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refreshing real truthful talent | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/11

wow jessie is a credit to herself and her family, i can't even put into words how inspiring i think she is to young and old people everywhere, she is truly

awesome real raw talent | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/11

you are so amazing,beautiful to look at and listen to, awe inspiring no holds barred she is such a real person and makes me proud to be british which not much else does these days with the state of our country at the moment, would love to meet her and see her live which don't think will ever be possible with my piddly little income will never be able to affor to buy a ticket, god bless you and keep you safe jessie i am sure you are an angel in disguise. love you

Who u are!!! Jessie jay! | Reviewer: Teebo | 12/7/11

I hve watched ur music clips an read so much about u!! I hve neva her a voice like ur's b4! An ur songs r so true real 2 me!! I believe dat u hve touch da hearts right around da world!!! Im a musician who luvs ur music an voice! Ur unique! I guess dats y u r who u are!! :-)

No1FanOfJessie's | Reviewer: ILOVEJESSICAELLENCORNISH!!!!<3 | 10/27/11

your music is so true and i dont know why anyone would hate you, the meanings and the message behind the words is so true, its and inspiration to everyone, i know one day i will do something to show how much i love you and your music, its just about finding what it is:)....from your number one fan:')

my inspiration | Reviewer: rimjim | 10/26/11

jessica ellen cornish aka jessie j. an exceptionally tallented girl with the most infectious smile. i'm completely in love with you and the music u write. may god bless u with all the good things and ur hardwork be appreciated. one day i defenitely wil meet u to let u kno how u have inspired me!!!

Jessie's Ahhhhmazzingggg!! ~**<3**~ | Reviewer: Danni ^.~ | 10/3/11

She has such an incredible disposition, in the way she physically expresses her emotions..I'm hooked on her musical work at the core. Just can't help but be moved by such beautie. She's gotten me by some pretty insane procrastinative college nights! Hope one day I will do something extremely funni and get her to smile because of me. Hahaa! Thanks Jessie!



my feelings toward jessie j | Reviewer: candace smith | 9/26/11

hi jessie j..u r so amazing i would love to meet u!u have such an goregous look about you, and how u present yourself. i love how u dnt put yourself in a box: u r who you r and u dont care who likes it or not...........i would love to meet u..u r beautiful and you would love me as much as i love you

Who you are. | Reviewer: Sara | 5/30/11

Jessie J , For me, Is Truely Inspirational
I love her positive attitude,& her BEAUTIFUL voice.

I Wish I could Do more to support her. She's Got such an awesome way about her.
She makes me want to strive for more. :)

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