80's calling 50's | Reviewer: Georgios Pavlidis | 1/15/11

I've got nothing new to add only epigramize what others before me elaborated upon: 80's-consequent corporate rock commemorating the 50's when rock was free. (N.B.: Today it may be FOR FREE, courtesy of Megaupload, but not FREE, as in FREEDOM). Greetings, good vibes, peace, love.

Whoever of you is who, | Reviewer: 'J.A.' | 10/27/10

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Song is a reflection on the 60's and 70's in San Francisco | Reviewer: Manny | 9/18/10

This song is about San Francisco where Rock n Roll ruled in the 60's and 70's. Haight-Ashbury had too many runaways eating up the night coming in from all over the country. We all had transistor radios and "listened to the radio" .. don't you remember? There was radio station KYA and the KYA Oneders DJ Basketball team that played against local High School Faculties, and there was KFRC. We built this City on Rock and Roll. The DJ interspersed in the song is Les Garland from KFRC referring to the "City by the Bay"... This is a feel good song referring back to the days when music was coming through our schools...before corporations took over the airwaves.. It's got a great tune and lots of nostalgia for those who can remember... The reason it's the "Worst Song Ever" is because that's how Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane/Starship described it on an MTV interview because he didn't like it affiliated with Jefferson Starship. Sorry Paul, Grace sang it and it was GOOD!!!

It's A Statement Against Disco | Reviewer: Rick | 6/30/10

"We Built This City" is basically a statement in support of rock and roll over the glitz, super techno charged, glam rock, and monotonous, drone of disco music. It is also about the sell out to co by music artists (Jefferson Airplane and Star Ship included) to corporate America. Marconi is a throw back to the basics and roots of popular American music. Don't get me wrong, I am a product of the disco era and love my share of the music. You have to place the song in historical context. It is a statement of the time as JS and the writers saw it. Worst song ever? Give me a break. Who is the snob here? The song makes me dance, sing and think.

this song is terrible. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/8/10

okay, being a jefferson starship fan, my dad and i can both agree that this song is terrible...compared to their songs like "Jane." It's a little annoying, and yes it does 'summarize the style of the 80's" but very badly. Jefferson Starship weren't always that kind of band. we've been listening to them for a while, and this song was a shocker. it's terrible, compared to teh rest of their career.

A Superb and Catchy Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/3/10

I don't usually write reviews, for anything. But I felt the need to write one here. Although I am only 14, I would like to believe I have a pretty good ear for music. I love almost all types from classical, to rock and roll, to pop, even to hip hop on occasion. Now after reading arguments both for and against this song, I have the urge to put in my two cents. This song is fantastic. I first heard in dance class and haven't been able to get it out of my head since. The first chance I got I bought it on iTunes. Now, I'm not sure the lyrics make a whole ton of sense. It is completely possible that is referring to the way of life that existed in the 80s, but I honestly cannot say, because I was not alive in the 80s. However, I do have to say to anyone who says this song is terrible because the lyrics don't make sense, that, in my opinion, you don't really have a full understanding of music. Music isn't just about the lyrics, it is about the music itself. It is about feeling the rhythm and let the melody flood your ears. It is about expressing feeling through sound, through music. Those who dislike the song for the lyrics are taking the song much too literally. You aren't supposed to look just at the words on the outside, you have to find the deeper meaning. Not only behind the lyrics themselves, but behind the melody, rhythm, and tone of the song. I happen to be listening to this song right now, and I can't help but sing along. You don't have to look at the lyrics and deeper meaning if you don't want. Just listen to the beat and dance. This song is extremely catchy and fun to listen to. If you want to take it really literally, perhaps you shouldn't be a music critic anymore. Oh, and by the way miss "12 year old" you obviously still have a TON to learn. Try to be less arrogant, and try to appreciate varying opinions, and try to dance a little more.

Fun Song That Never Gets Old!!! | Reviewer: Frank | 5/21/10

Ive been listening to this since 1985. I was 16 years old in high school and yes it was THE 80'S....

Its sad for those of you who cannot understand what the 80's was all about. "We Build This City" and "Sara" are classic songs from that era. It was also the year of "Take On Me", "Dont You Forget About Me", and "Summer Of 69".

So to all you Negative Feedback Twits, if you can't write anything positive on the songs mentioned above.........THEN DON'T!!!!!!!!

reply to WORST SONG EVER!!! | Reviewer: george | 4/27/10

You probably should keep quiet, if you are actually twelve your favorite band is most likely somebody like JLS, and where do you start with them. This is a song from history, it's a classic. Who cares if the song doesn't make sense, if you actually listened to the music instead of pointing out whats wrong with it you would see that it is actually a prime example of the era. The era when music was good and wasn't a bunch of boy bands, like JLS. Ever since bands like Jefferson stopped playing music, it has taken a turn for the worst, this is evident when you look at the artists playing, such as George Michael, Seal and Kenny G. Even though some people tried to keep it alive, like OASIS, even the great Noel and Liam Gallagher couldn't stop it becoming the farce that it is today. When I hear rap, I feel as if my ears are being raped by three crack fiend monkeys on steroids. In short what I am trying to say is just listen and pay tribute to the dying era, don't criticize just listen.

One of the Best Songs Out There | Reviewer: Rin | 4/15/10

First of all, who ever said lyrics had to make sense all the time? Lyrics are like writing a story, they can be true or works of fiction. Perhaps in the beginning rock and roll was a rebellious thing, but now it is a popular as pop. Also how stupid are you 'The WORST pop song ever recorded!!!'? Look at the USA. The United States of America. Funny that, considering that it used to belong to Britain, and a rebellion ensued to grant their freedom. Also, the lines 'Too many runaways, eating up the night'. Let's think about that shall we? At what time of day do people usually run away? Oh wait, night time. In other words, that's what those lines are referring to. Also, bear in mind that this song was written about early-1970s Los Angeles. Did you live in that time? No. So piss off and take your complaints elsewhere, 'cause this song rocks!

WORST SONG EVER!!! | Reviewer: Hannah | 4/12/10

First of all, if you're going to have a song called We Built This City on ROCK N ROLL, the song ought to be rock and roll. This is like some horrible combination of Broadway and pop music. The lyrics may make sense, but that doesn't mean that they connect to the song in any way, or have some meaningful point. This band started out so well, with that song about Alice (can't remember the name) and other stuff. I'm only 12 years, and I can tell a good pop song from a terrible one. In conclusion (if you haven't yet caught my point), this is possibly the worst song ever written.

Moron City | Reviewer: Paul O'Connor | 11/9/09

Only morons write on here when they wish to be critical. The only time these morons want to be heard is when they have nothing good to say about anything or anyone. Get a life you idiots and be positive for once. This song is a good feel song.

BEST song ever | Reviewer: JSpunge | 10/22/09

First things first, he's talking about how corporations and business and money are becoming more important than music. no, they aren't rock and roll, but at least they're real music. The people that say these lyrics are stupid, pointless, or bad, should try listening to a station that plays new music (or watch muchmusic if you're canadian) and you'll see that these guys had a real something. not to mention that the tune is AMAZING, this is a legend of a piece.

relpy to wost pop song ever | Reviewer: justin | 8/13/09

Are you kidding me? I would rather take a tour of hell than a tour of your iPod. This song is amazing. There are many, many, many songs whose lyrics make no sense to the listener. The point of this song is not for the lyrics to weave into a tapestry of intellectual prose--it's just supposed to be a catchy, iconic anthem that characterizes the 80s.

my critique. | Reviewer: jenn | 7/23/09

I enjoy this song, I do not take it all too seriously. I do, however, agree that the lyrics make little sense, and after seeing the skill these guys had in the late 60's, and the transformation of Grace Slick's singing from an amazing voice into what she delivered in their "comeback" hit, well, it dissapoints. Its not comparable to "White rabbit" in any way.
At all I'm not bashing the song, I'm simply saying they once had more going for them.

The WORST pop song ever recorded!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/09

I have been listening to pop music for more than 45 years now. Today, while enjoying my toasted chicken breast sandwich at Subway my ears were attacked with "We Built This City" from the speakers in the ceiling. I actually took the time to explain to my ten year old son that what he was hearing was easily the worst pop song of all time. Despite what others have posted here on this discussion string, the lyrics ARE pointless and for lack of a better word STUPID. Thelyrics hop all over the place with a thin narrative thread. It is as if Jefferson Starship boiled the lyrics in hot water in order to burn of any signs of intelligence so that when the water steamed away they were left with pure, 100% stupidity. Cities are not built on or by rock and roll and were never meant to be - not even when speaking figuratively. Rock and roll is rebellion and punk, it is not "Knee deep in the hoopla / Sinking in your fight / Too many runaways / Eating up the night. Huh? Icky bad. Yes there was a "San Francisco" sound many years ago, but no one cared by the time this song was released. "Don't you remember?" No, I rather not if this is part of the San Fran heritage. I'll take my cities anthem made famous by Jerry Lee Lewis (that's rock and roll) who sang "What Made Milwaukee Famous Made a Looser Out of Me." Great lyrics, a great hook and chorus, it is truly about the city and it's heritage and it is about beer. Everyone cares about beer. Don't you remember?