Duh | Reviewer: Rileyg | 3/12/11

For the stupid fan the wrote the top comment the book go ask Alice was written in 1971 and the song white rabbit was in Jefferson airplanes 1967 album. The song has nothing to do with the book. The book got the name from the song dipshit

I AGREE WITH "lisa" | Reviewer: Jillian | 1/15/11

"lisa", is completely right!! I am 12 years old, but I'm a hippie at heart, and Republicans suck!! (coming from a girl with republican parents!!) John Lennon is my hero, weeeed is my life, peace is my game. this song is definately a drug/physcedelic spin of of Alic in Wonderland, and it's called White Rabbit because of the book Go Ask Alice that called dubs on the name before this song was written (diary of a drug trouble teenager)

Anonymous2 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/11

No the name of the song is NOT go ask alice - GO LOOK IT UP. I was there when it came out and ya, okay a lot of people referred to it as go ask alice (or should I say reefered to it) and I know how frustrating it is when you find out that something you thought your whole life isn't what you thought it was but it is what it is.

song name is "go ask alice" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/16/10

song is based on the book alice in wonderland, and yes the name of the song is " go ask alice" so the college kids who were'nt even born when this song was written go back to reviewing miley cyrus songs.

go ask alice | Reviewer: kassandra | 11/4/10

the song is basically using alice and wonderland as an example on how acid and lsd and weed makes you feel. its not based on alice and wonderland. ther's a possibility that they were watching alice and wonderland while getting stoned. this song has more of a hippie revolution theme but instead they used alice in wonderland.if you read the book go ask alice its actually a diary its badass and the song matches alot with the song. that i know of its not based on that book but i belive it has to do with mad drugs and if you get addicted to them drugs your brain is going to be fried

white rabbit, go ask alice | Reviewer: lisa | 7/17/10

Political satire my ass! This was written on the basis of Louis Carroll's book during the height of the hippie/drug/world I remember so well. Jefferson Airplane was like Jim Morrision, Icons! To say it was about anything else is pure filth! I'm proud to have been part of that scene and participate in the drugs of the day!
If all the old hippies had stayed interested in the world, it would not be where we are now, bleeding mother earth. If we only had listened to those old songs and put them to use. Instead most have turned into fat ass Republicans that continues to rape the earth!

Historical Story | Reviewer: Lynn Beverly | 3/15/10

The history behind "Alice In Wonderland" is almost as good of a story as the novella itself. Lewis Carrol actually wrote the book for Alice (at this moment her surname has escaped my mind, but if anyone wants further info I will be happy to answer e-mails). In brief: Alice was one of three sisters belonging to his Superior. He often visited alone with them and was known for weaving yarns spontaneously that captivated the children. One day Alice asked him to tell a story, not just for her, but also ABOUT her. The story telling began one afternoon on a canoe ride and continued for quite some time. Eventually he was forbidden to see the girls (another interesting and long story). When the book was finally published (another long story) he sent her a copy-that remained unacknowledged by her (no one knows for certain why).

Simple correction | Reviewer: tig599@comcast.net | 3/8/10

The last lines of the song truly are "FEED YOUR HEAD," as it can be clearly heard while listening to the song, or perhaps if you have the cd you can check in the liner notes where it is most likely noted. The meaning of it all would be altered if the line was in fact "keep."
And the title really is "White Rabbit"

White Rabbit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/23/10

Lori - I had to read the book for a college Lit class. All the time I was reading it I thought the author had to have been on drugs to write this! It was like a wicked bad dream. Jefferson Airplane did an awesome job with this song. :)

OMG | Reviewer: lori | 2/21/10

The song is NOT from the Disney movie - it's taken from the BOOK written by Lewis Carroll in the 1800's. So u can't base references on the cartoon movie - u have to actually read the book and it'll make sense. And, it is purported that Lewis Carroll was on opium when he wrote it - it's like an entire story about a 'trip'.

Trippy Politics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/09

Directed toward [Reviewer: Robert Gull].

Lewis Caroll's original book was a political satire. The character Alice might have been a girl in a nuthouse on drugs, but the entire scheme of things, in both Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, were satires.

This is a wonderfully trippy song, though. This is REAL acid rock.

The title? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/09

Ummmm....I use this song as my ring tone. It is not called "Go Ask Alice" it is "White Rabbit" so as Melissa! said have some respect. You should show proper respect to the artist by putting the right song name. Also these lyrics are wrong. and need to be fixed and if the comments are any indication it has been before.

Thank you.

Classic Tune | Reviewer: Robert Gull | 6/6/09

Ryan The guy below was dancing about the subject saying the song was about drugs. But he claimed Alice in Wonderland wasn't?!

Jesus that was one of the druggiest films ever. All those Disnesy guys were on LSD back in the day. Those film contain drugs references as well, let alone the book.

Anyway this is a classic track, brings back memories of Fear and Loathing in Last Vegas and crazy drug trips.

Go Ask Alice ~ Alice In Wonderland | Reviewer: Ryan | 4/25/09

If you think about it the song goes through major events in the Disney Movie "Alice In Wonderland" = like One pill makes you larger, one pill makes you small,Go ask Alice
When she’s ten feet tall - She grew / shrank when she ate something (pill) go chasing rabbits - White rabbit is always late, smoking caterpillar, Call Alice
When she was just small, men on the chess board
get up and tell you where to go, you just had some kind of mushroom
And your mind is moving slow.
Im not trying to make fun of the song - Just saying the events seem kind of familiar.

You Guys Are Morons!!! | Reviewer: emily | 11/11/08

Why in the hell would the Red Queen be on her head or giving it? And also why would the Red Queen be saying anything that has to do with chopping off heads? The Queen of Hearts says that. I'm astounded and appalled by the incompetence of the first two posts and Jefferson Airplane. I said GOOD DAY!