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Performed by Jewel

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interesting fact | Reviewer: krissy | 11/4/2008

I'm sitting here watching "Jewel: The Essential Live Songbook" (which I HIGHLY recommend) and she states that this song is an autobiography of sorts and that she's actually quite embarrased to sing it live. That made me look at it in a different way. Just thought I would share!

Goodbye Alice In Wonderland | Reviewer: Amanda | 8/30/2007

Amazing song. Jewel has an amzing voice, the acoustic is perfect for this ballad, and The message in the song is very powerful.

Great Song. | Reviewer: Emily | 6/15/2007

I absolutely LOVE this song. It has a great message , I love the melody and Jewels voice is amazing in this song. Also, I myself am I singer and play guitar. A very easy song to play and sing. Overall , I give it a *10* =]

Song Review | Reviewer: Kalaydea | 5/19/2007

"Goodbye Alice in Wonderland" is a wonderful song. However I don't understand why it is called "Goodbye Alice in Wonderland" when she says "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" as in "The Wizard of Oz".

Goodbye Alice In Wonderland- Jewel | Reviewer: Rach | 3/19/2007

An amazing ballad, whats with the music video though! its so boring for such a great song.

A great song | Reviewer: Hubby Chubby Hang Over Guy | 2/14/2007

Goodbye Alice in Wonderland is a great song and i listen to it almost everyday.

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