From his lips she drew the hallelujah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/24/10

The whole song is love and lust of men. From David, Sampson, and even Jeff himself. There's no reference to Jesus at all in this song, but there is Old Testament references. Just because it refers to the bible doesn't mean it's Christian. It's still a master piece and my all time favorite song, ever. Just enjoy the music<3

Wonderful. | Reviewer: Lara | 11/29/10

This song will hold different meanings for each individual. So, the lyricist may have had a specific idea behind the song, but part of its wonder is the fact it can relate to so many people regardless of religious belief etc. Jeff Buckley was truly magnificent. RIP.

No Meaning to Me | Reviewer: Jackie | 11/19/10

This song, to me, is meaningless. I dont understand what the theme is to it...but when I hear it or when I sing it, I feel...weird. Not a strange kind of weird... the weird where you get a tingly feeling in the pit of your stomach that last about 3 seconds. Gr. I will never understand this song.

LOVE is a broken hallelujah named Grace | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/29/10

Of course there are Judeo-Christian overtones to this song! There are references to both David (and his adulterous affair); to Samson (who traded his God-given gift for sexual passions, while she "cut his throat" by "cutting off his hair." And it speaks obliquely of Jesus -- who's life was the ultimate broken Hallelujah. Hallelujah means praise God; but, a "broken Hallelujah" would not be praise -- it would be praise interrupted by that which breaks it -- "Love is a broken Hallelujah" -- the words just can't be uttered... the words are muttered from a place of incredible suffering and pain (as Jesus suffered in order to provide Grace). A young woman sang this song as a tribute to her grandmother at her grandmother's funeral. I had to change the message in response to the granddaughter's bravery! Only a handful of people are familiar with the inner dynamics of her grandparents' marriage. She sang to these people, proud that her grandmother shared the ultimate love--with her, with her mother and uncle, and with her grandfather who had made her life so very difficult. This blessed woman taught even her grough husband that true love ALWAYS stems from the brokenness of our hearts--of our Gethsemane moments--when we most need comfort, compassion, love, but are left abandoned to face suffering alone. Life is like that. Death is like that too. We face death alone with our broken hallelujahs; however, for those of us who believe in a Higher Power, there is a Someone to carry us through Gethsmane. Blessings to L Cohen; prayers for the sould of J. Buckley, may he be singing songs of true hallelujahs now, and blessings to all for whom this song resonates personal pain and personal triumph. AMEN.

Hallelujah | Reviewer: Alexa | 10/16/10

I am sorry to burst everybody's little bubble, but I'd just like everybody to know that Hallelujah, originally written by Leonard Cohen, and later sung by the gratest musician of all times, Jeff Buckley, doesn't refer to any religious meaning,or the Bible.
It is about the pleasure of having sex, of making love with someone. It has nothing to do with Jesus or the Church.
Anyways, the song is amazing, and the only one who deserves to sig and play it was nonother than Jeff Buckley.
RIP Jeff, "YOU're a tear that hangs inside my soul forever..."

Crying as I write this.... | Reviewer: Michael | 9/28/10

I am writing this because for anyone that feels this song like I will understand.

My mother is slowly dying from brain cancer...Since January 21st my life has disintegrated before my eyes. What's happening to her is beyond the pain I can endure anymore...I fly across the country every week to be with her...sleeping on the floor beside her...she doesn't know who I am, cant changed 6 times a day...and my heard and soul has been forceful ripped from my body...I have no siblings, cousins...or family. Now I feel alone...

She gave her life to care for others...and was left with dye in a nursing home...I swore I wouldn't leave her side till the end and beyond.

I have decided to stand...before the congregation and honor my mother, and her love of music and Jesus and, with every fiber of being...sing this song before the congregation. I will stand in the procession line alone...I feel it is appropriate to end the journey by doing this last thing for her. Standing next to her casket.

PLEASE,please keep me in your thoughts. I am not a professional singer...and I cry all day long for the past 6 months...I am spiritually, emotionally, and physically destroyed. I have never in my life asked for help, but please PLEASE think of me...It could happen today or a month or more...I am scared to death....but I won't cowardly back out of my final opportunity to honor my mother...pray for me.

With sincerity, gratitude, and appreciation for taking the time to allow me to share my most painful tragedy. thank you....

This song | Reviewer: Renata | 9/13/10

I don't know why, but this song means a lot to me.

I admit the first time I heard it was when I watched Shrek, but that doesn't really matter.

The fact is... It touches the deep of my soul. Jeff's voice, the lyrics, the meaning it has for each one...

It's beautiful and, when I hear it, I wanna cry.

And, somehow, it takes me back to old days, when Daddy was still alive.

Just Love It.

love is a strange thing... | Reviewer: jello | 9/3/10

we often think of love with an impure and selfish mind. And we also forget our first real love. Romantic love is good, don't get me wrong. But real love is what we feel for our mother, father or siblings and closest friends...when they love us back. This love is also found in romance and makes it(relationship) last a life time.
my mother tied me to the kitchen chair to cut my hair
she broke my throne when i thought i was king
she remembers when i and the holly dove moved in her
i do too. it was better than anything in this world
but dread the moment i'll see her flag on the marble arch (tombstone) i will know the pain that comes from loosing a loved one, it is no victory march. On that day i might doubt that God is there...but for NOW i know he IS.

the song | Reviewer: Jellybean | 8/28/10

No matter what msg this song holds , for all I know its a work of art , the melody , the lyrics , Jeff's voice ... its dark , beautiful and mysterious at the same time ......
whilst we may never decode its true meanings ..
R.I.P Jeff B

a broken woman once again | Reviewer: anonymous | 8/9/10

i heard this song on my way back from the beach 2day on the radio
i went away to try to have some time on my own away from it all and for guidance to make the right decesion for myselve right now
this song helped me to do that and i hope the man i love with all my heart when he hear,s it will gain the strength and courage he need,s at this time.

just simply beautiful | Reviewer: Mina Millar Jäggi | 7/26/10

This song seems to strip me to the bone.. it says so much more than just the lyrics, been through some really tough times a few years ago, I think I know where L cohen was at when he wrote it. Anyway great great song sung beautifly by Jeff Buckley

Points of View | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/10

I think interpretation of a song is dependant upon the reader's views a Christian sees this song as Christian, whereas an atheist sees a love song. Songs often speak in tongues, people understand songs differently. To me this song is predominantly about struggling with a person's beliefs. My interpretation is different from the next persons. A truely great song speAks to everyone differently.

Translation of Hallelujah | Reviewer: Fran | 7/1/10

Respectfully to all:
Simply put --- Hallelujah means "Praise Jehovah." With the reference to David and Samson, men who were in God's favor, and then through sin (murder, adultry -David; idolatry - Samson) fell out of favor, eventually found their way back. It cost David a lifetime of war; and Samson lost his life, but they were redeemed. Personally, it's a message of hope, the real "hope." No matter where we are in life, God, Jehovah, Yahwah etc. we can make our way back. And can't we all use some real hope these days.

Lose faith or not? | Reviewer: Michael | 6/20/10

I the Cohen version, the last verse goes:

"I did my best, it wasn't much
I couldn't feel, so I tried to touch
I've told the truth, I didn't come to fool you
And even though
It all went wrong
I'll stand before the Lord of Song
With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah"

Clearly suggesting that even though things fell apart, faith remains.

Regardless, I don't subscribe to any branch of the Judaeo-Christian family of religions. I think this is an incredibly moving song in either Buckley's or Cohen's interpretations. To me it speaks of what drives us as people, and the pain and struggle that comes as a result. The specific example used is love, and may have been the one relevant to the author(s). We need it, and strive for it, even though "Its a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah".

I've just had my heart ripped out by a woman this week, and this song immediately popped into my head. :-)

Broken Hearted | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/10

It is a beautiful song. The biblical reference about King David and Samson were about powerful men broken by inappropriate women and those events led to their down fall. Love is not a victory march implys the disappointment and hopeless the writer now suffering broken heart, doubting God's love and existence. It's a broken Hallelujah, wanting to praise God but unable to do so with a whole heart because of the pain he is enduring. The song brought tears to my eyes, it is a song from a broken and suffering person needing help and redemption.