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jewel of the world | Reviewer: josiel | 7/31/14

ok, i'll try to speak it clear, i don't want to bother anyone, i just wanted this message to reach jewel, in the last few months i've been trying the best to change my life, i need an advice, a friend i can trust, i've been a long time jewel fan, and never felt so much the need to open my heart, i know it seems crazy, but i wanted to send a message direct to the singer, maybe on her website, please someone from this site, take these words to her, i'll be forever grateful. My name is josiel, i'm brazilian, sorry for my english, i'm still learning, i wanted to say how much i need her, i'm fighting against a deep depression and this could be the key for the victory because jewel is playing a major role in my healing process with her meaningful and inspirational songs, make my dream come true, i'm just a man looking for the chance to start over and rewrite my story with a happy ending. Thanks in advance and god bless you all.

Still my better songs..... | Reviewer: Dean | 2/11/13

To: Jewel n that Handsome Hubby,
... JEWEL !!!! Yes , and too this day "Spirits " from your Album; sooo greatful to me from these songs w/ my grandma and your 90's.... And all of your CD's as well now always... especially in the iTunes !!

From: Bright Rhainbows, Dean

The Life Of Jewel | Reviewer: Jewel Quaethem | 10/11/12

Hi, my name is jewel just like the singers I want to tell you how her story went in a short story here it is:She was about 20 {by the way my mom said this} when she was living on the street. She was singing when a recording artist so happened to be driving by and heard her sing, he loved her singing so much he deiced to record one of her songs. And a chain reaction went on, people her her songs and well she became who she is today. I think that is a amazing thing because that doesn't happen everyday. So I am truly inspired by her story and hope to become what she is today.

rosydew | Reviewer: Agatha S | 6/17/12

The first time I heard Jewel singing was in one of the "Nashville Star Show" where she was hosting. Her voice blow me off!! She has the most and sweetest heavenly angelic voice I've ever heard. I'm a country person and Jewels yodelling really makes me feel so much at home! Then I started to track her even more...until I got a video of her performance, albums and Lullaby music albums which really put me to sleep as a person with too much stress to live with! Her sweet music and voice helps to calm my nerves from day to day. I look foward to hear her voice and music everyday! Her music and songwritings relate alot to my personal life and comforts me. I love her in many many ways and I also thinks she is one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL,INSPIRING,TALENTED SINGER, MUSICIAN and PERSON in the world!!! Thank you Jewel for always being there!!! I always love you Jewel!

Jewel : a great good wonderful example for all human kind! | Reviewer: Georgiana | 1/18/11

I gather strength to fight for all my purposes in life..and dreams because of Jewel. The name suits her right..She is a jewel on this planet i may say. Her creations/music..and voice the way off interpretation ..leaves me speachless; she is special among all artists in the world.
I love her!
Great job Jewel!
one of your biggest fans, Georgiana :)

Curious about Adrian | Reviewer: Diane Grabo | 10/26/08

This is not a review. Rather, I am seeking information about the song Adrian. I am a professor of adult language disorders and head injury. The lyrics of Adrian have always haunted me and I would love to know the story behind the song. Is it based on a real person? If so, is he still alive? Any information would be appreciated. Diane Grabo

amazing. | Reviewer: sam | 7/8/08

i think that jewel is an amzing singer, she has inspired me in so many ways.
i couldnt even begin to list them.
my sister christa[RIP] introduced her music to me when i was 7 yrs. old.
and ive loved her voice since then.
"you were meant for me" was my favorite.
i dream one day to sing along beside of her.

amazing. | Reviewer: sam | 7/8/08

jewel is the most talented singer out there.
she has inspired me in so many ways.
her music was introduced to me when i was 7 yrs old. by my sister christa[RIP] she has inspired me to pursue my dreams in singing.
one day maybe i'll sing along side of her.
"you were meant for me"

ocean beach | Reviewer: garry | 11/24/07

at ocean beach, San Diego remember u singing by the pier. remember the angel who got u and your mom a place to stay right on main, and a local singing spot at a local club. sure am proud of you. god and peace be with u

Jewel | Reviewer: Rach | 2/18/07

Wow Jewel is an amazing singer. Her lastest album is amazing one of the best albums I own

The Raw Truth. | Reviewer: Cassandra | 2/1/06

Jewel is an absolutely wonderful singer! I love how a lot of, if not most, of her songs address the raw truth. Recently I've listened to her newest song "Goodbye Alice in Wonderland" on her own personal website, , and I have to say she just keeps getting better. Everyone thinks she was just a "sell-out" for her album 0304, but as I see it she got the attention of all the "Britneys" and "Christinas" and then did what she does best: gives them the raw truth. She's just a wonderful singer/song writer and person all together! Oh, and by the way...I believe her new cd is coming out May 2nd... enjoy! Buy it!

Amazing | Reviewer: Veronica | 9/25/04

I think Jewel is an amazing singer, with a extraordinary voice:P I LOVE her!

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