13

As mention in the lyrics by jim reeves its great to know this world is not our home,it true indeed! we are just the messenger of christ to spread his good news to all the nations tribes and tongues.So friends its not the time to delay anymore,lets join our hands for the sake of christ who sacrifice his life so as we could enjoy the gloryland in his presence...

inded heaven is my home... | Reviewer: Dunu Ugochukwu | 4/4/13

this song is amaizing, I felt the glory of God when I heard it. Espacially the stanza that said '' I have a loving mother in a Glory land and I cant expect to stop until I shake her hand cos she's waitn for me in d Heavn's open door. Life after will b sweeter than now. I Thank God for Jim Reeves.