a piece of Jewel. | Reviewer: josiel | 8/4/14

For me Jewel is by far the best singer in the world, in all her songs you can feel her soul in the lyrics, her voice is awesome, she's very dynamic too. Goodbye alice in wonderland is a truly work of art, a biographical ballad where Jewel shows her visions about finding ourselves in a life full of lies, it inspires us to look for things that really matter in our life. Thanks Jewel for sharing with us words of wisdom.

interesting fact | Reviewer: krissy | 11/4/08

I'm sitting here watching "Jewel: The Essential Live Songbook" (which I HIGHLY recommend) and she states that this song is an autobiography of sorts and that she's actually quite embarrased to sing it live. That made me look at it in a different way. Just thought I would share!

Goodbye Alice In Wonderland | Reviewer: Amanda | 8/30/07

Amazing song. Jewel has an amzing voice, the acoustic is perfect for this ballad, and The message in the song is very powerful.

Great Song. | Reviewer: Emily | 6/15/07

I absolutely LOVE this song. It has a great message , I love the melody and Jewels voice is amazing in this song. Also, I myself am I singer and play guitar. A very easy song to play and sing. Overall , I give it a *10* =]

Song Review | Reviewer: Kalaydea | 5/19/07

"Goodbye Alice in Wonderland" is a wonderful song. However I don't understand why it is called "Goodbye Alice in Wonderland" when she says "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" as in "The Wizard of Oz".

Goodbye Alice In Wonderland- Jewel | Reviewer: Rach | 3/19/07

An amazing ballad, whats with the music video though! its so boring for such a great song.

A great song | Reviewer: Hubby Chubby Hang Over Guy | 2/14/07

Goodbye Alice in Wonderland is a great song and i listen to it almost everyday.