lilac wine only performed by buckly | Reviewer: milad _ m | 8/11/14

i never try to forget this song because this song never left me . i recently heard the original version and other performance and ... but of course the lyric is great but ... song performed only once ...

It's a gorgeous song | Reviewer: Lee Boyd | 3/24/11

I only know Jeff Buckley's version. I'm head over heels in love right now and my girl is 3,000 miles away. It breaks my heart to listen to it but I can't stop, over and over sometimes. After five years of waiting for her we'll finally be together in two weeks when I fly to Detroit. I'm a musician and she contacted me because she liked the music on my Myspace page - five years ago. I was in a dying long term relationship at the time and the second I saw her photo on her page I was lost completely. We never imagined it could be real to be together but I finally turned my life upside down just this January asked her to marry me, and bought plane tickets. In three weeks I am going to ask her Father if he grants me the privelige of marrying his wonderful daughter I will give him my word of honour that no harm will ever befall her as long as I am by her side. I've never wanted to marry in all my 42 years, let alone ask somebody's dad if I could, lol. My name is Lee and her name is Moriah and I want the whole world to know how much I love her. My music is on if anybody wants to hear it (its free, im not trying to sell anything, btw). God rest you, Jeff Buckley, it was a tragic loss.

Powerful Elkie | Reviewer: Andrea | 4/5/10

This is a beautiful song. I love the version by Elkie Brooks. Elkie's brings real meaning to this song. Her first marriage was coming to an end, when she sang this at Ronnie Scotts club in London . Tears streaming down her face.

Lilac wine | Reviewer: Montse | 8/15/09

I agree there is something in the pure voice of Jeff Buckley, his soul, his heart ... that is contagious... makes you cry because it touches you so deeply that it moves old feelings, that can not confuse you... because they are so deep and real.

Burst into tears | Reviewer: Rodrigo Cesar | 10/13/07

This song is beautifully deep... listen to it always make me contemplative and wet my eyes. It evocates some hidden feelings you always want to keep hide. Jeff's performance is truly awesome. Yes, it makes me feel unsteady with myself.

im no hippy and i can't spell | Reviewer: Alisha Hutchinson | 10/12/07

I first heard Jeff a couple of years ago, and the more i lisend to the music the more i noticed how many people out there who truly apresheate his music.
The one thing i love is if i am walking into a shop and jeff is playing or on the radio i can look around a see a hand full of people that know and are lisning to the music and are injoying it as much as i. The people who like his music are bound together with somthing money cant buy. I love it when i can intruduce some one who has not heard his music, i feel proud. I think if every one in the world listened to jeff's lyrics (not Tim's) it would be a world i would wont to be apart of. p.s i love lilac wine too. Ali x

I love you ...our lips cannot taste another's | Reviewer: kellie...manly beach Sydney | 7/16/07

Lilacs are precious...only bloom in October for one month...JB was like the lilac...a precious poetic rhapsody whose tear stays in my heart my beautiful ethereal one...oh how your comet shone...then gone....... kellie xx

Obsession with Jeff Buckley's Lilac Wine | Reviewer: chibinski | 7/11/07

yesterday (or the day before) i heard "lilac wine," by Jeff Buckley, for the first time. then i listened to Elkie Brooks and Nina Simone and Katie Malua, and went back to listen to Jeff. i burst into tears and even now as i write this i weep. i am obsessed--it is so beautiful. the others are really good, some are excellent, but Jeff's rendition is nothing short of beautiful.

Lilac Wine/Video Clip L.L.V. | Reviewer: "Tammi" | 4/21/07

I first saw this movie, while I was in recovery for Alcholism, about 7 1/2 years ago...I didn't expect to be so touched by it. When I saw the part where he was drinking in the shower--that was me all over again...So many parts just mirrored me! So, it's been almost eight years since I've drank. After 15 yrs. on a daily basis, I just was barely hangin'-on. Never thought I could stop. Just knew I was gonna die that way. If anyone out there is ready to stop, I'm living proof that ANYONE can, if the desire is there, along with the help. It's sooo worth it!

Lilac Wine Jeff Buckley | Reviewer: jmaes | 2/27/07

This song touched me too. I luved Elkie Brookes version for years but when I heard this version from Jeff Buckley it just blew my mind. Then I learnt about his sad,tragic end and well what can I say.....

LILAC WINE BY JEFF BUCKLEY | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/22/06


Lilac sweat..and heady | Reviewer: Swol | 12/13/05

The most beautiful version of this song ... If this doesn't touch you, then nothing does.