Please no one take offense to my interpretation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/10

Ok this song to me and you can't deny it..... its about sex is what I get out of it, and a man who's jealous and beyond pissed if someone takes them away from him cause they've got a bigger one. So saying the girl he was with is a big whore...... Sorry if I PO some people but thats my interpretation. But I do like the way the song sung, and the harmonies and the way it sounds! It's beautiful music!:D

:) | Reviewer: Sarah | 6/15/10

I think it is a beautiful song. What the writer of the song intended doesn't matter. Music is supposed to be interpreted by the listener, making it significant according to an indiviudals life experience. That is what music is all about. So declairing if the song is or isn't about faith really doesn't mean anything. A christian may interpret the song however they want, in a way that touches there life, and the same goes for someone who does not believe in any religion, or perhaps a different religion.
However, if someone found significance in the song because of the writers opinion and how the song reflects the writers life experiences, then that is okay too. :)

my point of view by jenny pudney | Reviewer: jenny pudney | 6/10/10

Haleluyah is a beautiful song and I belive it does not have religious meanings. If it was religious it would not be saying that maybe theres a god would be saying that there is a god above. In am not saying that halleluyah is not wrote by a religious man because this may be. But from my opoint of view it's not.

RE:Neither about faith nor losing faith | Reviewer: mann | 6/8/10

In the song there are 2 reverences to the bible. At the first a reverence to David; he saw a woman bathing, from the roof of his castle. The woman who he pragnent an the man of this woman he let be killed.
The other reference is to Samson (?) and Delilah; Samson the undefeatable man and delilah the woman who cut his hair; wich gave him his strength. She cut his hair on the moment they where having sex.
In this way the song is about the controlling power of woman; David and Samson cotrolled by the beauty and seduction.

But knowing this makes to song even more greater for me.

Neither about faith nor losing faith | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/6/10

This song isn't about gaining faith or losing faith. It isn't even about faith at all. It's about a man broken and disillusioned with love. The references to the Bible are meant in the same way as if he had made references to Aphrodite's broken relationship with Hades, or any other mythology. The use of the word hallelujah is meant in a broken, bitter way.

Interperation | Reviewer: Smilestone | 6/5/10

Dear music lovers. It's with great interest I read all what are written here. First I like to apologize for the english, please find the inner meaning in the words.
Living in the south of Sweden I in the summer of 2007 had the privelige to see Cohen. As I lost my father in 2006 I felt responsable to keep my mother activated, so I took her to the consert in the beautiful castle garden of Sofiero (summer residens of the late King Gustav VI Adolf). I've been to conserts for the last 30 years and seen most of the world artist's and plenty of others. This consert was the best! And my 66 years old mother had tears running down her cheak.
In modern Literature science the ruling thesis is that the interpuration of a written text is in the beholder, and every one is accurate. Cohen's lyrics has little hope to offer mankind, he has a black mind and language. And still he made lovesongs so strong in emotion. So is he realy that dark? Hallelujah is a strong song about the hardship of love, and how your personal experiens of love can be Divine. And tasted that Divine love once, we always want to return to that feeling again, but Can We? Isn't there always, if ever so small, a small recemblance of that Divine Love that crashed and burned?
enough said about that. For You who like to get deeper into Cohen a small hint. Cohen was a close friend to a Swedish writer and poet who if he hasn't passed was in line for the Nobelprize. they met in the Greek island of Hydra in the 1950:s. His name is Göran Thunström, so Google on or find his books. And finaly, I wish I had Buckley's voice. Best Regards to you all

NOT ABOUT RELIGION | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/10

This song is ACTUALLY about love... any biblical references are in reference to different relationships...
"Well I heard there was a secret chord
That David played, and it pleased the Lord
But you don't really care for music, do ya?"

just so you know... | Reviewer: Riley | 5/20/10

No offense or anything, but everyone who is saying that this song lets thim have faith in God and be religious is mistaken. This song is about loosing your faith in God. NOTE: I AM IN NO WAY TELLING YOU TO LOOSE YOUR FAITH IN GOD BECAUSE OF THIS SONG. RELIGION IS YOUR CHOICE. I'm just pointing out that some of you are a little confused :) This is a beautiful song, but its certainly not promoting religion. I think you guys are accidently reading too much into the title alone and not really focusing on the verses. "Love is not a victory march. It's cold and it's a broken Hallelujah. Hallelujah, hallelujah..." The use of the word "Hallelujah" in the chorus is probably a kind of morose, sarcastic-type thing. Again, no offense whatsoever. Just wantedto point it out. :D Also, this is one of my favorite songs ever.

An extraordinary talent | Reviewer: TMC | 4/12/10

Of course this is a Leonard Cohen composition, however, Jeff Buckley was using the other verses that Leonard Cohen did'nt record on various positions. Buckley's favorite rendition was John Cale's from his "I'm your fan" endeavour. Jeff said he just learned it one night before a gig at Sin-e. Somebody suggested that it should be on the album (Grace) and Jeff said "OK". Truly a great musician, Jeff Buckley's life was cut short like so many wonderful artist before him. He would have been up there with only a handful of talents that can continually come out with fresh, different stuff time and time again.

jeff buckley's father | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/23/10

tim buckley wrote some amazingly beautiful songs - he died of a drug overdose at age 28 and jeff only met him once when he was a child. this mortal coil recorded beautiful covers of some of tim buckley's songs.

:) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/20/10

i love this song so much his voice just pierces my soul with such beauty and sorrow. I hope i can do it some justice wen i sing it alcapella for o my school's hope for haiti benefit concert this upcomming week

THis is NOT a Jeff Buckley song (just his version of it) | Reviewer: K | 2/20/10

This information is not accurate...

Hallelujah Lyrics are written by Leonard Cohen, not Jeff Buckley. They were shortened and performed by Jeff Buckley and about a thousand other artists, KD Lang's performance being the most praised one. Try and make an effort to give accurate credit to artwork...

man i love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/10

im in a tough spot right now. Im stuck between religion and my friends at school. And for awhile i thought that my religion had forsaken me. But every time I hear this song, it reminds me that God does care and sends the most obscure hints to you. This song is such a hint. It fills my soul with the saddness that can only get you closer to God. Thank you, Jeff Buckley. Even if your dead, you'll be one of my icons 'till im in the grave.

the song to be remembered. | Reviewer: anonymous | 1/28/10

I love this song. I'll always know it as the Shrek song. I feel as if it impacts everyone. I think everyone over the age of 8 knows it. And the amount of covers it has, just shows the greatness. It has to be one of the most covered songs. :)

this song saved my life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/23/10

one night, something terrible happened in my house that could have potentially ruined my entire family and my life as well. i stood on the roof of my house and wondered what would happen if i jumped headfirst into my driveway 3 levels down. but something told me to go inside and get on the computer. i sat down and youtube searched until a link to this song came on. I thought it was the most amazing thing i have ever heard. I listened to it and watched jeff sing it for hours until the sun rose. As the sun peaked over the trees, i received the call to let me know the trouble was over with my family. This song stopped me from doing something stupid. this song to me, is the voice of God.