amazing | Reviewer: matthew | 2/13/14

Jeff shows his creativity with this song and uses his power to make every lyric extremely emotive. I have listened to this song hundreds upon thousands of times and it still brings out deep memories in me. Thank you Jeff

CG | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/28/11


Excellent choice not to put any name or initials to that review. I wouldn't want opinions such as those you've expressed attributed to me, either. To characterize Buckley's performance as "whiny" brings into question the proper functioning of your auditory system. I feel sorry for someone who fails to observe and enjoy the passion and beauty Buckley brought to this song.

The sycophantic slags all say... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/09

Your opinions, although interesting, are irrelevant. Make no mistake: I am very fond of the late Mr. Buckley and actually quite fancy his cover, but the original version is still far superior. In comparasion with The Smiths' resigned majesty, Jeff Buckley sounds like a self-indulgent whiner, cluelessly faking his way through the song with exaggerated emotion. With that said, I really do think that it was well-intended, and I actually discovered The Smiths through this cover, so despite all faults I cannot help but somewhat like it.

Hauntingly Beautiful | Reviewer: Kirsty | 1/7/08

The Smiths are a hard band to take on at the best of times, but Jeff Buckley's rendition of I Know Its Over is in my humble opinion, far better than its predecessor: simply amazing.

Jeff moves Carmie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/07

So moving! Such a sad song that Jeff as usual takes to another level - I sat crying the first time I heard it as it has eerie & poignant references to himself - "See the sea wants to take me" - how chilling - even sadder that the great voice is no longer here to fill our ears & hearts with it's beauty!