Listen folks | Reviewer: madrason | 5/13/09

MUsic can be beauty and defining beauty is a hazardous thing to do. So just enjoy the different versions. If so many people covered the song there must be some universal beaty in it aint it so?

And if you've touched an angel's hair
then you can tell us you were there;

Now we touched it all so do something good with it and enjoy!

ugh | Reviewer: Me | 5/6/09

When I first heard this song as preformed by Jeff Buckley I thought it was alright and nothing all that spectacular. But my fuck... once I heard the original version by Leonard Cohen it's just crazy in comparison. I don't know when this Jeff Buckley guy sings it in comparison to Leonard Cohen there just isn't the same emotion behind it... it just doesn't seem as real. Which I know is a terrible way of articulating my thoughts. But I don't know... this version just feels like some cheap bastardization of a truly beautiful song. I don't know maybe I'm just delusional... but it just doesn't have the same feel behind it. Fuck... I'm terrible at describing this.

Amazing | Reviewer: David | 5/6/09

This version of the song is amazing. It's so powerful.

Jeff Buckley, however did not write this, it was Leonard Cohen. Leonard wrote 80 odd differet verses vefore he was happy with the song that we all know. Anyone who wants to dispute that it was Leonard Cohen that wrote it, go ahead, but I know as i'm doing music at college haha!

But seriously, Jeff Buckley's is the most powerful and emotional version that's been done. I love it.

Is this the original? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/09

While I love this song by Jeff and the Rufus version is also good, wasn't this song originally created by Leonard Cohen? I am not completely sure on this but we should give credit to the creater of this song and not only the people who have redone it.

Hallelujah | Reviewer: Chris Bradley | 3/23/09

This is by far the best version of this song I like Rufus Wainright's version of the song too but this is my fave :)
Alexandra should have never sang it to be quite honest.
Did you know there are over 700 verses to this song, so that Jeff could sing a different verse depending on his mood and it took him over 3 years to write :O

Hallelujah | Reviewer: Adam | 1/23/09

i agree to the person who said about chavs playing the c**p version of this song i mean ( i know this may seem sad) but this song does bring tears to the eye and having chavs play it loudly just makes it c**p i love the original much MUCH more ! lmaosm.
if only he didnt drown :'(
Adam ><> :)

Hallelujah---truly Amazing | Reviewer: dee | 1/14/09

I just heard this song yesterday--I am 50 so I needed to be introduced to it. Absolutely beautiful. What a God given voice he had.

So sorry the future of music has lost (in 1997) one of it's most beautiful voices.

uch well | Reviewer: anominous | 1/13/09

i love this song because the lyrics are beautuful. SAlexandra actually murdered it i dont see why everyone loves, his is much better.
i think alexandra should have at keast sung all the lyrics... i love this song (L).

Powerful | Reviewer: Julzi | 1/13/09

This is what the meaning of the phrases 'powerful singer' and 'powerful song' is. Not the horrendously loud and projecting voice of Alex (even though she's not too bad), but Jeff's (RIP) version is definitely the best, because he sings this song with feeling. It evokes heartbreaking emotions... I love this song... *sniffs*

Charlotte | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/09

This song is absoulutly amazing. I mean im only 11 and i think its the best ever. I was gutted to hear that alexandra was going to sing it because i think Jeff bukleys version is wonderful! All my love to lyrane lawrence. This song is my all time favourite and now i know how much it means to some ppl it always will be!

beautiful | Reviewer: lynne lawrence | 12/30/08

we played this version at my 19 year old daughters funeral who died 12th Dec 2008, she loved it and was horrified that the x factor winner was going to sing it.The song gives me peace. Vicki was a beautiful girl inside and out and hope Jeff will sing his songs personally for her a broken hearted muux

best version | Reviewer: anon | 12/29/08

this is one of my all time favourite songs so i was very excited that it was gonna be on the x factor!!!! i never thought a song could lose its beauty jus by a diff artist! jeff buckley should be the only person to sing this song his version has all the soul emotion and feeling that this song needs to make it so magical! even tough its not his song he made it what it is today!

a great song! | Reviewer: colin | 12/22/08

quote: "This song is simply amazing, words cannot describe the emotion the melody evokes. Jeff Buckleys version is the best version anyone has ever heard, his simplistic approach to it, made the song outstanding. No one can ever top this version."

i totally agree! xxx

love this song | Reviewer: Iain | 12/19/08

I Loved this song, cos none of my friends new the words, and i felt special as it is such a moving song, so when it was on the x factor, i was sad to find that all my friends new the words, and no longer feel its mine. I Love the rufus wainwright version the best though.

download this version, not alex's from x factor! | Reviewer: electropickle | 12/17/08

i really wish the x factor wasn't allowed to kill this song.
bad enough that its been in shrek and the OC... but now it's gonna get all the chavs listening to alex's version, playing it loud on their phones while they walk down the street.