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Performed by Jeff Buckley

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edukators | Reviewer: jenE | 2/11/07

i just watched the edukators tonight and it was revolutionary. i'd heard this song before on the leonard cohen tribute but it made the movie come alive when it played at the exact right moment.

amazing song | Reviewer: Karolina | 2/9/07

Jeff was a genius. That song it's very motive and touching. It's amazing like all Jeff's songs. I can listen it over and over.
Sorry for my english (;

ya ya | Reviewer: Vari Vashanti | 1/2/07

Sitting in the soft amber glow, I watch my three ya ya sisters, and drink fine ruby port in a stout green bottle, playing this song, I quickly realize that this vision of beauty will never leave my mind, and every time I hear this song I will always be reminded of the glorious I am dying.

Hallelujah... | Reviewer: Soliloquy | 11/16/06

(Audible sigh.) The more I think on the lyrics, ironically, the more I hear my own story in them. Don't know if that makes me love the song more or hate it...

My interpretation... with the first few paragraphs below based loosely on another post on this site, which I really found impressive.

The song is about love; but not necessarily LOVE like the forever and ever and marriage kind of thing. It's about new love and passion… lust and desperation… and the kind of sex that makes you keep coming back for more… again and again and again.... definitely drug-like. A situation reminiscent of a moth to a flame; you know that it's going to kick your ass but you can't help but keep going back. It's risky; but somehow it's worth it. And all you can hope is that, though you are nearly certain to get burned, some way you'll end up stronger for the journey with no regrets… (I myself have not yet found the strength… but I guess I'm still hoping the journey isn't over.)

It's about finding someone you connect with on an extraordinary plane. It's excitement and pleasure and a primal, sexual connection with the potential to be something simply incredible… then all of the sudden it's gone. And you're instantly left in a hole; full of emptiness and longing you just don't know what to do with.

The first stanza starts out immediately talking of someone trying to walk away from a relationship... and someone who is not ready to let go. For practical purposes and to show my allegoric thought-process (and also because this is my blog and I can) I'm going to say the one walking away is the HE.

She tries to eloquently arrange her thoughts into words in order to convince him to stay. He doesn't really care to hear her rationale. She pours her heart out; confused and trying to determine what it is he really wants… Isn't it something she can offer?

She thought that all had been well between them; the passion was there. But he is distracted… and you know what they say about the grass is always greener. He thinks that perhaps he's taken the wrong path. Maybe another woman is where his heart really lies…even though that previous relationship nearly broke him.

She tells him she knows heartache; she knows what it is like to be alone and restless because that's what her life was before she met him. She says she can see that he's trying to be honorable by leaving; but love isn't always that easy.

She can feel him pulling away from her when she used to feel so close to him. She calls him on it. Why is he so eager to disconnect? She asks him to remember their passion for each other; the nights, the way they moved together, the connection they shared. She doesn't want to go back to the way it was before.

She says she's losing faith in love. That all the men in her life have broken her heart and, as bitter as it sounds, she's learned to put up her guards and not let anyone in…. save herself from the heartache. She says it's not really the tears or the fact that he is choosing someone else over her… it's the loss of that passion… and feeling like she's lost a piece of herself along the way.


Can't get it out of my head... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/16/06

I first heard this song performed by one of my favorite local artists. I couldn't get it out of my head from that point forward. I don't know if it is because of the aforementioned haunting nature of the song or if it is because despite the biblical references it seems to drip with the emotion that I am feeling.

I think the most incredible explanation of the lyrics has been below... about the love/lust aspect. Nail on the head in my opinion.

I've heard a dozen versions of this song I think. My favorite still being my local musician's (Greg Boerner - but Jeff Buckley comes in a close second.

Spectaularly moving | Reviewer: Rebecca | 10/12/06

I first heard the Rufus Wainwright (sp?) version on Shrek and loved it. The more I listen, the more this moves me (to tears) and the more layers of haunting & tragic (but not desperate) beauty I detect in it. I am grateful just that this piece of music exists.

Jeff Buckley | Reviewer: JIM | 9/24/06

It is a beautiful song, ruined by Jeff Buckley. Have listened to Grace several times and I just don't get it - he can't sing, simple as that.

I think I know what it's about | Reviewer: Gray | 9/7/06

...Assuming that throughout the song, the singer is singing to a singular entity (whoever 'you' is), there is only ONE thing I can possibly fathom it being about. I could be biased--or maybe that which would make me 'biased', as such, would be the very reason I believe I can comprehend... The first time I actually listened to the lyrics I was certain I completely understood it, and it's not about religion or anything else I've seen its meaning attributed to for that matter... BUT for everyone else's sake I'm not telling what I think cos I'm worried it will discourage someone out there from liking it, and it is SUCH a lovely song. I'd wager most of the poor sods who've sung it didn't even realise what it's about. Just sit there, try not to apply any sort of preconceived notion you have about it, and don't choose to disregard anything it says, and it's pretty obvious what it's about.

opionion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/06

omg this song is so amazing its an honour and a tribute to music an time less clasic to be treasured in our hearts forever

painful | Reviewer: Caroline | 7/18/06

I hear a deep sexuality in the lyrics that has a grab you quality and the emptiness of after when you have taken or been taken from and your spirit is broken. Deeper I hear a remorseful cry to God that believes itself damned which stirs a grief in me and yet there is a wee breath of Hope in there that stops you on the brink.
It is a song which seems like a flagrant display of truth.

Wonderful | Reviewer: BFORDMON@LYCOS.CO.UK | 6/13/06

One of the greatest songs ever. Brilliant lyrics bt Cohen, Developed superbly by Buckley. A song I believe about addiction. Jack L, an Irish artist, does a version without 2nd last verse, that is the most moving rendition I have heard, because of his voice. Check it out.

Meaning of the song... | Reviewer: bd | 6/3/06

not my words, but very insightful... copied from a post on Radio Paradise

the original cohen lyrics were steeped in the old testament

let's examine the word "Hallelujah"
hallelujah - a shout or song of praise to God
or in the vernacular; "Oh God"

I am sure many of us can remember using "Oh God!" in the throes of passion

Well there was a time when you let me know
What's really going on below (the belt)
But now you never show that to me do you (no more sex)
But remember when I moved in you (coitus)
And the holy dove (spirit) was moving too
And every breath we drew was Hallelujah (Oh God!)

overtly sexual, (parentheses mine)


at the same time "Oh, God" when we are in bowels of despair

And it's not a cry (not a scream of passion) that you hear at night ( but instead sobbing)
It's not somebody who's seen the light (not a religous awakening)
It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah (Oh, God)

(Oh, God - like when we're heart broken and on our 8th beer or 2nd liter of Haagen-Dasz so we can forget)
Cohen's version had the word "lonely" in place of "broken"

I believe that Buckley's version is about the kind of love that is heavily interlaced with sex - not "love making" but "love-lust", the kind of sex that makes you come back for more again and again and again.... almost drug like

someone who you don't just hold hands with and eat quiet dinners, but someone who you can't wait to get them into bed, since for those 2 or 3 hours, you actually "love"

so here he sings of love-lust gained and love-lust lost
love/lust that literally makes you sing, and like an addictive drug, once taken from you, makes fall into a well of despair

the 1st two stanzas can also be easily interpreted as how love-lust can change someone, strengthen or weaken, as exemplified by the King David/Bathsheba and Samson references

Buckley's haunting voice gives his version that painful quality that makes me believe he is singing not of faith and religion, but of that which, like the moth to the flame, we seek and usually get burned, yet we seek it again and are stronger for the journey

the journey to find someone we can connect with on emotional and sexual level - sex on a Friday night after a few drinks and then on Saturday morning when you're sober

of course if one hears the song with the images from "The West Wing", "The OC" or "Lord of War" it does take on a more spiritual feel and the love-lust part kinda gets lost

PS - KD Lang's version is a close 2nd to Buckley's, but lacks that haunting quality

Haunting | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/3/06

I first heard this song while watching Saint Ralph, and then on a tv episode of some program. It is simply haunting. But I do not understand most of the words. What is the author saying. The sound is wonderful, but the meaning of the words escapes me. Help.

WoW ... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/06

Hello Everyone ...

Truely beautiful song .. Love it to death !!! I would like to know if someone can tell me a little more about the actual meaning of the song. I know just a little about it and i would like to know more. Its interesting :-) Thanks so much in advance guys

Heard it on The Oc for the first time .. In The First Season ...
and profoundly touched me again when I saw the season's 3 Finale yesterday ...

A beautiful Leonard Cohen song. | Reviewer: Chris | 5/13/06

There is also a very good version of this song by the composer – Leonard Cohen; nearly everyone on this site seems to think it is a Jeff Buckley song which couldn’t be further from the truth. Jeff Buckley sings a very good version of it and it is, indeed, a beautiful song.
Who is the song to? Is it to the Lord Himself or to the Lord of Song - or even to Sampson? Delilah cut Sampson’s hair and blinded him – I don’t think she tied him to a kitchen chair before cutting his hair but the metaphor is there.
The song – and I could be wrong – is written in a rising 5th like ‘My Way’ which may have some meaning in the first verse and hooks the listener from the first hearing.
Apart from being a beautiful song it is also an equally beautiful poem.

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