Forever Jeff Buckley | Reviewer: stacy glenn | 1/3/11

Jeff was a taste of something only to leave you forever wanting more...thankful to have seen such color in music.
Words cant say what his music means to me or any of us but thank you Jeff and may you be resting so peacefully.

love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/10

i cry everytime i listen to this song, words cannot describe how amazing jeff was.... he was a genius with an angelical voice, the world lost a huge talent the day he died.... we miss you jeff rest in peace.

Pure Emotion | Reviewer: MD | 1/7/10

What a song. Jeff Buckley shows us his soul stripped bare in this song, as he did with most of his songs. This song too, made me weep like a big blubbering lummox. It serves to frustrate us with his absence, to know how good he was and to ponder what might have come. Absolutely painfully delicious.

We come together making chance into starlight | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/09

This song is so indescribably beautiful. The climax is so mind-blowing, and it just makes me stop whatever I'm doing. Especially at the end of the line "And though the meaning fits, there's no relief in this," there is that very slightest discord that always makes me shudder with sadness.

Such an incredible work. Really, it almost feels like a sequel to the angry, bitter "Forget Her." In "Morning Theft," he sheds his anger and resentment and laments his lost love. Jeff was truly a genius.

mourning theft. | Reviewer: Latifa | 10/25/07

i love this song, and lyrics. i am not as infatuated with "lover should've come over", anymore, beacause of "morning theft."

the title, itself, is aesthetically put. the song, delicious, and, his voice quivering as if he wants to weep his existence away.

he did drown in his own tears. <3.

melt the stone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/4/07

Interesting that the same part of the song that the last reviewer posted had the exact same effect on me. Only difference is that I have develped into an incredibly emotional person and the feeling that certain Jeff Buckley songs, such as this one, give to me can not really be described as well. May he rest peacefully.

Love | Reviewer: J. | 5/15/05

I really love this song, I got sick of hearing the standard 'Hallelujah' and 'Grace' real soon, then I got bored of the other semi-popular - yet still far too unfamiliar to the greater audience - songs like 'Last Goodbye' and all.
Then I found this, and I always was able to find my own emotions very similar to what Jeff sings, probably some kind of idolatry on my behalf, but this time, he really captured my soul.

"Time takes care of the wounds, so I can believe,
You had so much to give, you thought I couldn't seek,
Gifts for bootheels to crush, promises deceived."


"Your eyes and body brighten silent waters deep,
your precious daughter in the other room asleep."

But most of all, the passion in his voice as he sings
"Leave me tomorrow night, or any day you want,
I have no right to wonder, just how or when.
And though the meaning fits, there's no relief in this.
I miss my beautiful friend."
It made me cry, I don't cry easily, and never before over music, but this time I did. Kudos to Jeff for that.
It's just such a good rendering of a heart that longs for love just a fingertip away, a love lost, a love to regain.

All that's left to say now, is probably: "Why the fuck did you have to go swim? I hate you for holding out on us, all that passion, great music, your charisma." Then you listen to a song again, and forgive him lovingly.

Sleep well, friend.