hallelujah | Reviewer: awesome | 3/17/08

This song is so moving. Everytime I listen to it I cry. I can listen to it over & over again.
I heard this song for the first time sung by Bon Jovi. They sing a great version of it. It was sung at an concert they had. Leonard Cohen was brilliant. Such insight he had to write a song like Hallelujah. Totally awesome

HATERS | Reviewer: stewart | 3/15/08

yes it was jeff who changed the lyrics in the last part of the song. And will people stop being idiots and sayin "hey give credit to leonard cohen he wrote the song, leonard cohen wrote the song" WE KNOW AND DONT CARE. if you have heard leonard sing it, it is awful in comparison to what jeff turned it into. GO HATE SOMEWHERE ELSE

Without a trace | Reviewer: Ingrid | 3/13/08

I had the Rufus Wainwright version. I heard this cover on Without a Trace, and it made me cry. I downloaded this one, learned who the original was by and now I have this, the original, the Wainwright one, and the John Cale one. All beautiful in their own special way, but this one seems the most haunting.

awesome | Reviewer: Chanel | 3/12/08

The fact that Leonard Cohen wrote this song has been mentioned several times already, so people can stop saying that he hasnt been credited with the song, because he has (and Jeff Buckley, though dead, never did say he wrote it).

The song itself is simply amazing, and way Jeff Buckley sang it made it just beautiful.

The writer ALWAYS needs credit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/29/08

Perhaps I'm wrong, perhaps I didn't look closely enough, but I don't see anywhere on this page an acknowledgement of the man who wrote this song made famous by Jeff Buckley.
Leonard Cohen wrote this song and it would be courteous to recognise the fact....close to the lyrics themselves

message to Beautiful | Reviewer: Gill | 1/5/2008 | Reviewer: Nelly | 1/18/08

I'm very sorry for your son.. It moved me deeply.. I wish you all the best in life.. I cannot even imagine how hard it must have been for you..

Unbelievable | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/08

This is a truly amazing song... makes me cry everytime I listen to it. My friend has done an amazing cover of it, on youtube 'Me Playing Piano- Jeff Buckley Hallelujah Cover' He's called Tim and can promise you, you will be astonished, he's only 16.

Peace | Reviewer: kei | 1/13/08

I read what all those people wrote in this page and i can't believe there are other people who care so much for this song as me. You know this song gives me so much courage, hope and PEACE everytime i heard it.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Gill | 1/5/08

My 16 year old son's favourite song, the only one that made him cry and was what we choose to have played as his body was brought into the church for his funeral July 13th 07. Andrew was killed in a road traffic incident June 30th 07. RIp my beautiful boy

Songwriter | Reviewer: Nat | 1/3/08

Hey guys, does anyone know if it was jeff buckley who changed the lyrics in the last part of the song? i might need that information for an essay so it would be great if someone could help me.. thanks!!

nearly famous | Reviewer: tom | 1/1/08

I saw the nearly famous version of this song and while I wasn't too fond of the series, the song was still very emotive. The piano was also a nice variation to the acoustic guitar version =]

Such Beauty | Reviewer: Phillipa | 12/28/07

I have heard this song many a time, and however many times it has been covered, I don't think it could have been sung any better than it was done by Jeff Buckely. One of my personal favourites. Such talent.

Nearly Famous | Reviewer: Shira | 12/16/07

I never really noticed this song until Nearly Famous. Now its the biggest song in my life. The emotions rocket. Did anyone see Owen and Lila's version? I cried so much. I sound very superficial. I dont care :)

John Cale Version is also tremendous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/07

The Jeff Buckley is by far the best, but if you want to hear another amazing version, listen to the version by John Cale. He has an amazing voice and plays a mean piano!

Anonyden | Reviewer: M | 11/29/07

I heared this song for about six years ago. Back then I didn't really knew what it was about but lately I've found out how pure and beutiful the song really is. I play it everyday before I go to sleep or when I just want ot relax and take it easy. well written, well composed and sung. much love <3