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Performed by Jeff Buckley

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deep touched | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/4/07

I just heard jeff buckley for the first time, i never heard of him before, i found this music in my boss's girlfriend IPOD and this music allelujah just touch me so much.I'm off to get the cd.
danilo marinho

Halleluja - Jeff Buckley | Reviewer: Andrej | 4/26/07

took me years to find this song
i first heard it on a TV show called Watts on Eurosport. It was the background mousic to a someone skydiving. The clip was amazing - a great feeling of freedom. And together with this song --- an experience i never wanna miss. Thank You Jeff!

Hallelujah | Reviewer: Brice Magowan | 4/26/07

This song is my absolute altime favorite. I never get tired of listening to it. It is the best song to ever be written!!!

Cohen's Words | Reviewer: Melissa | 4/25/07

If you think the lyrics to this song are beautiful it is because they were written by one of the most amazing (Canadian) poets of all time, Mr. Leonard Cohen. I suggest reading his poetry; it will change your life. I do agree that Jeff does a breathtaking version of Hallelujah.

songwriter credits | Reviewer: a | 4/24/07

Leonard Cohen wrote this song and should get credit for it.

OH! God! Please! | Reviewer: Virginia | 4/23/07

This is a song that should live forever.

Bless Leonard Cohen's soul, and gratitude for the voice of Jeff.

I real-ize some people just cannot stand this song, but to me, it transcends Godlike.

For being... | Reviewer: John | 4/19/07

Hallelujah will forever remain the most solemn, transcendent, inspirational, vocal cry for love, for justice, for acceptance for peace for longing for needing for being. Rest in peace, Jeff.

wow... | Reviewer: Lenbot | 4/10/07

this song is AMAZING!! i listen to it whenever i can because its sooooooo amazing. The weird thing is, this isn't my type of music. Im more into metal but this song is just simply incredible and i would recomend it to anyone

The OC | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/8/07

hi im 13 so i kinda wsnt around wen he released this song but its such a gr8 song, i found out bout this song off the teenage drama series The OC. im rly curious and i rly wna no how did jeff buckley die? cud sum1 gt bk 2 me??

About the song Hallelujah preformed by Jeff Buckley | Reviewer: Nick | 3/31/07

Well I first heard this song back when I was about 14 years old and I loved it, sadly Jeff isn't with us anymore. And I wished I could have met him, now my grandma is dying and I was thinking about playing it for her funneral cus I made my own version. I've always wanted to be able to play this song perfectly But I can't and I'll envey Jeff's work all my life in my future careers as a guitarist and vocalist. I love you like a brother Jeff.


There was a secret chord ... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/07

One of those songs that puts my mind at rest and makes me content. I could close my eyes anywhere in the world, in any situation and hear this song, and still feel the same emotions.

Took my breath away | Reviewer: Demian | 3/12/07

I heard this on The O.C. last year and have been listening to it almost every since then. Why? because it reminds me about a lot of things i need to work on in relationships.

Excellent song | Reviewer: jpross | 3/2/07

i'm not that of a great fan of The OC but MAN the soundtrack's just fact the only thing I'd watch The OC for would be the music..AND for marissa's

love this song. | Reviewer: santeri | 2/15/07

it makes me feel a bit sad.. I dont know why. Probably the best song ive ever heard.

Simply Beautiful | Reviewer: Alex | 2/22/07

This just unbeliveable. It makes you feel emotions so strong that words cannot describe it.
When i listen to it i want to cry and laugh at the same time. Truly powerful.

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