GO ASK ALICE LYRICS | Reviewer: DCR1 | 9/27/13

Thanks for the actual lyrics to this great song, I've seen the movie a few times and never tire of it., my first experience of it was frightening and message received. My thoughts on the song was this was about the visions one may see while going through an acid or LSD trip, I never did find out if whether or not it was based on a true story but now that I'm much older will revisit it again and see if I feel the same as I have felt about it., I do know however, a lot of times a song whether old or new will fit perfectly with a movie even if it was written for it or not, and this just happened to be one of those times., and I have to hand it to t3rry's review, it was sheer perfection!

seeking | Reviewer: Patrick | 7/18/13

White rabbit is a great song performed by Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane. It is taken from Lewis Carroll's book Alice in Wonderland. Alice is a metaphor for the questions we seek answers to as we progress through a drug trip.

"White Rabbit" lyrics review? | Reviewer: arthur.scott | 4/23/13

Wow! I was looking for something else and stumbled across this. My review of the song lyrics? There were a few reviews that were very constructive regarding the original premis. Several other reviews were pretty funny. Yet still others were annonymous bitching, which the world needs too.This free-for-all seems to have taken on a life of it's own. So be it. Songtitles are mistated and lyrics need correction. That is getting done. Now I can't wait to read-up on Lewis Carrol and Alice. Thank you all.

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/19/13

maybe hoppy should put that much insight into the state of the world today. It never ceases to amaze me..it never ceases to bum me out..that so many Americans will spew an overblown opinion out to the world over A SONG TITLE, and then just walk away. Thank You so much everyone for pointing out so many important miscalculations OVER A SONG. You save the music...WE'LL SAVE THE WORLD.

Idiots!! | Reviewer: What? | 2/5/13

If Jim Morrison were alive, he would call you all a bunch of FUCKEN IDIOTS! Yes, I know he had nothing to do with this song, but I just watched the movie the doors with Val Kilmer and just felt like saying this..........peace out.....

Wow ! | Reviewer: Hugh | 1/10/13

Is this thread for real?.... there are really people who grew up in the 60s that don't know that the name of this Jefferson Airplane classic is "White Rabbit". Did you live under a rock?

To the previous comment from 10/15/2012 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/12

You're an idiot! Go listen to the song, then read up on the history of Jefferson Airplane. Your comment clearly shows how you don't know s**t about anything about the music back in the 60's.

Not so good | Reviewer: Andre | 10/15/12

*I think this song isn't do good because well, it's too short, and missing a lot of details from the actual summary of the book/movie. Also, you should change the name of it, because the title "Go Ask Alice" is also the name of a book not for little kids. I don't even know the tempo/tune of the music, that goes with the lyrics.

*My strongest suggestion is that you change the name of the title.

Facts | Reviewer: dee | 3/1/12

Grace Slick wrote the song because of the book which she thought was ironic parents read to their children as it involved drugs and then parents wondered why their children did drugs. The last line is feed your head and Lewis Carroll did indeed write the book.

The Unknown | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/12

the book "go ask alice" isnt truly a diary. Did anyone who read it feel it didnt make as much sense as it could have? well i looked into it. alice wasnt the diarist's name...it was never mentioned.but the cloest assumtions is that her name was Carla. and there have been investigations that push that the editor of "Go Ask Alice" was also the author. and she alledgidly made over 50% of the book up.Which is a real bummer.But through her deception, she wrote another book (claimed to be a diary) called Jay's Journals. Everyone figured out it was a boy named Alden Barrett and only 21 of his 69 diary entries were used.The rest of the book was additions from other patients of the "editor" mixed with her own imagination. But truth is, Aldens family had to leave town because of the lies that were in the book. They just couldnt take the rumors.I think its wrong that the editor would screw around in other peoples lives.....

Ellis Dee | Reviewer: t3rry | 10/3/11

Hi, my name is t3rry. I am 62 years old. I bought the album Surrealistic Pillow whilst still a teenager. I liked the album and especially the song White Rabbit; the song is not titled Go Ask Alice although Grace Slick did coin the term in the song's lyrics.

The song is possibly the best representation of a description of an acid trip that I have ever heard, a difficult task at the best of times, and a task which I once heard described as "explaining color to a blind person."

The era was a time of spiritual, cultural, creative and personal exploration which I have not seen replicated since then, although some of the "raves" of the 90's might have steered in a similar direction.

It was a time when people, en masse, were voicing protest against war and the 9 to 5 lifestyle, cultural mediocrity, social stupidity and the inability to think freely, a time of breaking free of the bullshit of "normality;" a time that encouraged the beginning of the western Hare Krishnas, pop art and abstract painting, free form music, etc. Experimentation with psychedelics was merely a part of a non-violent widespread cultural revolution.

Personally, I loved acid, it helped me explore my own insecurities and priorities, but, I would not recommend LSD in any environment outside of the 60's and 70's as those times were an unparalleled wave of social and personal energies that nurtured the creativity that birthed; one cannot say the same about the current social demeanor.

Peace, unconditional love and organic brown rice - t3rry

The greatest era of our time | Reviewer: Vicki | 9/5/11

I was there as the Jefferson Airplane sang this song. Nothing to do with the book. I still have all the Albums of the era of all the groups over 200.... I was a hippie and now my kids like to listen to the music of the greatest era of our time. All that mattered was music and love...MAKE LOVE NOT WAR...my children....

Correction | Reviewer: tadchem | 8/16/11

4th verse, line 4
'And the Red Queen's "Off with her head!"
should read 'And the Red Queen's lost her head!'
The grammatical style of introducing a quotation after the verb 'is' did not exist in 1967.

Killing of America | Reviewer: srmogo | 7/27/11

I was there when this song came out but was just a kid. I keep hearing it in all the 60's Viet Nam movies so I wanted to find out a little more about it. I now understand that this kind of anti-cultural propaganda aided in bringing down the values of America, tumbling our credibility and produced a generation of entitlement minded lazy socialist. Acid popping liberal hippies are the scourge on American Greatness.

As the previous poster pointed out..... | Reviewer: Hoppy | 7/9/11

....some of you are COMPLETELY wrong, in your "what came first, the song or the book?" information.... The Jefferson Airplane song (White Rabbit), which is quite obviously referencing "Alice in Wonderland" in a lyrical description of shroom/acid-induced psychedelic imagery, was written in either late 1965 (when LSD first started getting popular with the counter-culture) or '66... The book (Go Ask Alice)was written 5 or 6 years later.. While the book is presented as an autobiographical account of an anonymous teenager, it is my opinion that it was another weak attempt by Big Brother to try to present young people with an anti-drug message from an apparently "hip" source... Nonetheless, the song, "White Rabbit" was written quite a while before the book, so the allegedly true accounts of the unnamed fifteen-year-old in the book, "Go Ask Alice" had absolutely no influence on the song... The song was influenced by "Alice in Wonderland" and LSD... Plain and simple... On a side note for Jillian, I too was 12 when I began smoking pot (14 or 15 when I first dropped acid)... While I am a staunch advocate of marijuana decriminalization and I believe marijuana is relatively harmless, it DOES in fact have some negative effects and shouldn't be messed around with at 12 years of age... Let your brain develop naturally in these very important formidable years... there is a time and a place for experimenting with mind expansion.... We call this time and place "college".... I honestly cannot say that I would never touch marijuana and LSD if I could go back a few decades and do it all again, but I definitely wish I would have waited until I was an adult... You only get to be a child once...