A Masterpiece of Mind and Music | Reviewer: Jessica | 8/29/12

The lyrics are correct as written, which is a challenge without the written score. "Feed your head" was a phrase popular in the 1960's. The Jefferson Airplane performed several times at the Fillmore East. Hearing Grace Slick belting out White Rabbit to an enraptured audience is a fixed and cherished memory for some. If you shouted loudly and sincerely enough, the Airplane performed their masterpiece, written by Slick, as an encore. One could never get enough of it. Comparing those times to these times is like comparing Earth to Mars, respectively, alive versus once alive.

C'mon guys, really? | Reviewer: MissFreak~ <3 | 8/9/12

I'm seeing quite a few people coming onto here, and then posting something that puts other people down. I just wanted to say, everyone has a right to their opinion, yes, but that does not mean we need to hear something that will put us down or hurt our feelings, or diss something in general. Songs, art, plays, any form of things artistic things really, are there for someones personal interpretation. Just because the artist wrote it for one reason and you think another does not mean anything, personal interpretation is the point. What this means to you, what feelings it instills, what beauty or pain from this you see, is all the point, no matter if what you recieve is the same as someone else or not. Don't go around thinking your interpretation is always correct, but don't go thinking it's wrong, either. It is what it is, and what it is is gorgeous for you, and thus nothing else matters. If what you get from this song is that you don't like it, DON'T MAKE THE REST OF US HEAR IT. If we like it, we'll be here, if you don't like it, why are you looking at the lyrics and posting stuff?

the song itself | Reviewer: that creepy guy in every bus you took | 7/8/12

the first time i hear this amazing song is way back when i was still a let`s-put-our-winnie-in-everything junkie. as i was inside a dead frog, a bearded man walked slowly towards and with hand held high,he said " the world itself do not spin unless, you, yes you as the center shift the balance of old gaia itself!" and i was like " yo dude,what the lump?" then he handed me this strange looking mix of wet grass and what i thought a bit of red colored dirt. with a slight sniff i was transported to relaqrux, the third moon of uranus with that bearded old man. while we swirled around the oncoming astroid, the song started to play by some invisible cosmic radio. then the bearded old man took the beard an wrapped it around us and said, "the time in which the concept and mind are at the same frequencies, shall be remembered as it have leaved a mark not only by the hearts of many, but the condescending of other time traveler.

It is what it is | Reviewer: Beth | 7/4/12

It's all about interpretation as with any piece of art. With that said, I believe some people read way too much into something that isn't there. Remember who wrote/performed this piece. Remember the time period.

Keep your head | Reviewer: JB | 7/2/12

The end lyrics are "Keep your head" which is exactly what the Dormouse was hoping to do in the situation. Various people have used "feed" or "free" which are both interesting. However, if you listen closely, you will hear the "K" sound by Grace.

Grace Slick was a big fan of Alice in Wonderland and most of this is pretty much right out of the book. She was, at the time or writing this, in the middle of the psychedelic drug culture in SF. Keeping your head was (and is) really good advice!

YOU ALL MISS IT | Reviewer: ktj | 6/16/12

People, Alice is The Woman, or who most commonly today refer to as satan. She is ten feet tall in figurative terms, because of what has happened with The Creators creation of the universe, world, and His end biological creature, The Human. The Human, made of cells, including a brain. The Human is being destroyed by modern society which The Woman has controlled since the beginning of time, doctors, drugs, government, religion, etc etc.

the meaning in this song is timeless | Reviewer: mking | 6/17/12

This song is clearly about the magic mushroom and its ability to open channels of the mind and heart.

When men on the chessboard
Get up and tell you where to go
And you've just had some kind of mushroom.......
.....feed your head, feed your head
I think this part is talking about the deprogramming you go through when you eat the magic mushroom. the mush eventually teaches you to have a mind for yourself, don't be a sheep and do everything when the men on the chessboard tell you what to do and where to go.

When logic and proportion
Have fallen sloppy dead

exactly what the magic mushroom will do if you have a good experience.. deprogramming of a sort. the magic mushroom will heighten all senses and will help give you knowledge about yourself that remained hidden or forgotten.

feed your head.. when you leave the mush experience take whatever you learned and be a better person in whatever way you want to do it

mushrooms are not a recreational drug, only for spiritual journeys and they should not be eaten regularly, but you could if you wanted to. you'll still be the same person in the end, but you'll be more in tune with things. this is all my opinion, if you don't believe me go try 1-3 grams then get back to me mmmk.

A seminal Sixties Song | Reviewer: paul oliverio | 5/31/12

After Disney, no Americans did more for Lewis Carroll's book than Jefferson Airplane...but here is an interesting truism about the original text of Alice in Wonderland:

1. The word "pill" does not appear in the book.
2. The film's character known as the Red Queen is colorless in the original text.

amazed | Reviewer: Rae Willi | 5/27/12

i'm amazed on how much the comments bellow criticize, or object to this song, i honestly understand all the meanings to this song, and i choose to see it how i want to see it, isnt that the point of art, so you can tranform into something you want it to be and not criticize what someone else's view on the song, but it wont be like that, people will critize, because people can't accept differences which is fine..and i wont be the one to try to change it...great song.

ruforeal | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/12

This song clearly uses Alice in wonderland as a METAPHOR do you people interpret everything you read literally? clearly missing the meaning, open your mind, see things for what they are, reality is subjective so everyone has there opinions but trust me this song is not about a cartoon

Psychedelic Rock band in the 60s! | Reviewer: Cheryl | 4/27/12

To whomever thinks this song is not about the use of psychedelics and opening your mind...please stop. It absolutely is and if you have never done shrooms or lsd or anything like that you would not understand. And that's fine, but don't try to make the song fit into what you;re comfortable with it fitting in to. Let this one go, it's about freeing your mind...on lsd.

It is oblivious | Reviewer: Wolf | 3/19/12

There is an oblivious theme for this song: Alice in Wonderland! If you can't figure that out, your really need to ge to school.

The other Theme is drugs which is also oblivious. 'Take a pill that makes you larger, and one makes you small' not exact lyrics but you get my point.

Anyway, for all you hater people out there who don't give a damn about this song, go away! Who asked for your opinion?

Long live and forever behold, Alice in wonderland! My she forever thrive in history!!!!

if you run | Reviewer: anonymous | 3/6/12

my heart <3 if you run, you run from yourself, if you hurt me, you hurt yourself, we must learn.. so we can come to the next step.., you.. trust your soul, your soul knows, your mind has to follow the soul and must understand it, give it time.

I always understood the song as "Open your mind". An alternative point of general view back in the 60s.
Since the drugs actually prove that "there's more than you can see with, compared to without at all."

And taking it a bit forward it could talk about social taboos and that maybe you should judge them for yourself, instead of following the blindly.

For example "drugs": The taboo states= bad for you. This song states "Maybe drugs are bad, but since I can communicate with alice in wonderland how bad can that be?"

Meaning at the end: "Be cautious, but don't lose what life has to offer"

I Love this song!

Logic and proportion/have fallen sloppy dead | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/12

This song has a much deeper meaning because of these lyrics. The song isn't about drug use, but rather psychosis/dissociation, or becoming insane and detaching from the real world.

Logic is what it is; a rational system to describe surroundings.

Proportion represents a relationship between what is real and what is not real.

"Fallen sloppy dead" would imply that the two above concepts no longer exist. The singer can no longer tell the difference between what is real and not real. The fact that they've "fallen sloppy" would imply that the rational and irrational have managed to shatter their respective identities and converge into a "sloppy" combination of the two. This goes beyond what is real and not real, and creates something incomprehensible.