Jibberish don't think soo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/09

If you listen to the words they are singing about how rock and roll and radio made the city. How songs are made popular in schools by teens, and in dance clubs. The line Marconi plays the mamba is just saying the radio plays the mamba, Marconi was the inventor of the radio. SO maybe if people would listen and use the organ between their ears they could figure it out....

Not rubbish | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/09

The lyrics for this song are not rubbish or pointless, they are talking about the city of San Francisco. The radio clip in the middle of the song was and still is an actual radio station there, which still plays the same songs but is now an 'oldies' radio station. I agree it's a great song, one of my alltime favorites, but just because you don't see the meaning in the lyrics don't call them 'pointless'

they built the cities of rock and roll | Reviewer: Bea | 11/23/08

okej, I gotta say; this is not the best song I've ever heared. I think it's both funny and good at the same time. but it has a catchy chorus that you easily can learn and sing-a-long to, and yea.. I'm addicted to it xDD

Legendary | Reviewer: Steven | 7/18/08

This song.. is simply amazing.. anyone who thinks it sucks.. open your eyes people loved that song back in the 80's and still continue to love it in the 21st century. Its an immortal classic. Simply Amazing.

I love this song! | Reviewer: Gosia | 7/15/08

OMG this song is incredible! In my opinion "We built this city" is the best of the best song's 80's! When I listening it I feel power and I can do everything... I'm really sad when I think that in my country and in the world we must waiting long time when somebody write and singing song who take mi this feeling... If I make a mistake I'm sorry I learn English ;)

Great Song | Reviewer: Todd lake | 11/21/07

Im not an old fart either, im only 12 years old and 80's music is my fav music, music had a meaning back then, now we just have RAP

thats my Defintion on Rap

You cant spell crap without rap. We Built This City is a GREAT song. These days there are good bands but nothing like the 80's

This music is fantastic it's a legend | Reviewer: ge | 9/20/07

I love this song.It's a icon of the 80's.Lyrics are rubbish but music transcends everything.You have to feel it to like it and enjoy it.If music has this power to make you move(whatever the songs says)everything is valid.This song brought me back good memories.And I'm from Brazil.At that time it was realeased did not understand a word.Nevertheless always will be a joy to be remember...For those out there who think this song sucks I think they are speaking for themselves.Awesome song...

reply | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/12/07

Go and fuck yourself somewhere else matt logan,whoever you are,and watch what you're wishing for, maybe there's someone fishing the same for you.This the dummiest comment I ever read, if you don't like the song than don't listen to it,and please do spare us of your petty thoughts.

WOOT! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/07

I'm not an old fart and I love 80s music. To all of the haters out here; if you don't like it thats your preference not everyone else's and if you think we are dumb then go suck an egg. Also: LYRICS DONT HAVE TO HAVE A MEANING!

not for everyone | Reviewer: john | 8/15/07

just a simple song but great instead,with an excellent rithm..one of the best 80's hits

Blast from the past | Reviewer: Ian | 7/22/07

I once recorded this single (remember vinyl) onto both complete sides of a C60 tape. Simple yet addictive. Yes, their greatest song was "white rabbit" but as a reminder of years gone by, this is a classic!

Are you Kidding? | Reviewer: Bob Segal | 7/10/07

What a classic,

Jesus Christ guys have some fun with this.....the lyrics are pointless yes but this song defines the electronic 80's and the vocal parts are not easy to sing. These are genuine and talented vocalists just having fun. They had already done it all in the 60's and 70's this was just a paycheck.

Why don't you go listen to Debbie Gibson if you want some brainless lyrics you don't have to think about or associate with anything because they are spoon fed to you.

Grace Slick fucking Rocks!

Sucking is Easy to Do If You're Jeff Starship... | Reviewer: Derek | 7/5/07

This is an awful song. If you don't think so, just ask Grace Slick. She is so embarrassed of the song she has even mentioned in interviews that she thinks it sucks too and can't fathom why she sang on it. So, those of you who "like" this song need some help--on any planet, this song sucks.

Written by San Franciscans, for San Franciscans | Reviewer: The Timster | 6/29/07

This song often gets a bad wrap for its cheesiness, but in essence, it's Grace Slick's way of saying, "Hey, remember Monterrey Pop, Jefferson Airplane, and the Grateful Dead? Remember the runaways in the Haight-Ashbury, who were looking for America? San Francisco's reputation was built on that movement, which contributed greatly to pop culture."

Perhaps the song is a little cheesy, but there's more there than what's on the surface -- you just need to be a little older to understand the references.

one of the super songs !! | Reviewer: rocio | 6/29/07

this is one of the best songs performed by one of the best bands in the 80s. Music from 80s was excellent like no other decade . I love the 80s!!!!! bands like this we cannot find now a days.