Achingly beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/14

How incredible that Jeff was able to translate such deep personal feelings into the brilliant music & lyrics of Lover. His voice transcends every human emotion that I have ever felt. His loss is a tragedy to all who love music.

Is it just me? | Reviewer: Joey | 11/11/12

Its weird. To me, the Grace album is flawless. Every song is incredible both lyrically and musically. But when I hear the sketches album although the lyrics are just as good, the musical composition just doesn´t do it for me. Is this just because of my personal taste or is there a reason why the grace album´s musical arrangements are so much better?

say its not too late | Reviewer: nobodygirl | 2/5/12

i remember when i was a young girl i thought there was a reason for why i struggled so much with life-thought it meant i was destined for something great-the pain was preparation for me moving on to something great-a great career or a great love. i remember listening to this song and feeling like finally someone else gets it. sadly, i still feel that way. nothing great ever happened for me, other than listening to greatness like jeff buckley.

Harmony | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/11

Appart from the obvious delightfull lyrics, buckley's songs also engoy a fantastic harmonic compositon, and that's also why there are not many as him... Four chords may get You far, but not as far as jeff, i'm sorry!

Look harder at what? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/13/11

Maybe you can't get any further in music because your arrogance. Claiming you're as amazing as Jeff Buckley on a website with nothing to back it up with. And also, I live in Melbourne, the local music scene is horrible, that's why bands like Little Red are famous, they're crap, but compared the rest, they're alright

plenty of great artists like this - just look harder | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/10

"Buckley's range and depth are untouchable by modern "artists"."
> what utter CRAP!! there are PLENTY of artists who can sing in his range and do it well. and write as well as him too. i'm one of them!!

just try looking a little harder before closing your mind.

also look beyond the marketing hype.
i'm from australia, melbourne. there are equally musicians literally starving to death who can't get a gig because of the corrupt melbourne music 'industry'.

i find it offensive when ignorant people put down an entire massive group of other people based on IGNORANCE!!

Eternal | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/09

I think this music is art, and everibody should listen to it. Jeff buckley opened his mind in his texts, thats why all of us are sensitive to this, because in reality all of us are thés same, we have the same doubt, we Know we're not perfect, and wants to change. Loving , sufuring. I think That writing and singing for him is a therapy, because all have hiden things thats want to come out. Jeff buckley is a genius.i love this song. This song touch my heart cos im a lover. A french fan.

Amazing! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/09

This song is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. It tortures the soul, yet offers hope, its never over... its not too late... OMG this song is wonderful! The Grace album is a piece of musical genius, Hallelujah is a magical song as well. Buckley's range and depth are untouchable by modern "artists". The song "Everybody Here Wants You" from the "Sketches for My Sweetheart" album is phenomenal. Never trust anyone that claims to be a music fan that has never heard or claims to not feel this music. Pure Genius!

A question from a buckley fan. | Reviewer: Elly. | 7/17/09

My older brother introduced me to Jeff Buckley a couple of years ago and needless to say I was swept away. There's something about the rythem the pace the ringing voice and the power of the music that not alot of artists can do like Jeff Buckley. But, after listening to this song over and over again, I've got to ask. Is this song about the regrets he has over a relationship with a woman thats died? The song makes alot of sense but it seems like he can't 'fix' the feelings and emotions he has, and not sure what to do with them- break free or forget or keep loving. That with the connection of the first couple of line, the people in the cemetary. Just after a better idea if you had it.

some stuff | Reviewer: Lava! | 2/26/09

It's a coincedence, but isn't it strange the lyric that says "their shoes fill up with water" is connected to the way he died? He drowned, they say, due to the boots he was wearing...they filled up with water. Remember though, this is just my own opinion. And, it's only coincedence.

Reminiscing | Reviewer: Christian | 1/8/09

Why is it whenever I listen to this man sing away I feel like he is talking about me?

It's incredibly bizarre. The way he has been able to capture his own life in such a way that it is easily reflected on by others, such as myself.

It kills me to know I will never be able to see him live, but I am blessed to know the he once lived.

awesome | Reviewer: kchu | 7/29/08

i came across this song last week when my life was at a crossroads. It really hit me and has really impacted me. it summed up everything in my life perfectly. these lyrics are just incredible... and how Buckley delivers this is quite simply wonderful. Also, the album is immense! L U Samerella

its never over | Reviewer: laura | 6/26/08

ayyyeee.. when you put your earphones so you could fall asleep sooner and you hear Lover or some of jeffs live then.. well, i dont know what you do then, but I remind myself how sleeping is a waste, and i just enjoy their energy and emotions all night hurts in a way (beauty does), but i cant help but smiling - WHAT THE HELL THE EARTH WOULD BE WITHOUT MUSIC AND ART? HELL.

immortal | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/08

Theres a lot of music around that makes you think of a certain time or place, and theres music like floyd, buckley or maybe even raidiohead that EVERY lyric rings true and brings you to your knees, i hope buckleys music is as immortal as it should be and lives forever.

it's like if music was ice cream and your ears were a starving fat boy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/08

Yeah that's right. i said it.

seriously though, in my opinion there's no accounting for taste when it comes music. good music is good music. the burden lies with the listener to be open enough to let the music speak for itself. of course there's music that just doesn't speak because it was composed by retarded monkeys i.e. ryan cabrera, nickelback, ICP, ja rule, other trash inspired gibberish. But Jeff Buckley is definitely not one of these monkeys.

Lover is one of those songs that manages to be epic in proportions and magnificent in its composition and yet also manages to reach the listener at a more personal level as if to say "hey buddy, i know i'm a great song and it boggles your mind a little bit, but hey i'm still your friend."

Music is art. in art there is truth. and truth is absolute. just like the laws of physics and beauty of the two jessica's (alba and biel). out.