Just wondering | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/14

I always think this is an ode to his father and a foreshadowing of his own coming death. Even though it could be about a lover I interpret the lyrics to be about Jeff being torn between his life on Earth with his mother and a chance to reunite and make music with his father in the afterlife.

IM SO GLAD I FOUND JB MUSIC | Reviewer: AUDREY | 10/16/12

SO REAL is so awesome i just found jeff buckley last month and i cant get enough he has captured my heart I HAD a terrible breakup and was so lonely when I accidently ran into JB MUSIC it has settled my soul and i am so thankful to have found his music as far as i am concerned there is NO ONE BETTER than jeff He blows them all away. What talent!!! it is hard to take that i CAN NEVER SEE HIM PLAY IN PERSON RIP YOUR A TRUE ANGEL!!!

Pure Talent | Reviewer: liyaglz@yahoo.com | 2/3/11

This is beyond a doubt my favorite song on the Grace album, which is saying a lot considering how incredible all the songs are. Lilac Wine is a close second. The lyrics to So Real are haunting and honest. Transports you to his "place" and state of mind, so relatable. The music though - it's profound. Seems simple, but it's layered and intricate, major to minor and back again. Love it! What a shame he's not around. He left his legacy behind.

music as it was ment to be | Reviewer: robin | 2/20/08

This song is so kewl i listen to it everyday, there is just one thing that i dont understand.
Why does he sing this in studio recordings: And I never stepped on the cracks 'cause I thought I'd hurt my mother
and in the live versions he sings :And I never stepped on the cracks 'cause I knew I'd leave my mother.

AMazing | Reviewer: lily | 9/20/07

I can't get enough of his spirit..its like since I became so enthralled in his music,I cans feel this presence around me. intoxicating. I have never experimented with drugs or substances..but this is as close to total inebriation you can get,besides the best of the best..the Powers That Be

Unreal | Reviewer: scott | 8/15/07

So Real to me encaptulates Jeff Buckley. His lyrical genious and his unrivalled vocal talents are so profoundly evident in this song that everytime I listen to it it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. The acoustic version he did of this song in Japan is without a doubt the best and most powerful live performance I have ever had the pleasure to hear. Its a tragedy for the musical world that this genius is no longer with us. It is songs like this one, last goodbye, grace, mojo pin all on his first album! that assures me that had he still been with us we would all have been marvelling in his musical genius to this day and another Bob Dylan-esqe following would have emerged that would have made him forever immortal. If you have not listened to Jeff Buckley, you have not experienced true beauty.

great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/07

this my favourite.. i love jeff and
this song is the best thing he has ever made it's realy great