Holy Shit. | Reviewer: Jasmine | 7/24/11

You all happen to be ridiculous. Let music be music. Listen and enjoy it. Quit criticizing every move your fellow humans make. Play the song, sit back, relax, and enjoy. Because THAT is the true purpose of music.

White Rabbit | Reviewer: ObsequiousNewt | 7/9/11

What you all fail to understand is that neither Lewis Carroll's books nor this song actually have to have meaning, whether obvious or hidden, sensical or moral or analogical. I don't know how "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" or "Through the Looking-glass" was written, and they may indeed have some hidden meaning, but I think it much more likely that the writing of the book was entirely whimsical, and that Carroll had much more imagination than most of us. Sometimes not making sense is actually the purpose of the song. (I can think of many other examples: "Leave It" by Yes, "Clocks" by Coldplay, although by mentioning those I just know I'll be nagged at because there's supposedly some hidden meaning just like that of "White Rabbit".)

The song "White Rabbit" does not itself have a hidden meaning. This I can be sure of. Its purpose is not to promote drug usage or pedophilia, it is a song that refers to the books written by Carroll. THIS IS NOT A NEW THING. There are no hidden codes or metaphors, I presume Jefferson Airplane just decided to write a song about "Wonderland" and the Looking-glass world because they liked the book. Can anybody be satisfied with that? Does everything have to have a meaning, a purpose? Can anybody accept nonsense as such? Apparently not.

dumbasses | Reviewer: DC | 6/30/11

lewcarol you are a moron and should never reproduce. Anyway the guy that wrote the Damn book wasn't pedo and didn't molest any girl okay learn your facts and quit being f**ked up in the head. I did learn that he was in love with the girl yes and he made up TTLG to entertain that girl and her sister thats it and also your just saying that this song is all about LSD which just tells me all you think about is pdos

Best song about Big Pharma's influence on society period. | Reviewer: TOG01 | 6/30/11

One has to link this to Dr Roberts by the Beatles and/or Mother's little helper by the Stones to get her point of view. In short how does one make sure of not doing crazy things while under the influence of mind altering drugs? Go ask Alice. AAIW is many birds shot with one stroke. One of them is how to filter our perceptions and stay in touch with Reality by using the logics of the theory of sets. Well, in fact the building of the story was to use the logics of the theory of sets to distort perception of reality in a funny way for children. So the reverse logics should take you back to reality.

Some ideas.... | Reviewer: Puterttoo | 5/25/11

I have read several of these reviews. I am moved by the variety of concepts, intellectual offerings,personal realities and personal evaluations of personal realities. I submit it is useless to compare our evaluations of our disparate realities with certainty that ones' own evaluations are superior of those of others. Grace Slick wrote those lyrics. She expressed poetry (art) from her own percieved reality, using Lewis Carroll's expressions from his percieved reality. It was of value to her regardless of it's being of value to anyone else. I don't doubt that she probably hoped her words would have positive impact upon some persons in the light of their personal realities. I ask each reader to contemplate the idea that his reality is unique to him and that the interaction of his and anothers' reality result in alteration of his personal reality, in perhaps many ways, maybe of some ultimate value to both. Indeed, feed your head.
I salute Grace for her efforts.

KcVaugn has brain damage... | Reviewer: zack | 5/5/11

KC vaugn...

1.) Truth tables and logic proofs do NOT prove the truth of a written text. They establish logical VALIDITY which is NOT the same thing as TRUTH in general. Veracity is augmented my logic, not defined by it. Until you know the basics of prepositional logic, (not to mention Boolean, Modal and Quantum logic), don't ever bring it up in public. It makes you sound like a hopeless poser.

2.) The scientific method has NOTHING to do with methodology employed by lawyers. Legal savvy requires the scientific maturity of a 5th grader. In fact, law is based on notions of ethics and morality, which you plainly protested the institution only two or three malformed sentences earlier in your mindless rant.

3.) Pretending to know what you're talking about, drawing ridiculous conclusions from arguments that could have been presented better by a retarded monkey and then following up by chastising others for their lack of intellectual prowess and suggesting they "get an education" makes me and probably everyone who meets you pray (between fits of nausea) that God keeps you out of the gene pool.

Logic and Proportion-NOT Drugs | Reviewer: Kc Vaughn | 5/3/11

LewCarol's statement that Carroll was a pedophile and the song is about LSD is 100% false and 100% ignorant. Carroll, a University Professor/Mathematician was simply trying to teach children Mathematical/Philosphical concepts using fantastical examples of weighing the differences between true and false by size vs. porportion. The lyrics clearly state "Logic and Proportion," both Math subjects. The mushroom being bigger than Alice is FALSE. This is how humans determine "reality"(truth). Moral concepts are involved because most everything we are told is a lie, such as the FDA has shown the "vitamins" we were given as kids are placebo processed crap and therefore is NOT TRUE. Logic Proofs and Truth Tables determine if entire texts are true or false and is how lawyers argue their cases. A.K.A. The Scientific Method. Humans are supposed to require "Proof." Otherwise, you are making it up or flat out lying. The moral of Alice in Wonderland and White Rabbit is that Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny (White Rabbit) are all fantastical replacements to cover up the truth, instead of telling it, such as babies are delivered by a stork or if you "sin" you're going to Hell, a fictional, spook story created by Dante of the Hellinistic Period. If you believe that, you are walking around looking backwards (stupid)and reversing human progress back to caveman days. Get an education.

Meaning of the song and book | Reviewer: LewCarol | 5/1/11

I hope you guys all know that beyond the looking glass was written by a pedophile for a girl that he wanted to molest.

And Jefferson Airplane was a psychedelic rock band, basically rock + LSD, of course this is a pro drug song.

ugh. | Reviewer: kenii | 4/8/11

The song was intended for parents to see how there were drug references in the movies their children watch, so they would stop wondering why the kids grow up to do drugs.

I read about it. That's what grace slick said.
I love her and this song <3

Seriously? | Reviewer: Nonya | 4/5/11

Ok, question, what is with all the arguing about what the song means? I'm all for trying to understand the meaning of a song but do you really need to argue about it? I mean really, everyone is entitled to their own opinions about what things mean and everyone has their own opinion so why fight about it? I mean really, it truly is a losing battle. In life you are going to meet people with different opinions or views than yours and what are you going to do, argue about it? It's a waste of time and it could probably end up getting you in trouble sometime during your life. Having a debate I believe is ok, but your really should respect others opinion as well.

White Rabbit | Reviewer: The Gatekeeper | 4/3/11

I am only 12 yet feel a song like White Rabbit is a song with a hidden beauty, and, as many works of art were creations of weird substitutes, and the simple 'help with creativity' something like that gives you, if going to make something useful and moving, I say go ahead!

We Are Tyler Durden | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/25/11

> It never was a "pro" drug song, don't be naive.

LOL, it was ALWAYS a pro-drug song. "Don't be naive" yourself. Jefferson Airplane spent most of the sixties high -- how else can you explain such a brilliant song as this coming from the same people who brought you "Sarah" and "We sang this shitty"??

> Those with a lessor virture are not allowed to understand.

Spoken like a true burnt-out Merry Prankster.

> Gjuroo

Gjuroo, you have your references backwards. The Matrix is referring to Alice, not the other way around. Hence the instruction to Neo to "Follow the white rabbit" (that tattoo on the girl's shoulder) to find the way down the rabbit hole.

> It's using Looking Glass as a code, not a metaphor.

It's both, me boyo. That's what makes the song so brilliant.

Re: Gjuroo | Reviewer: Eldarrion | 3/23/11

I'm a bit surprised why you came up with the Matrix as a reference. The song is much, much older than the Matrix and as such couldn't be a reference to the Matrix. Alice in Wonderland, on the other hand, is a completely different matter seeing how the book was written during the 19th century.

The Matrix movie also uses references to Alice in Wonderland - "Follow the White Rabbit", I also do believe there is a mention of "Finding out how deep the rabbit hole goes" in the movie when Neo is given the choice between the red and blue pills. That is also a reference to Alice in Wonderland. I'd suggest broadening your horizons with something more than movies.

What? | Reviewer: eeZee | 2/10/11

It's "feed your head", not "keep your head". It's a pro-drug anthem written and sung by someone who admitted she once got within 50 feet of dosing Richard Nixon with LSD. The pills that make you larger are uppers, the pills that make you small are downers. It's using Looking Glass as a code, not a metaphor.

Re: JohnDuPont | Reviewer: Gjuroo | 2/8/11

JohnDuPont, you can't be more wrong... In Matrix there is also a pill but this movie is not about anti- or pro- drugs. The 'Pill' has symbolic meaning. If you take the red pill it will take you to the jurney of your life and if you take the blue pill, you go back to your cage (to your life that was your 'known' reality). "One pill makes you larger..." - this means that your consciousness will grow and you will be able to see the whole reality. The other pill will make you smaller or the same size... In the begining of the movie, Neo is advised (over a misterious message on the screen of his computer) to follow 'the white rabbit'. In next moment bunch of people knock on his door and among them is girl with a rabbit tattoo on her shoulder. What a coincidence! This is how 'jurney' begins - by following "the white rabbit". After taking the red pill, you'll find out that the world is not what it seems. This is not an easy task nor many people get the chance to see what world really is. This song describes only one small portion of a story. There is much, much, much more to see.