Reviews for Hallelujah Lyrics

Performed by Jeff Buckley

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tearjerker | Reviewer: Colleen | 11/12/07

this is a beautifully composed simple song that gets to the heart of anyone who hears it. The lyrics are beautiful and meaningful and whenever I hear this song it makes me cry. a pure, beutiful tearjerker of a song.

music and me | Reviewer: Jeff | 11/11/07

This song is so ... impressive. awesome. I love Cohen as well, but you cant compare his version with Buckley's one.

Jeff Buckley died to early. His songs were too great for this world. :D

Jeff Buckley | Reviewer: Jess | 11/4/07

I think this song is so beautiful because it is so simple. The lyrics are very deep and meaningful, and relate to everyone in entirely different ways. I am especially a huge fan of acoustic melodic because it is simple, yet amazing and beautiful. Jeff didnt actually write this piece, he just sang his own version just as many artists have done. Never the less, the vocals are still beautiful.

Written by Leonard Cohen | Reviewer: jen | 11/1/07

A ton of artists have performed this song.....HOWEVER; this song was written and recorded originally by Leonard Cohen in 1984.

My personal favorite version is by Rufus Wainwright

BUCKLEY DID NOT WRITE THIS | Reviewer: jen | 11/1/07

A ton of artists have performed this song.....HOWEVER; this song was written and recorded originally by Leonard Cohen in 1984.

My personal favorite version is by Rufus Wainwright

Charlie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/31/07

A piece of sheer genius. Buckley has managed to harness the raw emotion of love, be it happy or sad. Sung so beautifully and played so well, it makes it hard to believe that a really person sang this and not God himself.

who cares | Reviewer: dutch lady | 10/24/07

who cares what this song is about?? Listen to it..don't try to explain it..just say's enough. The beauty..the way his voice go's straight into the soul...Never heard of Jeff before. My husband found his music on the internet and i am so greatfull that he did. Now i'm listening to his songs every day. Thank you Jeff...i'm sorry you're not around anymore.
( if the words are not right written forgive me but i'm not from around!! Love from Holland)

Minor and Major | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/07

I think that the chords align with the "hallelujah" chord. The notes he play fall into a fourth, then a fifth, a minor chord and then a major chord. Minor chords are associated with sadness and major with happiness (minor fall major lift) and therefore it's important that there is a major chord at the end of the "hallelujah" it gives hope. Also, there are references to David, Bathsheba and there is also a reference to Samson. This is an all in all beautiful song with very deep meaning (ie- not all about sex) but as well put by other commenters, about hope, mortal love, divine love and promise.

Beautifully written | Reviewer: Cassie | 10/18/07

I find the words very meaningful, to everyone it has its own meaning and that's why it's so beautiful. Lyrics like this touch hearts, and being sung by Jeff Buckley, well let me just say that no one could have sang it better then him. People like music, they listen to it more then they read such beautiful writing. I too am a writer, and I take an interest in stuff like this. It's one of my favorite songs. To me it's about love, not just sex because in all honesty to most sex has to come with love, and it's hard to find someone who feels the same way about it. We go our hole lives learning, and living, but you've only lived if you've loved.

I love this song | Reviewer: susan | 10/16/07

but from reading the reviews here, i get the impression some people think this song was written by Jeff buckley but it wasn't. this song was actually composed by Leonard Cohen. Jeff just did his version of the song like many other artists, like bon jovi, who by the way does an excellent and very moving version himself

jest wanted to share.

Mythology Allusion | Reviewer: Kasey | 10/3/07

In the second verse when he saw her bathing on the roof alludes to the goddess Melusine who married a mortal man on the condition that he would never walk in on her at night when she bathed and turned into a two-tailed goddess. But sure enough the husband thought she was having an affair and walked in on her and broken-hearted she cut his hair and fled.

King David | Reviewer: chris | 10/4/07

in 2 Samuel [ i think, it could be 1 Samuel] Theres a verse, and its a story about how David waimperfect as a king, and he saw a lady bathing on her roof. Her name was Bathsheba. And it has a lot to do with that, basically.

jeff buckley | Reviewer: Kayla | 9/18/07

I think the sigh at the beginning of the recording is indicative of the tone of the song. He's sighing so therefore he's upset. I agree with the 4th review. They put up a fair argument with evidence.
Someone should look into the way the music was written, initially, (not the lyrics) if its in a minor or major key etc. This would reflect the mood i'm sure. I'm not an expert with the theory of music, but someone should comment on this. I think it will be the deciding factor. After all, it is the part that sucks you in and makes you get goosebumps (the voice does this too.. but the instruments help ALOT)

smiling jeff | Reviewer: mories | 9/9/07

jeff buckley must be smiling, like many writers do when they read or hear people analyse their work. but that's ok. i listened to the music, cycling to work and back, at work, at home, for a week now and i am not mentally ill. i just love it so much right now. every body finds in a song, a book, a movie what's there for him and her. and that's just so fine. :)

Shivers | Reviewer: Andrew | 9/8/07

The first time i heard this song it sent shivers down my spine, and everytime i listen to it the shivers get worse and and my eyes start to flood up, I play it over and over and sing it twice as much although when sitting on my own cant get the words out for crying, no other song ever written has made me feel like this, im not a religous man but could not live without music and this is song is evry emotion contained in something i would call heart rendering perfection from the voice to the guitar and lyrics this song haunts me and will untill there is no breath left in me remain my favourite song

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