A Bob Dylan Song | Reviewer: Tim Osburn | 1/9/2008

Bob Dylan wrote this song when he was 23. I believe it must refer to Suzie Rotolo. In any case this is a good version of it. I recently saw Flatt and Scruggs do it on an ancient episode of The Beverly Hillbillies. They did a good job, also. Dylan's romantic songs are very introspective. It would've been interesting to see him when he was young, trying to get laid, before it got to be an easy thing.

My first time was Rod Stewart, as I recall | Reviewer: Carly | 11/15/2005

Mid-seventies - I think it was the Gasoline Alley album (on cassette). I loved that song - I played it over and over again.

When you wake up in the mornin'
Honey, look inside you're mirror
Y'know I wanna' be next to you
'Cause I'd just be curious to know
If you can see yourself as clear
As a woman who's been rollin' through my mind

and that's without looking at the lyrics. I will never forget that song.