Amazing | Reviewer: Nicole L | 3/25/08

His music blows me away every time. Without even trying to find a way to relate to his lyrics, I lose myself in the strength of his voice and the power of his words. What an amazing writer he was...

3/25/2008 | Reviewer: Nicole L | 3/25/08

His music blows me away every time. Without even trying to find a way to relate to his lyrics, I lose myself in the strength of his voice and the power of his words. What an amazing writer he was...

tear hangs inside my soul forever... | Reviewer: Ece | 2/14/08

Jeff Buckley...
after ı listened to this song ı found myself in Chaos.As a person who's lover thousands miles away,I fell to pieces...Sweet lover you should come over,as soon as your school ends:):)

Can't help but regret | Reviewer: Mark | 2/15/08

I first started listening to Grace a couple of years ago when a musician friend of mine said that this album is going to forever change the way you listen to music and the way you look and live your life; and he was right.

Much like Tori Amos' Little Earthquake, Grace is one of those album that comes around once in our lifetime, and the second you play it, it grabs a hold of you, and never lets go. I dare anyone to say this album for casual listening, because if you think you can listen to this album without shedding tears or devoting your entire soul into the experience, you then are a fool.

Whenever I listen to Lover, You Should've Come Over, I can't help but regret all the stupid things I've done in years past (and still do at times); hurting the ones that loved me, being together wasting time with the ones I thought I love, but, at the end they took a part of my heart and soul when they walk away. I can feel Jeff's suffering, his longing for love, understanding, and the opportunity to give love.

As I'm sitting here, listening to this song for the 20th time today, I can't help but shed a tear, a tear for the loss of Jeff Buckley, but, also a tear for my own stupidity, naivity, and loss of my innocence and trust in the opposite sex.

Jeff, I wish I had died with you.

This memorable song | Reviewer: Joey | 2/1/08

"Lover..." conveys the beauty and pain of realationships as well as any song I've ever heard. When I think of my past love, it's the song I bring up on the IPod. I just sit there, listen to the extraordinary lyrics and reflect with a smile. I have also heard Starsailor play in their own way an excellent cover of this song.

Lovely lovely lovely lover. | Reviewer: Esme Olyve | 1/11/08

A drab little song choc full of insane little nasal whinings?!?! Oh, Anonymous, I feel bad for you. You'll never understand.

I tear up and near every single time I listen to this song. So beautiful, I can't even stand it. I can't listen to this in public places. I'm not even kidding. It slays me.

He Will Always Be A Legend... | Reviewer: Chris | 1/9/08

My Dad made me listen to Jeff Buckley at quite a young age, and still to this day, the songs he made truely do put the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and send shivers down my spine. He is simply an inspiration. He song writing abilities are far surpass most artists of this day and age. If you don't like his music then I do believe you're not human, especially this song and forget her.
I'm mainly into extremly heavy metal and acoustic, but Jeff will always be my favourite singer/songwriter to ever walk this planet...

RIP Jeff.. you're a legend!

... | Reviewer: Ju | 12/7/07

I have never experienced anything like jeff buckley before. I believe that you cannot truly say you "LOVE" music if you have not heard jeff play. I agree with a comment a few up.... you might not like the sound of jeff buckley or what he sings about, but the WAY he sang and the emotion he courses thru my being cannot be touched by any other artist.

what about now | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/07

jeff buckley was the greatest singer in music interpretations were almost unreal...he gave such emotional depth to his songs that we now can see his music has pure art and almost makes you feel bad...the deep understanding of his art shows all human beauty...
jeff buckley ...the greatest....

Title | Reviewer: Tiarnan | 11/22/07

I completely agree with the comment below, and I can't say much else, but just to reiterate, Jeff Buckley's songs moved you, especially this one.

Incomparable | Reviewer: Anita | 11/13/07

If you can listen to this song and not feel anything, I would find it very hard to believe that you're completely human. Whether you like the song or not, Jeff Buckley makes you feel, and that alone is an affect that most artists seek but rarely accomplish. He was so unique in that sense. He gave everything to each and every song. And trust me, you can tell. He was brilliant. I wish I was older when he was alive so that I could've had a chance to see him live.
Grace is the first album I would pick to keep with me forever. I'm really not trying to sound cliche, but it truly changed my life by changing how I looked at its different aspects: love, loss, etc. And this song! This song is incredible; I would daresay his masterpiece. Do yourself a favor: grab a pair of headphones and just listen. Listen, listen, listen. Thank me later.

lover lover | Reviewer: Emma | 10/31/07

....i cant even speak....

listening to the song as i type this i am almost to caught up in its emotion to know what to say...

truly magnificant...

jeff buckley is the tear that hangs inside our soul forever..his music has been there in many crucial turning points in my life...and has created an eternal flame of inspiration in my heart that licks at the walls of my creativity and makes me yern for more...and so..i listen to is again...x

sweet grace | Reviewer: Loribelle | 9/25/07

Jeff was granted (or cursed) with an innate ability to define the emotions of all those who felt the pain of his loss, through his divine music; "too young to hold on," "too blind to see the damage I've done," he certainly is incapable of seeing the damage caused by his death. This song, synonymous to all his other creations, is a tribute to the abyss that is and always will be, Jeff Buckley. My life was never the same after I experienced Grace and devoured for the first injection, the drug that is, the voice of Jeff Buckley.

sweet grace | Reviewer: Loribelle | 9/25/07

From the moment you inject Jeff Buckley into your veins, his voice devoured, your life is never the same. This song, as with all of Jeff's creations is a tribute to abyss that is and always will be, the voice of Jeff Buckley. Do you ever wonder what it was that you were doing at the precise moment of his passing... I was 7. What a painful loss

Lover, you should've come over | Reviewer: hannah | 8/1/07

absolutly phenomenal...the world has lost one of its most talented and trully inspiring singer/songwriters. when you listen to this song, you feel jeff's pain, a feeling which most other artists can ony dream of. An inspiration and a tragic loss. Grace is a life changing album.