Bible stories | Reviewer: Roger | 8/25/14

The first two verses of this classic are Bible stories. It starts out with David, who played a harp and whose heart pleased The Lord. But King David was also a man, he fell for his neighbor's wife and stole her. The second half of the verse transports and is inclusive of stories from David to Samson, but is really about all the Old Testament stories about the pitfalls of lust and love, and the price that women can extract from their men.
The rest of the song builds on this universal human love story of rejection and betrayal.
It is a song that leaves you thinking about your lost loves.

Wonderful Jeff | Reviewer: Steven1874 | 8/21/14

This beautiful, wonderfuly thought provoking song, for me does what so very few songs do. It draws in our enquiring minds with bueatifuly balanced, mysterious lyrics, giving seed to further inner thought, thought that for some, may be among the deepest, most insightful and spiritually profound they have. If he or she, anybody, arrives at a meaning of such a song as this, It's safe to say it's arrived at more through personalising the song, relating the lyrics to ourselves as we attempt to find context in our experience, than it is by considering what the writer was thinking about. Mr Cohen may have had his meaning, but he gave us such wonderfully ambiguous lyrics, that anyone who silently thinks on this songs meaning works out the right answer. For me its a man lamenting his percieved faliure in love, knowing that in love was the closest he has come to God or heaven. This powerful song can change a person, but no bad could ever, ever come from it. It has made me a better man.

Halleluyah | Reviewer: Olamide Christiana | 4/2/14

Ths is such a wonderful song, it broke me down nd remould me, when ever i heard ths song, i go online to search for the lyrics then i sing along, no song hav ever touch me ths way, u wl undstnd what am feelg only whn u listen to ths song.. So emotional, sad story if knw whr to find th story in the bible, i so much love & enjoy ths song.. Tnx jeff

my understanding of the song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/27/14

I think the song teaches us to praise GOD in whatever situation we are.The bible says there is no condemnation for those who are in christ that in the spirit and not in the flesh. king david knows how to appease GOD everytime he does a wrong thing,that doesn't mean he takes GOD for guaranted but he just doesn't allow the devil to make him feel condemned eventhough he always admits his sins by confessing his sins and praising is a lesson that christians must learn that we shouldn't feel condemned and rejected for our sins but we should rather receive boldness to confess our sins and praise GOD in whatever situation we find ourselves
be it good or bad. We should Also forgive and not to revenge.

beautiful. | Reviewer: anonymous | 1/24/14

This song is so touching and I feel like it really captures the beauty of praying, love, and breaking faith. I cried when I heard this, and when sung in the right pitch by the right voice, it would break anybody down in their tracks. This song is beautiful and sorrowful, wonderful and terrible. This song is moving in a way that can not be described.

Hallelujah | Reviewer: Peter Garba | 7/13/13

Music is not only to listen to the melody and then leave the lyrics,you must learn to know the meaning also.
This song is a very touching one just like >>Michael W.Smith song titled "Majesty" you need to also hear this.What ever you said about this song i don't care but am looking forward for the meaning,though some of the meanings of some solos don't look so meaningful.For now i love this.

RE: Misuse of "Hallelujah" | Reviewer: sk3rzzo | 10/18/12 | Reviewer: DustyRider | 7/4/13

sk3rzzo submits the following... (Hallelujah means "Praise the LORD." How can "hallelujah" be "broken?)
Perhaps hallelujah i.e. Praise the LORD is not broken, but the voice which speaks it, as in a broken voice.

Brokenhearted | Reviewer: Cynthia | 5/25/13

I believe Buckley's song should be loved for the feelings it invokes, and it can be interpreted differently by different people.

I think he's singing about a man, brokenhearted by a lost love. He starts singing about music which I believe he turns to in his sadness. Then he gives a stylized version of Samson and Delilah, a woman who broke a man by destroying his strength, as the singer's heart has been broken. Her flag on the marble arch is the woman's claim of victory in love while the only thing he's learned in love is to kill (leave) someone before they leave you. In the very
sexual stanza he rejoices in their lovemaking that no longer interests her. The song is very emotional, very sad.

The Music and Words | Reviewer: ME | 4/7/13

Nothing has ever moved me like this song. The words indicate sorrow and woe..... but also refer to sad love. I wish that there is another song like this timeless piece of music!

For me it means that the man needs to realize that salvation is by grace | Reviewer: Theo | 2/26/13

This song is so beautifull. It touch us deeply. I can see myself trying to please the Creator - God. But man cannot do that. "Only by grace can we enter, only by grace can we stand"; as Don Moen sings. The unique way to be free from melancholy and receiving His Salvation is trough Jesus.

My Take | Reviewer: Denny | 2/14/13

You don't have to know the Bible to be moved by this song. But you do have to possess some understanding of Old Testament Biblical history to see why Leonard Cohen used these Bible stories. This song borrows from Samson & Delilah, as well as David & Bathsheba. Love representing a broken & cold Hallelujah is quite Biblically accurate. In Eccl. 7:2-4 talks about how it is better to attend a house of mourning, than a house of feasting. By sadness of the countenance the heart is made better. All throughout the Bible, True Love is shown to be of self surrender, one who serves & love can very well be quite broken. This song interprets many feelings.

hallelujah! | Reviewer: Nelsia | 1/25/13

No one is wrong and everyone is right. This is loaded with literary devices and i love the discussions it generates. As long as you can support your answer then you are right. It is about relationship between God and Man and two lovers... our lives a filled with so many broken hallelujahs -in spite of the brokenness we can still find or recall some happiness. This man is embracing his journey. Wonderful piece of literature and a beautiful song!

SUPER | Reviewer: ODIEMBO SAM | 12/27/12

I have heard many songs and I swear no song have ever moved me like Hallelujah. I at least listen to this song at leats twice a day. It is sooths. Burke has not included the third and forth stanzas.

Replace God with Music | Reviewer: Frank | 12/26/12

He is stating that Music is who he turned to in his time of loss. Praise the music. After he broke down he began to sing.."And from your lips she drew the Hallelujah." Another example: "And even though it all went wrong,
I'll stand before the Lord of Song
with nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah." Which is what enables everyone to share this song. Music is what heals, and he has all of us looking to this song.

Just don't question it. | Reviewer: Jess | 12/26/12

OK, the person who said how can "hallelujah" be "broken" . sERIOUSLY??? I means that the faith in the lord is broken or lost. Comeon I'm a ninth grader and I can figure that out.Over all this is my favorite song and, don't question it just enjoy.