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my awsome wish | Reviewer: ashley | 4/12/08

heyy jesse i luv you and your songs i really like beautifl soul i really wich i could meet you someday i never really liked you intil i saw you on the suite life of zack and cody but now i have every single song of yours on my i pod since i was little and now im 11 so bye and mabey my wish will kome true!! bye

i realy love you hony | Reviewer: Sarah | 4/6/08

hi iam sarah iam 14
i want tell you that i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve you soooooooooooooooooooo and i dont think that there is someone love as me much you could think ah ok she love
i know that it just a word but the meaning is very big its bigger that the ocean
i dont know what to say i have 100 photo for you !!!! its the true realy
with love

p.c ----- take care of your self you loking good
i love you

always loved u.... | Reviewer: Mahsa | 4/6/08

hi im mahsa from iran...I am one of ur biggest fans and i love to meet u one day but i know this is imposible...(cuz i live in iran)...
but hope u have a concert near here...i feel that i cant live with out u...
love u 4ever....;);x

The Biggest Fan Ever | Reviewer: NICOLE LAU | 3/10/08

Dear Jesse,

I m ur biggest fan!! I was wondering if I could ask u a few questions. Where do u live, wats ur hobby, wat is ur mobile number, when did u strated singing n ur e-mail address please!!! Remember I m ur no 1 fan!!!!!!! I luv u so much my room is full of u n Dream Street pics n posters!!!! Well hope we can meet 1 day I really wan to go to ur concerts n hav ur signature!! But I live in Malaysia, U live in New York right?
Maybe u can com to performe in Malaysia!! It is very beautiful here!! If u can please go to Kuala Lumpur, SELANGOR, to performed.Hope u can I really wan to meet u!!!

HOPE U CAN COME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

invitation...... | Reviewer: Intan | 3/7/08

heyya,jesse.i really like your seem 2 sway me away from the whole wide world n anything in it.well,lots of international artist had performed here in malaysia.why don't you come?ask your father 2 come along!

hey I am your biggest fan ever | Reviewer: kayla | 2/17/08

you are an amazing actor and singeryou are the best singer I have ever heard can you please send me your whole biography just please please just do good things so you can remain my favorite singer/actor:)

maya | Reviewer: maya | 2/10/08

hi! i love you jesse sooooooooooooooo much .
i love all your album and your songs.
i'm from algeria .i hope you come here some day.we all love you here .am maya .
could you write to me please,my e-mail is :
if u want know i am 17.
love u for ever.

luv ur eyes | Reviewer: sian | 1/25/08

u r the best and i love your songs and ur eyes i have always want to meet u and if u have msn plz add me my msn is and i will love it so much love sian xxxx

ur songs make me smile <3 | Reviewer: clara | 1/10/08

hey jesse !!! i had never heard of u ( lol soz) but then i saw u 4 da first time on the show " zack and cody: a suite life" and when u started singing i was as bad as maddi and london ( who were btw dressed up as guy waiters !)) lol anyway going right out 2 buy ur cd ! .

my fav song is just so u know <3 luv it <3

P.S i live in bahrain (next 2 saudi arabia)) lol any chance u coming here for a visit ?!

SuP hoTt BlOoOnD! | Reviewer: layal | 1/6/08

hey jesse im ur girl 4get wat da gurlz saii i luv u mor den wat dey luv u..... nd wu ever h8tz u and call u badd namez dey ill bii messink wif mi 1st and yer u mean everii fiNng 2 mi if ma fwends see mi tlkink 2 u dey ill kill mi if dey c mi ell i gotta go b4 dey cum luv u soOoOOOOoo much hoOot blond mwaHhh mwaHhh xOxOx from yah girl layal

hi : ) | Reviewer: Tiffany | 1/1/08

hi. Jesse i am your #1 fan.i wish you would come
to Oklahoma and sing at the ford grandmother said that the tickets are to i will just whatch it on televison.Tiffany xxxx

p.s. i would luv to see you backstage.

Dream street...:) | Reviewer: Laura | 1/1/08

Hey, Jesse!!! I just whanted to say that i love you very much...., & i whant you to know that u was great in the group Dream street... Its very sad that the group doesnt exist anymore...
plz, i know many of peoples who whant to see dream street together again, si i whanted to ask you... : can the dream street boys come together and sing again? i still wach dream street videos & live concerts..., i love them!!!
I love dream street too...(You, Chris, Greg, Frankie, Mat...) even my password is JCGFM ... (not rly the same) a little bit diferent) ....

why dream street split-up? why they can`t sing again? and dance as cool as they did?
I`m from Latvia.., and i hope that U will came to Latvia..., coz` we LOVE YOU... & we whant to see you in real life..., on the stage...
we wish to see on the stage dream steet boys too, & i hope that it will happen... an d as soon as it can..

kissing you good-bye... :)
love you with all my heart... :*****

review about jesse!!!! | Reviewer: joan | 12/28/07

hey jesse!!!! I'm joan from philippines. jesse, i luv u so much!!! Your songs makies me happy everytime i listen to them.... hope that you will visit philippines.... and i promise I will watch you!!!!

LOVE YAAH! | Reviewer: Marjorie | 12/17/07

Hi jesse you know i really love your singing voice!Keep it up!Me and my bestfriend especially her name is nancy really loves you as acrush keep it up! WE LOVE YOU!

love uuuuuuuuuu | Reviewer: yasmeen | 12/17/07

Hey Jesse! we all luv you here. i luv ur songs. it is absoulutly amazing. i would tell u to write to me but u probably have NO time at all. but if u do u can e-mail

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