This one lasts forever | Reviewer: Erik | 10/9/07

This song is truly one of the greatest ever written. The musical power, the soul voice, the emotions up high and low, the lyrics black on white... they all touch me so deeply and intense, never in my life I want to say goodbye to this song. It helps me every time to cope with loss, whomever it is for, whatever the reason. When my ex rock band kicked me out (who gave me the CD as a second-hand because they didn't like it, funny...), my ex girl friend who broke up when times were hard, my grandpa who committed suicide... and now my grandma who peacefully died... all without having a proper chance to say goodbye. God, I thank you for the comfort and strength I find whenever I put this record on.

Last Goodbye | Reviewer: Tricia | 7/27/07

This song is like all of Jeff's work. The lyrics are apt and affecting, but it is the quality and emotion of his voice that brings this song to life. He had an intrinsic ability to sing a lyric just the way in which it needed to be sung and possessed one of the most beautiful and emotive voices of the last few decades. Beautiful song, but like everything else he has done it is the emotion he conveys that makes it so compelling to listen to.

Endlessly | Reviewer: Gwl | 7/25/07

Really, this is really the best of all love song ever wrote. Ever.
Voice is so touching, so very touching.
I could never figure something stronger.
Last sentences are so perfectly cruel, perfecly sang, between scream and cry :

"Well, the bells out in the church tower chime,
Burning clues into this heart of mine.
Thinking so hard on her soft eyes, and the memories
Offer signs that it's over, it's over."

Endless love Mr Buckley, for all your unbeleivably strong work,
but most of all for this song, the strongest one i've ever heard.

Jeff, you never died. | Reviewer: Ohad Bar H. | 6/14/07

Hey Jeff,
you are my favorite singer for sure. and this song must be one of the greatest songs ever played.
I love you so much, and i feel you with me all the time.
you may want to know that people in all ages and from all over the world lintening your inspire music.

Ohad, 19, Tel Aviv.

Last Goodbye | Reviewer: Meagan | 3/8/07

Wow... this has become one of my favorite songs. Truley this is a beautiful song. Wonderful mixture of Jeff Buckley's beautiful voice and the strings and wonderful instrumentation. It's just a perfectly formed song. It just has so much soul and it's odd that Jeff Buckley has been dead for almost 10 years. It just breaks my heart that he could have made many more beautiful songs like this one. This song moves me to the point of tears.

R.I.P. Jeff Buckley, you beautiful man.

Jeff C. I will never forget you | Reviewer: Nancy | 2/11/07

Jeff broke up with me and my heart is shattered, along with my hopes and dreams. This song is helping me to get through the pain of loss. Jeff Buckley was a beautiful soul and his works live on.

Beautiful and Haunting | Reviewer: Grant | 5/14/06

This song has a beautiful melody, lovely intertwining bass line and lyrics which will touch anyone's heart who has ever been in relationship and longed desperately for it to survive, all the while knowing that it was over before the ending began. The drums pound out the rhythm of a determined but defeated and resolved heart, longing to hold on to the love lost, not quite ready to get on with the heartbreak at hand.

Jeff's voice soars and dives, bringing the listener on a roller coaster ride of emotion. Who couldn't feel their chest rise when he breaks into those high, flying notes? He sings his soul to us, and we can't help but feel the pain and anguish. Through Jeff, it is all so delicious at the same time.

I will never forget the first time I heard this song: I was working and stopped cold what I was doing as soon as I heard the bass intro. When Jeff's voice came in and I heard that first, "This is our last goodbye," I knew I was listening to a song I would remember forever. Sure enough, that song has stayed with me. I never took the step of getting the album as the song was in heavy rotation, but today, years later, I heard it again. It had the same impact on me.

Worth listening to | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/06

It's like a song you could waste away hours listening to if you've got someone on your mind. Although the actual instrumental part is different from the atmosphere you might get from the lyrics, the melodies he sings the words with are haunting. There's passion in this song, and I love it.

Beatiful | Reviewer: Monique | 11/16/05

This song is such a beautiful song. The melodie, his voice, the lyrics, Everything just fits so well! The lyrics is very touchy for me, but so are almost all Jeff buckleys song to me. It's just such a lost for the music industry. He was great, and still is!

loss of a musical genious | Reviewer: jacquinta | 10/17/04

Jeff Buckley , well what can be said but complete individual musical god, such a tragedy to have lost this etherial voice at only the age of 30, and especially when he was on the verge of releasing another albumn, how great would that have been. this song is written and performed by jeff, and is completely beautiful his voice is astounding, such range and musical talent. and beautiful lyrics. truely one of the greatest songs ever.