tanish goodbye from ur life | Reviewer: pooja to tanish | 3/6/14

Hi babe, I don't know why I am writing this, because I really hope that this letter never gets to you, because if it does that means I am dead. It also means I never had time to show you just how much I really did love you. you have shown me what love is and what it feels like to be loved. Every time you kissed me and our lips touched so softly, I could feel it. I got the same magical feeling as our first kiss. I could feel it when our hearts get so closely and they are beating as one. You are the beat of my heart, the soul in my body; you are me, because without you I am nothing. I love you, shona, You are the person I know I could turn to when I needed help , you are the person I looked at when I needed to smile and you are the person I went to when I needed a hug. When I am away, it is like I have left my soul at your side. shona, I want to say something and I mean this more than I ever did before. You were the love of my life, the boy of my dreams. Just because I have left away does not mean I am not with you. I'll always be there looking over you, keeping you safe. So whenever you feel lonely, just close your eyes and I'll be there, right by your side. I will always remember the very first time we met, the very first time my lips touched your lips, the very first time you wrapped your arms around me and rested your head on my shoulder. Your smile your way of looking at me will always be fresh in my memories. I still have some hope deep in my heart that someday my undying love will bring you back in my I know things will never be the same but …. I just can’t stop myself .. I still love you.. I still yearn for your love.It’s been a long time when I saw your lovely face; no matter for how many more days I won’t get to see you still your memories and my love for you will never fade away. No matter we will meet in second year but,
There are so many unanswered questions in my mind that sometimes it forces me to approach you to get the answers and say a final goodbye to you. At the same time I want you to come to a realization where my undying love for you will make you come to me. Sooner or later.. It doesn’t matter .. I am still waiting for you… and will always will. No matter you come to me or not.. I will never have any regrets in life of loving you… of holding you in my arms of dreaming to be with you forever..till the time I am alive..
Your expression of love was just saying “I love you” but you never proved it with your actions that you actually love me. You have lost the respect in my eyes of the number of lies you tell me every day, You would remember about missing “romance” in the relationship but you would never choose to show or express of care and love. I sincerely wish you to have someone else who shares the same dreams, towards life.
I guess the only thing that went wrong is me falling in love with you and the No one is to blame. Not you, nor me, nor whoever else is sharing you with me.be happy and goodbye from your life. Khushi to tumi shona last I love you and with it goodbye also

Yo | Reviewer: JT | 1/9/14

JB put his heart and soul into these tunes. He sang like his life depended on it. One tune and I'm refreshed from all that horrid music they make me listen to at the grocery store. Eternal thanks JB.

Pearl Gates door alarm, Buckley's ALLELUHAH.... | Reviewer: Tim S. ....z-man | 12/5/13

Jeff was on his way to a rare pinnacle in music. His blues collected old and young southern ears, his rock-jazz caught the north like a firefly in a june. As a Phila. Paramedic I heard this on wmmr rolling through center city in May of 1998? Drove straight to wee three records on south street and he's be en my favorite songwriter, composer of all time.. The way he diwd somehow fit. . .Still way to soon..

Who will mend our broken hearts now that you're gone? | Reviewer: Ochopee | 8/22/13

The 1st time I heard one of Jeff Buckley's songs I was floored I thought to myself, "where in the hell of I been and why havent I ever heard any of his soul wrenching music? Now with me, I wasnt going threw any horrible break ups or anything like that. But when Jeff sings, he sings with so much feeling, emotion
and heartache, you would swear he was actually cryin while singing! listen to "Lover, you should've come over", by the end of the song, you're ready to go out and get sloppy drunk & beat the shit outta someone ya dont even know, because you hurt so bad for Jeff! And if you listen to "Forget her"...dont listen to it if you're depressed or in any kind of emotional mess, because you'll end up climbing up the towns clock tower with all your guns & you'll start picking people off, one by one! Jeff Buckely knew what it was like to hurt from a broken heart! & then turn it into a song without losing any of the pain!

All thank go to him | Reviewer: Jones | 12/14/12

When I contacted obolospelltemple@gmail.com, I was in a complete mess. My lovelife had gone completely down the drain, and it looked absolutely HOPELESS. If it hadn’t been for Dr Ode’s careful advice and his precious spells to relieve me of the negativity around me, I would have never been able to keep going, and I wouldn’t have a boyfriend, either. Now I do! He’s a guy I already knew from work, but had never “thought of him that way,” at least not until Dr Ode cast his spell to show me the way. He is the best. He saved me!!

AYELALA SHRINE | Reviewer: jully | 10/22/12

Hi have i think got help from AYELALA SHRINE, i really want my ex back we were so so close and in love. i contacted AYELALA SHRINE l yesterday but i haven't been told that they have done what they do yet. it made me so happy he gave me hope as he said your ex will come back to you, he didn't say maybe but he said will. but now in scared that Ive got my hope up and what if he don't, what if it don't work. he told me in "i week" i think that means "1 week" but oh do these really work, i never really believed in magic well obviously when i was a little kid and i do hope magic is real cause its what i grow up believing but i would just like to ask use if it really does work. thank ayelalashrine@gmail.com

I'm just a girl | Reviewer: Devastation | 3/26/12

I guess I'm the same as everyone else. That's all I've ever felt like. My boyfriend and I were going out for a few months. We never had a problem, until he cheated on me. I have no idea why though, everything was great. He apologized and I foolishly took him back. Two months later he got a girl pregnant and he left me because he wanted to be a good dad for his kid. I was stupid enough to stay with him. This song reminds me of that pain. It has been a year and I still feel like a disposable woman.

diluted by that old feeling | Reviewer: Virginia | 7/30/11

I loved someone and I absolutely never believed he had the capacity to hurt me in the way that he did. I hear this song and so hope that these words articulate his remorse. I didn't know him at all.

... | Reviewer: Ben | 7/3/11

I split up with my girlfriend after been an absolute dick to her and cheating on her, I thought I would be happier single, but unfortunately I learnt the meaning of 'you never truly someone till their gone' I learnt it the hard way this song makes me wish that I'd done things differently but I've got to let her be happy, and if that means her been with someone else and me been unhappy so be it, she will always be my everything. But I got no one to blame but myself.

Awesome Song | Reviewer: prakash singh | 5/31/11

Awesome song. I remember my first love when i hear this song. I want to remember her face completely but, it comes very hazy. Time is a very selfish thing sometimes it keeps the details for itself only.

I feel related to | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/11

My boyfriend just broke up with me four days ago, telling me that he was unhappy, and then asked out my bestfriend since first grade out the next day. It was after four years. He refuses to try to work things out between us, but slowly I realize that this could be the best thing for us. I've been broken all week, and I miss him so much. I lost my bestfriend. This song came on the radio, and I burst into tears, relating to every single word. I will miss him dearly, but I at least have song like these to kinda help me through, just reminding me that I'm not alone.

Everyone's story. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/19/11

Is just a month my boyfriend broke up with me without nothing to tell me... I miss him so much and I still hope that it isn't over yet... I will fight for him, because I know the meaning of the sentence "loving someone more than yourself".
I don't want a last goodbye, I cannot accept this!

it's so true | Reviewer: Sue | 3/10/11

why are this words so true? why do people all have the same story? why can't we just love and be loved forever?
it's so so sad. I wish I could turn back time and try to fix my love. this Last goodby is too unbearable.
amazing song, amaizing man. so sad.

I don't want a Last Goodbye | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/27/11

My dad wants me to play this at his funeral. I don't know how i will be able to do it but I'll find a way. After all it's my dad he has done so much for me and yet i have done little for him. It is the love that we share that will carry me through the rest of my life after him. He is one of my best friends and he is the best father a daughter could ever have.

Voice of an angel ... | Reviewer: Abdul | 1/12/11

My girlfriend and I are breaking up after 16 years. During this time she convinced me that I was her soul mate and I did believe eventually... but I still don't know what love is ....at the end she told me that there were other soul mates which one meets during their life time and in future lives ....yes she read the book "MANY LIVES, MANY MASTERS by Brian W.
I don't want to send this song to her as I believe it is not over yet ...your mind can achieve the impossible ... nothing is impossible, I believe !