white rabbit | Reviewer: pam sweet | 2/19/09

I'm reading some of the ideas behind White Rabbit, Grace Slick wrote it because of the hypocrisy about teens doing drugs,and here is this book that millions of parents are reading their kids, with Alice and the gang doing drugs.

We were all "Through the Looking Glass". | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/09

The 60s were a completely unique time. There had never been a time like it in America, except during the Civil War perhaps, and most likely there never will be again. It's almost irrelevant what the song meant to its author or the artists who sung it. What you heard was guided by where you were at. Where you were at mentally, physically, geographically, educationally, socially, politicly, spiritually, etc. I was in Vietnam when I first heard it. To me it was about chaos. The chaos of a country at war that I saw everyday. The chaos created by a political system that had sent me there. The chaos within a military that could no longer avoid realizing it had been sent on a fools errand. The chaos inherent in the burgeoning peace movement. The chaos that later expressed itself at Woodstock and later still during the Nixon administration.

We were all through the looking glass. Up was down, yesterday was tomorrow, big was small, white was black, right was left, dark was light. It was all alternately frightening, exhilarating, numbing, and enlightening.

Let the song be. Hear whatever you hear.

Some kind of mushroom | Reviewer: GoAskMe | 1/26/09

Yepp,its fully about the famous tale: Alice in wonderland. with between-the-lines lyrics about drug consuming. Fully supporting the "mushroom", and other little things... I love this song, but hate its message, and the impression it, and other songs made to the youth around the world.. Still nice music tough.

Sleeve Notes | Reviewer: MIke Silburn | 1/26/09

I have the original recording of White Rabbit on an Album by Grace Slick and The Great Society from the late Sixties. The sleeve notes include an interview with Grace and she was asked "Have you deliberately tried to inject social comment into the songs you write?" The reply "Not really. Your music has to come from your own experience. Mine was not a ghetto experience. I guess the closest I came was on the recording of White Rabbit. I read Alice in Wonderland a a child, and it wasn't until later, after I had tried drugs, that I began to get into it. I like Lewis Caroll because it was obvious he was on opium."

Lauren | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/22/09

okay well for people who think this song was made after the movie...... you are so wrong!! wrong wrong wrong.
the movie was inspired by the song.

And the book "go ask alice" was written sadly by a drug counselor. The book is about all the problems her patients had. it is not a diary of an actual girl...... but the "alice" in the title was inspired by the song. So sorry to wreck the magic of thinking a real girl wrote it, but it had to be said.

go ask alice .. ha | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/09

this is for ally .. i think you need to do your research .. because the book is completely fake .. and the song came out like 4 years before the book .. the book was basically written to warn teenagers about the dangers of doing drugs

Trip | Reviewer: Hans | 1/21/09

For starters, what is it worth trying to find out what someone meant with a song? Try to discover what it means to YOU, after all, that's what counts.

For me, it is a description of a psychedelic trip, or a description about how the singer would like a trip to be. I listened it once when I ate mushrooms, and it really drags you away from this world. Realy psychedelic, and the voice is incredible, it just takes away your mind =)
Fot dutch people who like this song, listen to Eva, a song from Boudewijn de Groot! Also a great psychedelic song!

go ask alice | Reviewer: erica | 1/19/09

This song was not about the book Go Ask Alice, there's no way because the album Surrealistic Pillow was released in 1967 and the book Go Ask Alice was published in 1971. This just wouldn't be possible...

.. | Reviewer: jess | 1/18/09

Seriously? People actually try to interpret this song?
It's about Alice in Wonderland. How much more obvious can they make it?
Has no one read Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland or even seen the movie? Jesus.

You know Nothing | Reviewer: vonnjae | 1/12/09

The song was about the rush in the mid 60's and the Great changes being made in the Haight,with the great music,free Love-sex-drugs an the best friendships..free concerts with the best
of all natural essence...I lived it then and respesent it now: Dont shred something U know nothing about:the Best damn song 4 that time Real--fact--groovy --love-paradise means Peace

Go Ask Alice. | Reviewer: Ally. | 1/7/09

Go ask alice is a book about teenagers, drugs, sex and adolesence. Go ask alice, is actually a real diary writen by a real girl, but edited out some bits, and it shows her life, and the influence and her battle againsst drugs.
i no this is what the songs about cause at the front of the book it has a referal to this song, so chill the fuck out all those people fighting bout what its about and read the goddamn book ! :)


calm down and enjoy | Reviewer: DJ | 1/7/09

all of you are going nuts on each other. You dont seem to understand that this song is able to be interpreted in more than just the way you like..NICK... if you are on drugs listening to this song it is really deep and you get so much more out of it. So go get high let your mind wander around the words, really let them flow. Now some of you are right and understand it so im sorry for saying everyone. But calm down, there is absolutely no reason to be upset when thinking about this song. Go feed your heads children. Peace to you all

... | Reviewer: Ahem | 12/30/08

Well...I don't know about anyone else, but when I first heard this song, it sounded like a drug trip, Grace explaining it through the story of Alice In Wonderland. Kind of like a metaphor, see? To me, it sounds like someone who is trying to stay sane as they're under the influence...maybe the person Grace is talking to in the song is having their first drug experimentation? I don't know...that's just my impression.

White Rabbit | Reviewer: Ben | 12/30/08

No one is right or wrong....the lyrics of the song are subjective and open to interpretation.
Just because someone does not agree with you or your opinion does not make them wrong!
What a bunch of boneheads!
Some folks just have a lot of time on their hands I guess!
Stop the bashing and just enjoy the song as you see it!
In the end…it doesn’t matter!

My interpretation | Reviewer: Ed | 12/30/08

This is a song about Grace's/everyone's 'growing up',,,transforming from a child/adolescent, into adulthood. References are indeed from Alice in Wonderland; hero of many young girls. Note the 'ten foot tall Alice' reference; when Grace/girls are young, Alice seems 'ten feet tall' and has all the answers.
Now, trippin' on mushrooms, she realizes that her childhood hero's aren't the 'solution' for her anymore! They tell her 'where to go', etc. Even "Mom's pill" /advice doesn't work for her!! Nothing works!! "Logic and proportion" are distorted, and fail to bring her to sanity, in the 'altered consciousness' of psychedelics.

Only the advice of the 'doormouse', (alter ego(?) of Grace) saves the day with the advice of the strength of self-reliance, kindness, character and of LEARNING,,,'feed your head'.

Grace said many years ago in an interview that 'feed your head' was "to educate yourself", and specifically she said she 'did not mean it for you to take drugs'. References aplenty to this fact...

Now then,,,'feed your head'. :)

P.S. Grace, you sure did have a nice smile then!! If I ever see you, I hope you'll see mine!! peace/out!/POOF...