Great song | Reviewer: Temmere | 6/12/13

Just bought Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk and I was going crazy trying to think where I'd heard this before. Thank God for this site, because I never would have thought of The Dead Zone. (IMDb credits him for the series but doesn't list this song.) Great, great song (but what did Buckley do that wasn't?).

Excellent Uplifter | Reviewer: James | 8/8/12

I too first heard it watching the Dead Zone on netflix and had to have it for myself, the full version. I am so glad I looked up the song title and artist. The name of the album this song is on still tickles me. "Sketches for the sweetheart, the drunk." LOL

very moving | Reviewer: lisa | 2/13/07

I first heard this song when I watched ''The Dead Zone'' tv series, and since then I have loved it. It's so moving and spiritual and whenever I feel low, I listen to it and it picks me back up.

Beautiful Song | Reviewer: Jonathan | 7/18/06

If you like songs with a steady strong beat, with humming and soft noises. This is it. Some low guitar and bass makes this a great song. It is beautiful!