Song Meaning | Reviewer: Wartime Sweethearts | 11/28/12

I love this song. I think it's about Jeff's inability to commit to a woman that he was seeing for a while. Isn't the first line "troubles of my flight"? So it sounds like he left her unexpectedly. Regardless, it's reflected in other lines, such as "I could kiss you, lines of escape in my mouth". So, that's not exactly a commited sentiment, he's saying he could act romantically, while ensuring he's not tied down. However, I think he feels bad about it, wanting to "bring back these gifts" etc. Interestingly, the line "His eyes shined on my back as I slept and knew you." makes it sound like she was already in another relationship, and the other dude was aware and possibly jealous if you take "knew" to mean sex (as in the biblical description, "Abraham knew Sarah"). "You didn't leave it all. You made an even call." Maybe she couldn't choose between them and "even call" means she left it open, and didn't officially end either relationship.
"My belly released the stars and tears between the
scars." That sounds like a poetic description of an orgasm to me :)"We're where we belong, it should end here, until the end of time, Beyond the moment that ends our bondage. I am your failed husband contender, I'm your loan shark of bliss." Sounds like he's acknowledging that it's not a healthy situation, also a loan shark is someone who lends money at extremely high interest... so he's saying he offers his loving, but it comes at a big cost, and it's not going to be long term, "failed husband contender". The song wraps up along similar lyrical themes, acknowledging the hurt, the need to stop seeing each other, beg for purity etc. Although it doesn't paint Jeff in the kindest light romantically, I think this is an amazing piece of music and great lyrics.

vancouver | Reviewer: casey | 1/6/12

i agree with the person who said play this song when i die as well as it brings me to tears everytime i hear it. this song is the best song i've ever hear. thanks jeff for everything! i took my family to memphis this past year and walked around and found places he was according to the buckley book by i think david byrne. thanks again jeff.

i think it means as simple as... | Reviewer: ian | 6/4/10

i believe jeff was simply telling a story about a woman he had strong feelings with which he had to leave for a tour or a commitment to london. i think they both made the decision to part, the woman is probably from vancouver in washington state

If I was to die | Reviewer: Dunja from Sweden | 10/9/08

If I was to die, this would be the last song I would want to hear. It's forever in my heart. Thank you Jeff for your wonderful musical gifts to this world! Wish you were still here.

With love,


It's meaning... | Reviewer: Damian | 8/7/08

The brilliant thing about Jeff Buckley's songs is that they can be interpreted in many different ways. But if I had to guess, this song is sort of the precursor to "Forget Her." Buckley is realizing his love for this particular woman is poison, but he's still incapable of cutting ties.

"On this rely-- I could kiss you with lines of escape in my mouth..."

That line really says it all, doesn't it? He knows he needs to escape, but he can't bring himself to.

This song speaks to my soul.

Can't Explain the brilliance | Reviewer: Brian Hubbard | 12/25/07

Every time I listen to this song I am on the brink of tears and it has never been certain to me if its just the brilliance of his voice or the subconscious thrashing of his lyrics. I am stumped and eternally grateful. Thanks Jeff!

....? | Reviewer: Daniela | 11/29/07

Can anyone tell me what the lyrics to "Vancouver" are about?'Cose the more I listen to it and try to understand,the more it seems to me like he's talking about a sexual experience he had with another man,...I could be wrong however,please cast some light on the subject.

Subtle...yet powerful!!! | Reviewer: Boozie | 7/5/07

Another one of my absolute favs from Jeff!!! Words can't sum up this great gift we have lost!!! Thanks Jeff for what you have written and'll be cherished forever!

Astonishing | Reviewer: artekch | 5/24/07

This song is a great example of Buckley's music. Great vocals, a voice that change everything is this song. The music correct. But this voice...

Absolutely exhilarating | Reviewer: Phil | 10/6/05

Once again... a wonderful song from Jeff Buckley. Fast-paced, and undoubtedly rawer & edgier than Jeff's work on Grace, but probably as mind-blowing
"Vancouver" is attached to the posthumous album Sketches (for my sweetheart the drunk), which, by the way, everybody who loves Jeff Buckley's inspiring music should get a good look at