You Should Know... | Reviewer: Through The Looking Glass | 9/4/09

Actually they were naked pictures of little girls and their parents gave him permission to do it. He also allowed the pictures to be burned or gotten rid of later on in life if they wished after he died. And he never actually did anything to the little girls. He wasn't sexually attracted to them (unlike Edgar Allen Poe and Humbert Humbert who liked "nymphets"); it's been speculated that he was attracted to them BECAUSE he felt sexually secure with them. Oh, and (I quote Martin Gardner) "there was a tendency in Victorian England, reflected in much of its literature and art. to idealize the beauty and virginal purity of little girls." In other words, he wasn't alone.

And I highly doubt he was smoking weed when he wrote the book. Is it so hard to imagine that some people actually have a great imagination?

But anyway, I love this song and I'm extremely excited to see the movie when it comes out.

Ha | Reviewer: BC a | 9/2/09

Lewis Carroll wrote the books based on the real life young girl Alice Liddel(sp). However, he was a weed smoking pedophile who had pictures of young girls in their underwear.

Does this change the fact that this song is great and the stories/old movie/ new Tim Burton movie; great. I think not.

To david, and all others. | Reviewer: Dennis | 8/30/09

Ok, first off david you are correct Lewis Carrol wrote the book before LSD was even accidently invented, and no it was not invented by a kid doing some subject with spiders.. but at this time opiates were very popular, Lewis Carrol most likley have tried it and opiates were more potent back then which could have caused him to think differently, all that aside you don't have to be high on some drug just to have a very vivid imagination, sometimes some people are just naturally like that.

actually... | Reviewer: wrong-o boy-o | 8/26/09

LSD was not invented by the CIA. it was a mix of chemicals made by a high school student for a science project. he had three separate spiders; one of which was given alcohol, the other his LSD invention and the third was given nothing at all. then he compared webs made by the spiders to show the effects of chemicals on the brain. he didn't even realized he'd created a hallucinogen.

Heres what I think | Reviewer: The Mad Hatter | 8/24/09

Some of you are taking it way too seriously and looking far too deep into it.

The book is very imaginatively written, and was probably not intended to be about drug use. Just a fun story.

Disney made a film about it.

Jefferson Airplane saw the book/film were kinda acid trippy and wrote a song cross-referencing the 2.

wow | Reviewer: Casbahhh | 8/23/09

People who are trying to pin this to lsd use are idiots, opiotes and tons of other mind altering substances have been around since the 1800s and for anyone to say they knew the personal life style of the author is ridiculous, who the hell are you to say she wasnt smoking opium or huffin ether or doing mescaline for christ sakes, forms of lsd were also around long before C.I.A testing, that test was to determine it as a truth serum for interrogation purposes, it was also declared illegal after these experiments it was not the first time this mind altering state was achieved and anyone who thinks that is an idiot, not all books have the answers and not all the answers you find in books are undisputed fact, While i cant pretend this movie is for sure based on drugs it has quite a few dogging references ( hookah use, the sugar in her teacup, the mushrooms that make the chester cat morph and trip out ) while yes this could all be just a clever childrens tale for anyone to assume its either way and call it fact is ridiculous, NONE of you know Lewis Carol NONE of you were there when this was created and none of you asked what the inspiration was, you can sit here and deduct and discuss semantics on a topic that people can only really speculate about or you can realize its a childrens story and probablly had some adult themes in mind while being written but Im sure its safe to say it wasnt a stand for pro drug users and wasnt a message to capitalist america, it was a book written by someone who wanted money... read into it all you want but none of you will ever truly know the motivation behind it and sitting here acting like a pseudo intellectual as you argue about alice and fucking wonderland certainly dosent help, GREAT song tho jefferson airplane rocks

Regarding my novel "Alice in Wonderland" | Reviewer: Lewis Carrol | 8/21/09

In reviewing the comments that so many of you have made about my work; Since I lived in the 19th century before movies, television or rock and roll music it should be obvious which came first- THE BOOK! You all discussed my book when you were in grammar school and also in high school. Maybe YOU were on drugs if you can't remember, and anyone who would think that Walt Disney came back from the dead and copied the Jefferson Airplane song and then I came back from the dead to write a novel about the movie is incorrect. To answer the question "was Lewis Carrol on LSD when he wrote Alice in Wonderland the answer is no. I was licking toads.

lol | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/09

U guys are too much. This is the bands interpretation. when u watch alice in wonderland as a young adult it is trippy and weird like a cool acid trip. As a child though, the story is the dream of a girl with a fun imagination.

Dumba$$ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/09

People have made children movies with sexual content in such as the aladin movie with " take off your clothes" but you can only hear it if you turn it way up. so in what way would that differ from someone making a story from a trip they had and decided to sell it as a childs story.

Clearing things up. | Reviewer: David | 8/16/09

-------- READ THIS YOU RETARDS ---------

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is in NO WAY involved with drugs.

Lewis Carrol wrote the book BEFORE LSD AND MANY OTHER HALLUCINOGENS EXISTED. Lewis Carrol is a writer known for his word play and the genre of literary nonsense, and he is a master of it. So please, don't be a ignorant moron, and go open a book some day.

Thank you.

Alice is Right | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/14/09

Alice's review of 8/7/09 is absolutely correct. There's no evidence Lewis Caroll's work was drug-influenced, the song is clearly about drugs, LSD itself was created by CIA - look up project MKUltra - and therefore Caroll definitely couldn't have used LSD, which makes all these Anonymous users total prepubescent retards who giggle at the very mention of drugs. What is unclear is how they can be so freaking retarded they can't even look up simple facts in Wikipedia or someplace.

dumb as hell | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/10/09

the person below me is a moron. alice in wonderland is NOT about an acid trip. thats not to say that lewis carrol wasnt inspired by drugs, but i doubt he (or anyone for that matter) would write a childrens story involving a drug trip.

Idiots | Reviewer: Alice | 8/7/09

I read a few of the comments until, quite frankly, I got a headache from the stupidity. A few people have got the facts right (interpretation of the song can neither be right nor wrong, as it's somebody's opinion) but unfortunately those with an ounce of intellect are outweighed by the uneducated masses - as per usual.

Firstly, as much as some of you may not like it, the song IS about drugs. Whether the books are about drugs could be disputed, they have most likely been adopted by drug culture due to their 'trippy' imagery. The song was written in the 1960's and therefore was created after both the books ('Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' [1875] and 'Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There' [1871]) AND the Walt Disney adaptation 'Alice in Wonderland' [1951].

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, aka Lewis Carroll, may or may not have been a recreational drug user - who knows, or more importantly who can prove it? However, as for LSD not being 'invented' until after Lewis Carrol's death:
a) LSA is a chemical found naturally occurring in plants and is the precursor to LSD, and
b) LSD is not the only hallucinogenic drug in the world! Mushrooms (such as the fly agaric and those of the psilocybin family) have been used recreationally for years - who said the books/film/song were soley about LSD?

Lastly (or at least the last point I can be bothered arguing, and actually the most important point), the lyrics are wrong! The last line is 'FEED YOUR HEAD'. I believe all song meanings are open to interpretation, and my personal view is that the line relates to 'feeding' your mind - whether it be by drug use or knowledge. Oh, and the Dormouse (from the books and therefore the original representation) does not say 'feed your head' NOR 'keep your head'. He actually says something considered to be important by the other characters, yet his words are never actually revealed in the narrative:

'"But what did the Dormouse say?" one of the jury asked.
"That I can't remember", said the Hatter'.

I'll leave you to interpret that for yourselves....

The person below me is uninformed. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/4/09

Disney did not come up with Alice In Wonderland. It was a book and Disney decided to make a trippy little kids' movie about it, for some reason. The entire movie is based on an acid trip. All of the pills in the whole movie are LSD. The first time Alice shrinks, it is because she chugs an entire bottle of LSD. Eventually, she eats shrooms, which have similar -- but usually less violent -- side effects to Lysergic Acid Diethylamide. I am pretty sure this song was written after the book, not the movie, because in the movie, it doesn't really explain how her acid trip starts (she doesn't eat any candy, take any pills, or eat mushrooms), and her mother doesn't give her any pills in the movie. Based on this song, I'd say Alice has pills or something with her before anything even happens, and the beginning of the book probably better explains how the whole thing begins. But anyway, the song IS based on Alice In Wonderland, and this song does a really good job of explaining the book. Anyone who doesn't know that Alice In Wonderland is about drugs (a lot of people didn't know this when Alice In Wonderland was first published) could just listen to this song's lyrics and figure out the entire story. And this song helps me as well, because I didn't remember anything about "keep your head" when I was watching the movie, probably because I heard the line and assumed that it was about the drugs, not about Alice's potential decapitation. So 'White Rabbit' is basically a summary of Alice In Wonderland.

Alright | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/09

I presume that Alice in wonderland was made before this song and in thinking that I'd say walt Disney probably did some drugs to come up with that idea in the first place and Jefferson airplane just made the song to go along with it. That's a presumption. Either way the song is definitely about the ups and downs of tripping on some sort of pyschedelic drug or just uppers and downers in general. But in the end it's all about feeding your head and keeping your head. I also think she sings feed your head keep your head. Listen closely