Jeff Buckley | Reviewer: Merr | 1/23/10

The first time I heard Jeff sing this song was on an episode of House. I immediately went to the site and looked up Jeff and discovered that he had died at the age of 30. I was so sad that such a beautiful voice was no longer singing. However, as I listen to his Hallelujah, I realize that he will never be gone as long as we hear his version of Hallelujah. I've since listened to Leonard Cohen, k.d. lang, Rufus Wainwright sing their versions. I still prefer Jeff's version even though the other's versions were wonderful as well. Both k.d. and Rufus have such clear voices. I think Jeff's rendition has a lot more passion though.

oh boy! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/10

the original is sang wonderfully by leonard cohens. dont get me wrong he sings this beyond amazing song really well but i feel jeff buckley's version is simply amazing. he really moves me with his voice i even get goosebumps! i prefer jeff buckleys version much more. RIP Jeff Buckley...thank you for touching my heart with your voice :)

Uplifting and sad at the same time | Reviewer: Steve | 1/15/10

I first heard this song on an episode of the West Wing. It is played when the secret service agent (Mark Harmon) is shot and killed in New york, and they have to tell CJ (Allison Janey)that he is dead. Great song !!

hallelujah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/10

this song is my favorite song.. i dont know how many years ive been listening this song. It just touches deep inside me.. Even Jeff Buckley's voice at the beginning, its amazing, cant express it with words..

Diss it and die. | Reviewer: iknowwhatimtalkingabout | 1/17/10

Beautiful, beautiful song. For three weeks long, this was all I'd sing. I love it, it's so pure and sweet. This is, without a doubt, the best version. He puts such soul into these lyrics, whereas Alexandra... No. It saddens me when people think of her when I mention this song. The first time I heard it, it was on Shrek. Hooked ever since :)

rip jeff | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/4/09

this song is awesome, without question the best version of it. but some of jeff buckleys other stuff is just in another league. only my opinion, but songs like lover you should've come over and grace are...just..i cant describe how good they are

makes you think about.; | Reviewer: memories | 12/1/09

just listing to this song it brings tears to my eyes. it makes u think about the ones u lost in life and the ones you hope to find.
I take my hat off to jeff great lyrics and melody. a legend.
Alexandra's vesion is better for girls who want to learn the song but the original will always be better ♥

Title? | Reviewer: dude | 11/28/09

I still haven`t heard leonard`s yet , but I have the Rufus Wainwrite version on my PSP. I don`t think I spelled his name right. Anyway, his version is okay. Excuse me if there`s any incorrect grammer or whatever, I`m tired and I`m using my PSP to type. Peace out people.

i love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/16/09

this truly is one of the most utterly beautiful songs. Jeff Buckley was a musical genious. My dad used to play his music all the time when I was younger, back then I found it annoying but now I really appreciate and love his music.

WaWw! | Reviewer: LMJ | 11/6/09

i just love this version of music, jeff buckley was a really good singer, but the emotion of Loko was very pure, when i listen this, i forget all the same who is in my head...I really LOVE! ( sorry for the english i'm french ;) )

You must be crazy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/25/09

You must be crazy to preffer another version or the original to this.This is the most amazing fuckin'song i have ever heard in my life.And believe me, i'm addicted to music.My skin shivers everytime it has so much emotion that i think i could die in every second but in the same time it makes me feel so alive ..Its amazing! The word 'crap' does not exist anywhere behind this song.Is one of the most beautiful songs ever!!!

thunderstruck | Reviewer: MMH | 10/20/09

i listened to leonard cohens version and it was ok but this was amazing!!! some music give you joy momentarilly but this truly touches you!
i listned to it for a few days(replaying it after it was finished), and i went today to read more about jeff buckley in wikipedia but when i found out he died 11 years ago it really pissed me of, god bless his soul

i love this song :) | Reviewer: tania lennon | 10/10/09

i love this song its amazing i cant wait just some more singing lessons and vocal training by next year i will be ready to try out on the x-factor. i hope u can send me the lyrics in email. this song is so romantic and u sing it amazingly :) alexandra did ruin the song he is much much better at the song he owns it not her .!xO

hallelujiah! | Reviewer: elsy | 9/17/09

i ve been into this song for years now..i felt for it z sec i heard it, couldn t be more romantic beautiful then this...back in london, 2weeks ago, that was almost the only song ide ever listen to..
reminds me of this someone..

Umm? | Reviewer: dan | 7/20/09

How is it even possible to down-play this version of the song? I'd easily venture my opinion that this is 10 times more powerful than the original. This is in my top 5 favourite songs of all time and i'd recommend it to anyone I know or don't know. Fantastically powerful and beautiful.