Legendary | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/24/11

Epic album. He was ,like many of his generation, an artist on all counts. What he had that seperated him from most artists was his ability to make something cliche or general into something personal as if he wrote the song thinking of you or on your behalf. Of course, throw in the angelic soulful voice, Jeff was unusually talented and his gifts could only be explained by the divine. Special artist, the kind that pops up only once or so in a generation.

Incredible ..! | Reviewer: Russ Sargeant | 9/27/06

OK, so I'm behind the times by 8 years in reviewing this album. What a tapestry! So original and so melodic. I hear elements of Throwing Muses, Led Zeppelin, Clash, Rush, Talk Talk and Blue Nile to name but a few. From the almost Nirvana-esque 'Eternal Life' through to the ethereal cover of Lilac Wine this is an awesome album. Shame this guy was cut short in his prime.