drab | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/30/07

A drab little song choc full of inane little nasal whinings. It's no wonder he committed suicide!

Jeff: Grace | Reviewer: Leesa Maree | 7/2/07

Jeff is Jeff. He could let himself go on such a profound level, so could his father maybe thats why the music is so intoxicating. Jeff is vocally such a mixed bag, his songwriting has so much depth yet at times can have a young boy ego tense. I think grace ages with our generation, it gets better as time goes on. As you become more experienced the songs take on new meaning and change form. Jeff was a master at interpreting his songs just like his dad! x

Lover, You Should Have Come Over | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/07

Bombs. Guns. Segregation, Genocide. Homocide. All this is going on in the world. But to me, I think the world would just be a little brighter if we got our angel back. RIP Jeff-Daniel.
This song, this album, will change your life. It certainly has changed mine.

Simply Brilliant | Reviewer: Scott | 5/18/07

This song, or Last Goodbye would have to be my favourite song(s) from Grace. Brilliantly written and performed and moving.

caramel | Reviewer: hotchocolate boy | 5/9/07

his voice and lyrics are like a caramel ribbion wrapped around my soul

Greatest Lyrics About Love Lost | Reviewer: Dawn | 5/6/07

The first time I heard Jeff Buckley was when his hit single "Last Goodbye" aired on MTV and radio. It was moving and beautiful.

Then I heard his version of the Leonard Cohen song "Halleluljah."

And then I heard "Lover You Should Have Come Over" and I have never been more stirred and emotion-filled from a song before or after. The words, his voice: poignant, sublime and deeply-moving. RIP.

Forver moving | Reviewer: Amanda aged 14 | 2/24/07

Even in death, Buckley has touched people in ways most musicians spend their whole lives trying to master. And like father like son, both Buckleys were far too beautiful for this world.

An everlasting song | Reviewer: Sofie | 2/11/07

A special song with a clear message. I simply jst love it. I hear when i wake up, when i go to school, when i come home and when I'm going to sleep. R.I.P Jeff Buckley.

Lover, you should have come over | Reviewer: Jessica | 12/3/06

Who couldn't relate to this song? Sung and written so perfectly, with such depth. Jeff Buckley is a master of creation, creating songs that mean something different to everyone that listens to them.

I am so proud of Australia for rating Grace as our second favourite album of all time.(only losing out to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon).

Lover, you should have come over | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/30/06

One of his greatest achievements. A song that no one could ever become tired of hearing. It is rare to come across a song that when played you simply want to keep hearing over and over again. What a shame that he is no longer here today for us to appreciate his evident ability to both write songs and perform them beautifully. A superb song.

The reason music was invented... | Reviewer: Mike | 5/20/06

To me an immortal love song with Jeff's swooney voice reaching the highs he hit so well in other tracks and making you feel the emotional power of the lyrics in almost every intonation of his sweet, perfect pitch voice. "she's a tear that hangs inside my soul forever" sums up the feelings that well up whenever you hear this one and makes you want to hear it time and time over.

Jeff. | Reviewer: Monique | 11/16/05

His songs are great. His songwriting is from a high level, and his voice is just too good. he is a master artist, and this song will show a little bit of what he had in his power. This song is just very emotional, and very good.

Lover You Should've Come Over | Reviewer: Kate | 9/13/05

If you had never heard Jeff's music before and the first song you heard was Lover You Should've Come Over, I'm sure you would'nt be dissapointed. This song shows his great talent for both singing and songwriting, and it speaks to everyone in different ways. This is one of my favourite songs by jeff Buckley, and I highly recommend it.