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THE BEST!!!!! | Reviewer: raychie | 11/8/2007

Jet is the best band that ever hit this planet! Does anyone have some good websites to recommend about jet???? Jaime is right. Barely any full bios! What's up with that? I luv jet!! :)

Jet's Alright! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/7/2007

They are ok but I LOVE GREEN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm GREEN DAY'S #1 Fan in real life!!!!!!!!!!!!

jet - my inspiration | Reviewer: dhanz | 6/6/2007

I'm grateful for u guys!!!your song make me feel alive again!!"Hold On" is the best song that I ever heard..

jet - the real deal! | Reviewer: Phil Hickey | 6/1/2007

Beyond the hype and hoopla of the first CD and emerging through the dark period making the underrated second CD, Jet have now established themselves as an act with substance. Get Born is a minor classic and Shine On improves with age. They are one of the world's great live acts and they are fun. See them soon!

a great band, bad biography | Reviewer: jaime | 4/26/2007

you(the writer) only gives small details about half of the band the rest of the band is hardly mentioned. I'm doing a school report over Jet and all i can find are half reports like yours.

bets band ever!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/2006

who ever said jet are shit then i hope you do shove an echidna up your ass beacuse you are a complete tool!!!! you must have no taste in music!!!!!!!
i think jet are awesome, thebest rock n roll band i have heard since ACDC
you guys are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not good at all | Reviewer: alex | 11/1/2005

this band is the worst peice of shit ive ever seen.. i would rather jam an echidna in my ass than listen to there shitty guitar rythems for 5 seconds... this band should die from std's from rank hookers

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