Unbelievable | Reviewer: LilyDark | 9/20/07

It was when I heard the theme song from The Dead Zone when it first premiered that I fell in bliss with Jeff's voice and spirit before I knew who he was. And when I listened to the whole song,researched him til I became satiated with all the music and words that entranced and blew me away;I found that he died so young and it floored me. because I wanted to go see him play wherever he was by then. I simply can't find the words to express what his music and spirit has done. However I can say that everytime I learn another element of his life it feels like I can hardly breathe for the effect he has. My GOD he accomplished something marvelous before he left. Maybe that's why the Higher Power wanted him home. He was a spirit of light in a human form.

grace | Reviewer: Kira | 9/18/07

Jeff is one of the best, if not THE best, vocalists that has ever graced (no pun intended) this world.
Powerful lyrics charged by a thousand more times powerful voice that's completely epic. Unforgettable. And dearly missed. <3
No one, absolutely no one, can thrust such heartbreaking emotion into vocals than Jeff. He really was a rare, beautiful, talented, and precious man.
He has never deceased, because he lives in everyone's heart who has listened to a mere second of his--beautiful, astonishing, heart wrenching, there's no word that fits--songs.
I can only wish to ever become as talented as the great, late, Jeff Buckley.

Christina Peter | Reviewer: Christina | 8/22/07

my names christina im 14 and have only been listening to him for about 2 years and found this song an inspiration its a good song!!

grace | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/07

i listen to it over and over again. "i'm not afraid to die but it goes so slow" does it seem like he knew how he was going to die? "i feel them drown my name"

a fan | Reviewer: sara | 7/27/07

your songs reflect the ebb and flow of the melodic water that you succumed to. we will for ever more weep for your music and your passing.

My inspiration in life and music | Reviewer: Lee Misselbrook | 6/8/07

I am only 21 years of age at the moment, so some would say that I am too young to appreciate the musical genius of Jeff. However I can say that in my heart of hearts, this man was an absolute legend, as his music has shape and influence many popular modern bands/artists i.e British bands such as Radio head and Muse (with the hard hitting vocals and the over the top simple but beautiful melodies and riffs).

I will not go on to talk more crap, all I will say is that although some out there will not appreciate this guys creativity, as by today’s studio recording standards some of his tracks may seem somewhat average......... In his era he hit the nail on the spot in terms of vision and musical ability!

Jeff Buckley will live on, not only in the hearts of his fans, but also in the music of future generations and bands/artists to come
x x x

Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/7/07

This is probably the closest thing to a perfect song that I know of. And thats saying A LOT.

A legacy that'll i821u | Reviewer: peter | 3/10/07

Few artists know to capture the pain of sorrow and love like Jeff did in this song. Such a shame that such a poet-like songwriter came to an end like he did. I'm gratefull he left us such beautiful songs and hope that future singer-songwriters carry on in his spirit...

the world's gone cold | Reviewer: adelheid | 7/28/06

What can I say..An amazing album. The Vienna choir boy rocking, screaming, crying..How much is it possible to love life ..and "death"? There's all the rock, all the blues, all the country...Heart and soul, a time in hell..mens sana in corpore sano..

Grace | Reviewer: Kate | 9/13/05

Being barley more than a child cannot lavish this wish fancy words and make it sound deep. So I won't. Jeff is truly my favourite musician, I heard his cover of Hallelujah and from that very moment I wanted more. After hearing his album, Grace I asked my brother if he was still maing music, to my horror I learned of his death. Though I old enough to appreaciate music when he was around, now I can, his death makes me grieve deeply, as I'm sure it does to many others. Grace is an album of sheer brilliance and talent. Song like Lover You Should've Come Over will be forever remembered, as will his heartbreakingly beuatiful version of Hallelujah.

god´s voice | Reviewer: jacob | 3/15/05

One day, in the summer of 1998 I borrowed a bunch of records from a friend of mine. One of those records was Grace. I still remember the thrill of that first listning, sitting on a chair in front of the speakers I felt like I was being the witness of something huge. It was like nothing I had heard before, so delicate and yet so powerfull, so intense and so true.
the song grace was from the first time one of my favorites. SORRY, Im drunk, Icant express myself very well. drinnk a bit of wine , we both might go tomorrow. I love you all

Jeff Buckley, the legend | Reviewer: maria | 12/27/04

After his tragic death back in 1997, his voice lives on today, missed by fans. Although sadly gone, he can and never will be forgotten.

He soothes his lyrics out to the melodious bliss, "There's the moon asking to stay/Long enough for the clouds to fly me away" and adds incidently, unknowingly of his fate "Well it's my time coming/I'm not afraid to die/My fading voice sings of love/But she cries to the clicking of time/Of time."

Because of the lyrically and musically sound Jeff Buckley, he is the creation of the bands of today. Radiohead, for example, who have also covered Jeff's tracks and clearly have a huge influence from the sheer brilliance.

His unique and admittingly sensual vocals compliment his unmistakebly beautiful lyrics, which will enlighten the listener and create a scenic wonderland in their mind. The lyrics are relatable to real life, for many situations, moods and feelings that anyone can go through in their lives.

His album also named 'Grace' can be proudly named one of the best albums that can ever be and ever will be written/recorded by anyone in the future. No albums/singles can ever compete with the lyrical/vocal/musical greatness of Jeff Buckley's part. It features 'Last Goodbye,' another perfect example of Jeff's musical luxury.

A tragic death of a legend. He will sadly be missed. Rest in peace Jeff. Your music will live on and run continuously in our hearts and in our minds forever.


Jeff...:-( | Reviewer: Rachel Branson :D | 10/20/04

The whole album is good, but this has always been my favourite. Listen with joy. Beauty, you need to listen to it in someone's arms, with a mug of tea.
RIP Jeff.

Froggy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/04

great great song, the voice, the voice unbelievable.