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Performed by Jennifer Lopez

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jennifer is the best singer in the world and she is too beautiful | Reviewer: mohamad mahdi rahim bakhsh from iran | 7/3/09

when I listen this song it makes me unhappy ,because I remember my girlfriend,she dosent love me but I love her too much.
jennifer is more beautiful than every singers,I also love her too much

his favorite | Reviewer: miheret abraham | 3/26/09

when the first day i saw him i was so nervous. i don't know why i'm so nervous we learn in the same school.i look him every day and he looks me too. i don't why he looks me. i'm so nervous for talk to him. what should i do?and i'm so un love him . please help me what should i do ?

run away | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/7/09

great song.....I luv someone who is really perfect to me..and he loves me too!!..he propose to me can u beleive it..I found guy who I love and he want to spend the rest of his life with me...but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he is from another parents won't agree...what could I away with him!!!!!!!

aint it funny.. | Reviewer: deni | 3/7/09

this is one of the best songs ever!..sensual and deeply emotional..this song reminds me of a guy i accidently met on myspace looking for someone from my past with the same age n was strange but i feel like i found my soul mate..we are both ppl with i think ok looks..but its amazing to know there is som1 hu can like u 4 the things u say not jus the way u look..we can read eachothers minds..n his so special in my eyes..beautiful italian young man whos stolen my heart..i hope one day we will meet..i want his children lol..never felt like that for anyone before..but i will prepare to be let down..bubbles can pop..:( but for now i will dream of many lives with him by my side :)

Less than perfect circumstance... | Reviewer: his favorite | 3/5/09

Sorry you're going through that Angie; we're then on the same page. The only thing with my case is that (according to our family) "this" really can't be and yes our situation is crazy as hell but although he made his life and has responsibilities there's still a little spark that goes crazy when we see each other.

its just not what you do | Reviewer: angie | 3/4/09

I love this song,I'm in love with someone and I can't show it,cause I'm with someone else and thats how life has to be!!!I wish I could see him but I cant I wake up thinking i wan't him!You see I'm married & never felt this way about someone & know don;t known what to do???

This song describes a part of my life... | Reviewer: luscious | 1/21/09

I'd heard this song in the past, but I never really listened to it closely, I guess cuz it didn't relate to me at the time...
But in Dec.08 I started seeing this guy from work. He started in Nov.08
Something about this guy got my attention...
Keep in mind I have a man, and things were not so good with us...but I know I do LOVE him, we have a son 2gether...
This new guy was so different from the rest, he's smart, polite, very charming, plus he has $$$, he's a very responsible young man, he's only 22, and I'm almost gonna hit the BIG 30! Yeah I know...Trust me I didn't want to get n2deep...but lil by lil we caught very strong feelings for one another...we saw eachother at and away from wk for a month, until my man started coming to my wk. more than usual, word got around wk, and people started spreading major rumors, he was called into a mtg.,and was told not to talk to me at least here at work because all this seems to be affecting the workplace...Nosy people, haters, because there was a few females who were interested in him...and they were just hating on me one because I GOT him, and because I've lost 50 lbs!
I felt the love from him...I know he truly cared...but the circumstance I was was just not gonna happen...We don't even talk at all anymore, but we have to see eachother at work and its hard but I have to let it go...

the most sweet song in the world | Reviewer: maryam | 11/30/08

This music takes me to the time when i was talking to a man who was my whole life ,i couldnt see him be4 and i will never see him again bcz he lays under dust now,i would like to say thanx to J.L bcz of this not american but i can feel the words of this song with my heart.

The most beautiful song in the world | Reviewer: maryam | 11/30/08

i would like to say bravo to J.L bcz of this sweet and great song,it takes me to the time i was talking to a man who was my whole life but we could never see each other and i will never talk to him again bcz he lays under dust now.although i'm not american but i can feel each word of this song with my heart

xxx_swEEt_tAnya_xxx | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/08

everytime i hear this song im like omg theres so much in it.u can create pictures just like u want them 2 be cause of its equivocality and connect them to a large painting."This perfect romance that I've created in my mind I'd live a thousand lives"just soooo true.sometimes when im upset or feels mizunderstood i turn everythin upside down.but this song gets me a smile on my lips again.

it's just so sad | Reviewer: Esther | 8/22/08

this song reminds me of the one and only person who has captivated my heart. thought he and i never met before but we've known each other for two years already.

he's schizophrenic and he has issues. he has no kin in this world yet he loves me a lot. fate just had to be cruel for we didn't get a chance to meet up and make things happen and work.

he's not like any other guys whom i've been with, his sincerity and honesty had truly touched me. i know i can't relieve him of his struggles and pains he has to go through alone, feeling all so helpless yet i can only get on my knees each night to pray for him that he'll be safe no matter where he is.

i wish to be with him one day. and i hope that chance will come by for him and i to start and justify our love.

from the first moment that we spoke over the internet,
i knew that he's different from any other.

"I'd live a thousand lives
Each one with him right by my side
But yet we find ourselves in a less than perfect circumstance
And so it seems like we'll never have the chance"

Faith | Reviewer: Jenna | 7/20/08

At 1st i just heard it as a song....i kept replaying it it n heard what it really reminds me of someone i metlong ago.....just like in the song i tried to push him away but somehow he kept coming back to my mind....and i thought i wuz alone but im not....cause i feel like him and i ARE meant to be together....forever....
-Deep Faith

star crossed lovers | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/08

this song speaks to me in volumes... every word... im in love with someone i cant be and its the facts of our lives that keep us apart.. who he is and who i am... and who we are to someone else... we can never be together even tho we love eachother and it hurts not to be just to spare the feelings of someone we both care about...

aint it funny | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/07

well i lov' this song s cuz im in love with this one guy that leaves soooo freakin faar from me and i think i fell in love with him but he is a playa i know it but cant do anything about cuz feeling are feelings and eventhou we try we cant change them....

The remix with Ashante | Reviewer: Pansy | 11/10/07

The official remix for this song with JaRule adn Ashanti(yes ashanti)...For all ppl, this song was written by Ashanti and if you know Ashanti you'll hear her voice in all the chorus in this song!!

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