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Performed by Jennifer Lopez

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I LOVE YOU | Reviewer: LOVE | 8/1/10

I LIve in iran that we can't say any words of our love when you love some one you can not say it to any one I wish i could live i another ciuntry that I can love a boy and I can say to him I LOVE YOU in iran we can not say I LOVEYOU we can not kiss each other and I realy wants to be in an othe country

ain't funny | Reviewer: love | 8/1/10

I told you that I'm live in aslamic country and we can't talk a bout how we love each other I love a boy that name is sina his so cool and I like him but....... but I can't say him I love you or going to kiss him I can't becuse we live in iran not any other countrys even in africa they can say I love you to each other and when I listen to this music I feel it all that I cant say ant thing about the love to eachother I realy love to go out of iran and live some where alse and jennifer say it all I want to go and I bilive my self that I could go I as stubbron as a mule :)) bye

sung by her heart | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/21/10

i live in an islamic country where we are not supposed to talk or show love. sometimes love does not need words to be expressed. i heard the peurto rico concert version which was slower and much better. it was truly one of the greatest performance ever by any artist. thank you jennifer. good luck for future. bukhari

one day... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/10

Sometimes i think that a ture love can never be i just believe that somehow it wasnt meant 4 me .. dis is what i believe in ...i locked my heart away ...nd now lking 4 som1 2 set it free, i feel like i am lonely and i need som1 2 love and sing 4 him this song !! i will never find true love but maybe 1 day and thn ill thank jlo

.... | Reviewer: zaigit | 4/17/10

i luv a girl so much that she is my everything and she knows that i luv c ignores me..D thing iz dat c dnt trust any guy...pliz jennifer lyk this song pliz make one for dat c cn understand..

big booby! | Reviewer: navid takpedar | 3/25/10

once i was home alone and i was really tired, listening to this song.... i decided to do something, so i woke up and startet to masturbate with jennifer's dream! it was really nice... i was fucking her mouth with my cock and touching her boobies and finguring her BIG ass!!!!! she was so sexy and hot like a fucking whore.... it was the best onanism that i have ever had in my life... thank you jennifer!!!!kiss...

beauty!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/10

tis s the best lirics n best composition of song i've heared till now.......jenni i think tis song tells the feeli wat u wanted to convey.......i lov tis song.....n i love u toooooooo!!!!!!!!may ur works b continued!!!!!

I WISH...... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/10

i hope i could sing this song for my love as well..... v were togather but suddenly he went away saying he doesnt love any more..... bt i still love him the way i did & cant tell him anything abt my feelings..... plz do come back A i still love you.....

25.06.07 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/10

I saw a boy in summer he was amaizg but he was from an other country so we not speak but ı like the way he look.then ı look that the way he tray to talk try to clouse me but ı dont let it.ı dont know thats why .ı know it so silly but 3years pass and ı stiil thinking about him.ıDONT LET someone eles.ı cant love someona eles too.ıt so hard ı wish could be real that story in my heartwe met summer and it stay in summer ı cant see him no where.ıt s not fair.ı wish ı could be stay that summmer now the year is 2010 but ı still living in 2007 july...

i don:t knoww how to propose her | Reviewer: asim | 12/27/09

she is soo near to me . actualy we r frinds but i have no idea how to propose her. one day she came to me and then i give him the cd of this song and said that this song give u what i wana say . and it realy works . and it it say all what i cant say but it have almost all my feelings . Thanks jennifer lopez

woow | Reviewer: salma | 11/24/09

woow this song is really beautiful and romantic and i wish if i could sing it to the one who i love but i don't know if he feel the same about me maybe he will some day and i'd love to sing this song to him the romantic is the most important thihg in the life with LOVE

Maybe one day... | Reviewer: Wishing on a Star... | 9/16/09

I met her when I was 15, she was a new teacher at my school. I know that seems a bit odd! She caught my eye, captured my heart, and ever since I have been completely in love with her. After I left school we stayed friends, and grew alot closer. One night i told her how i felt... She said that if circumstances were different, I would be her perfect partner... when i got off the phone that night, my world came crashing down. She was my everything, and i had lost her. We are still friends, and I still love her, I guess I always will, and maybe one day... She will feel the same way. Ain't it funny say's it all, i wish i could sing it to her... Maybe one day...

hopeless | Reviewer: lara | 7/31/09

this song is soo beautiful and emotional,and it effects on me a lot cz I really like a guy a lot!!he's perfect for me,there's nothing he doesnt have it that I wish to find it in my man and the prob is that he may talk with a girl soon and he takes me as a sister for him:( by the way he's my cousin...and I was very gd with him by trying to find solutions for him in order to date the other girl because I dndt feel smthng towards her in that time but now!!I really dnt want him to date that girl!!I want him just for me!!but the gd thing in that was:he found me soo nice with him when I was trying to help him with that girl....what should I do?:S especially that I'm the girl and he's boy so I cant open such a subject with him!!SOS!

Beautiful Dreams... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/09

This Song is too beautiful!! One Night when i was going to sleep i was listening to the Radio... Later on at 4 or 5 am, when i was sleeping deeply, i had a very nice Dream. The Girl i was Lovin who is extremely Beautiful by the Way and Nobody is courageous enough to Talk to her because of her Beauty, wanted to Date me.. I couldnt believe it!! But it was a Kind of Dream which felt to Be very real... We were together and when we were lying on the Grass and watching the Stars together, her Head on my Chest...
Then suddenly, She Startes to sing this Song!!! And i listened to this Song from jlo once but i didnt Know that it was jlos Song and also didnt Know the Name of this Song..
I wanted to Know the title so i Woke up.. It was such à nice Dream i wished it would Never end...

After this Dream i recognized that She was seeking being in Love.. I Started to tAlk with her and then i dated her and now we are together..
OMG She is so Hot that Nobody could Talk to her!!
But i did! And now shes my Girl.
Thank you Jennifer Lopez. Without your help i would Never have the Chance to Date my Hot chica!!!

deleted | Reviewer: hagar elsobky | 7/11/09

iused to be with him , he alwyes sayto me i llnot leave you im yhe only good thing which happened to him,realy itrust of him but when he leave me he deleted me not only bush me away,but forget me as he never meet me his the first one at the whole world i belived him and never lie or shite at him as the big diffrience asfar between us,everr body were alwyes asking me how i love him iwas beeter than himas my look, my stilish, my level , this song remember me as isaw aflash back how iused to be

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