An excellent song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/07

It`s a very good song because you can get back to the 80`s, I`m a spanish speaker, and this song is a great phenomena arround the world!!

whatever | Reviewer: ryan | 6/23/07

all you song critics can kiss my ass! this is a great song.

MORON BABY BOOMER LOSERS | Reviewer: matt logan | 6/23/07


They were tryhard has-beens when they wrote it--and I hope they all have cancer by now.

Stupid meaningless lyrics.
Self-important "We used to almost be a popular band" title.

Hilarious | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/07

You fags wouldn't know good music if it bit you in the ass.

Painful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/22/07

I was in grade 12 when this came out, and it still ranks as one of the most annoying songs I've ever heard. Terrible video as well. Actually, I think the video made the song worse... Just awful.

blah... | Reviewer: i<3 the 80's | 2/22/07

80's music is horrible but sooo addicting. just clean lyrics which is better then sum of the stuff 2day...

AWESOME!!!! | Reviewer: aletta | 10/18/06

Who cares bout the bad lyrics and that they dont make much sense! that the whole point of the song. if u dont get that then umm... well...
I LOVE this song!!!! good memories when this song was playingc. even though im not that old and wasnt around in the 80's!!!! it is my favourite song ever!!!! because it doesnt make sense :) :)
80's music is the best and i only a teenager!!!!

That tune sucks arshe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/06

This is the least best tune I have ever heard. It's mechanical and contrived like some musicians past their prime were desperate for a paycheck. Fortunately, the suckiness of this tune does not poison the rest of the great music to come out in the 80s.

The Worst Song of the Worst Decade of Music | Reviewer: Kingwoof | 6/7/06

If I were to sum up the musical contributions of the 80s, I would limit it to this: Bad songs preformed by crummy musicians. "We Built This City" is an excellent example of this debacle, I mean decade. Childish lyrics written by self-professed "intellectuals." The music (and I use that word loosly) of the 80s consists of songs written by people whose entire music career consistes of noodling with the synthesizer they received on the ast birthday.

F*** off VH-1 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/06

This is the greatest song ever made in the 80's... bad lyrics? who cares? why does a simple non-intentional song can't be a lifetime refererence for me? keep on hearing rap ship that you're in a good way... the 80's is the musical reference for any generation! don't need the f*#%ing VH-1 or some a**holes opinions to lay down the best song ever! I can't respect people that the only contribution for the music is their opinion! peace!

This song kicks ass! | Reviewer: Lacey | 2/23/06

This is the best freakin song ever! Even though I was never around in the 80's I love the 80's!!!!!!!!!! This is the best song ever! And whoever says otherwise is really scary lol

VH1 Got It Right | Reviewer: tanya | 12/31/05

This was voted the worst song of all ime by both VH1 and Blender magazine...and they're right. Sophomoric wannabe-rebellious lyrics plus a cheesy 80s corp-pop sound yields a smarmy, saccharine song that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I lovethe 80s and synthesizers make any song sound better, don't get me wrong--but this just sucks.

Highlight of a great decade | Reviewer: Psyke | 4/4/05

Easily one of the best songs from a great decade of music. The 90's weren't that great at all music wise when you really think about it. Just reactionary rubbish. This one actually still sound great after many years, doesn't sound dated at all.

great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/18/05

I love the 80's and this song brings back some memories, it's kinda funny how when you hear a song again after not hearing it for years, it seems to re kindle some memories in great detail, It a great characteristic of music, it's also funny how you interpret a song when you are younger, and you discover the song was not meant that way at all, I also get a kick out of people who knock songs like this, It's too bad actually, I am a non professional musician and dj and consider myself a true music fan, I like all kinds of music and I think I know a good song when I hear it as most people do.

BEST SONG EVER | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/04

this song is one of the best song ever made 80's music is great and if i had a time machine i would go back to the 80's