Timeless | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/13

Like many of you reviewing on here, I first came to listen to Jeff Buckley when I was in the midst of my GCSEs &studying music. I still remember listening to Grace for the first time&getting that shiver of brillance down my spine. This track has made me feel every emotion, which may sound cheesey, but it's the truth. His musicality&sheer intelligence is exceptional. I honestly can't get enough of him.I had to research him to then I realised Jeff is no longer with us. It made me so upset that a talent like his is no longer. I know his music will live on, it's timeless.

To this day, Jeff remains my favourite artist &i listen to him near enough everyday. What a legened.

One of his best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/12

I haven't heard of Jeff Buckley before in my life. One day, I remembered the song Hallelujah, but I didn't know by whom it was, so I went on Youtube and I saw a whole list of artists doing a cover of the song. I entered Jeff Buckley's video, and that was the first time I have been moved by a song in my entire life. He sings it as if it was his own he just gives it soul and emotions and made it as close to perfection as it can possibly be! Tears literally rolled down my face when I listened to Jeff's other songs while knowing that he is no longer part of this Earth. Angels do belong in heaven...
R.I.P Jeff and thank you.

GCSE set work | Reviewer: Nakkuruzu | 3/6/12

I am the only person in my GCSE Music class who likes this. Maybe it's the screaming, maybe it's lyrics or maybe it's the guitar riffs effortlessly pulled off at the beginning. Whatever the reason I like it is, this song is my 2nd favourite GCSE Music set work and I love it.


... | Reviewer: Cholo | 11/10/09

The first time I listened to the album, I didn't like this song. My favorites were Last Goodbye and Lover You Should've Come Over.

Only after months, I listened to this song again.

And I jizzed in my pants. My life was changed forever.

I'm 12, and I only heard of Jeff Buckley 2 years ago. But thank God that I ever did get to learn about his beautiful music.

Music by Gary Lucas | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/09

I just have to tell all of you who, just like me, adore this song and most other songs by Jeff, and who are talkning about his musicality in this song: Gary Lucas made the music for this song and a few other Jeff Buckley songs, like Mojo Pin. Though Jeff put on the vocals himself.
Gary Lucas is an experimental guitarist that played with Jeff for a while and who had or has a band called Gods and Monsters. They (Gary and Jeff) eaven released an album together called Song to no one (may be post mortum though). So, this is the greatest song, and Jeff is the greatest, but - Gary Lucas still wrote the music for this and a few other great Jeff Buckley songs.

jammin' w/ Tim | Reviewer: Helga | 7/17/09

hey keith airey...i was more hoping his jammin w/ Tim up there. I can imagine them with their guitars, singing each other's songs. That's the only place where they can be together...probably not as father and son but more as brothers.
Grace was the second song of his that i've heard, the first was hallelujah, and i loved it at that instant. Just so beautiful. His voice was so haunting...and he's really a beautiful man.

Correction | Reviewer: Samantha | 5/27/09

I just wanted to point out to the person who said that no body was found, they actually did find his body about 6 days after he drowned.
Anyway, this was the first song I heard of his. My teacher (I do a music course) played it in class for the guitarists to listen to, and I fell in love with it. Ever since then it's pretty much been played several times a day in my house lol. I love this song and the entire "Grace" album.
R.I.P Jeff.

He will live on | Reviewer: heather | 3/11/09

Im 18 and Jeff's songs, especially Grace send shivers down my spine.
My children will be sure to hear him, and love him. The way i see it, his music will always move people, and will be passed on. At least, this way he will always be remembered.

Grace-heavenly | Reviewer: CD | 3/14/08

I heard the albumn when it first came out, I was in college & travelling on a stinking hot bus to Georgia. I absolutely wept at the beauty and presence of Jeff Buckley's voice and lyrics. He is still one of my absolute favorites of all time. "Nightmares by the Sea" pretty incredible considering that it was not really a full finished product. If you haven't listened, you must-pure heaven and genius.

dead or alive? | Reviewer: wait in the fire | 3/6/08

my personal opinion, i think that he could be alive. He didnt like being compared to his father tim. Also, NO body was found. Like jim morrison, friends said that "if any one could do it, he could"

I was just throwing this out there cuz i want him to be alive so so badly....what a loss :(

Grace | Reviewer: Keith Airey | 12/13/07

One of those moments in life, the perfect piece of music, expressing what's in your soul. The singing is beyond beautiful, then you realise that the song is prophetic, we lost him to the Mississipi River, beyond sad but he is in my heart always. Thanks Jeff for healing me and
Dear Jeff, hope you are jamming with Jimi

Long Live Jeff Buckley | Reviewer: HC | 12/7/07

The first time I listened to Jeff Buckleys "Grace" album.
The CD palyer actually skipped straight to track 6. So the first full song i heard was "Hallelujah". Sitting there by myself in the semi-dark bedroom I sat and listened carefuly. The next thing I felt inside me was the feeling mourning. Even though I've never mourned in my life.
I found myself crying silently.
But not a dramtic amount of tears.
Just a thew drops of tears.
To this moment I know I shed those tears because alot of people in this world will never hear his songs. Songs that are so great they respectfully redeem the title "life changeing music"
It just goes to show how deeply moving Jeff's music can be. Even though I only discovered his songs a decade later.

I found this quote on the internet. "He was a musical genius and hadn't even come close to living out his life and touching people the way he could have- had he only lived a few years longer."

Title | Reviewer: Tiarnan | 11/20/07

Every single time I listen to this song it gives me shivers, especially the long, grainy high note/scream that he holds at the very end. It's enough to numb you. That's all I can say really, and if you are reading this and haven't heard this song before, I strongly recommend you give it a listen.

Perfect | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/07

Just perfect. Grace is just beautiful. Also the first time I heard lilac wine I wasnt aware that is was a cover and so I listened to the lyrics as if they were Jeff's own. (Which in its own right is a talent he had) but I was more struck by how the lyrics strangely related to his death. Complete coincidence Im sure- but just to think about, listen to the song again, "I lost myself on a cool damp night, I gave myself in that misty light,I was hypnotised by a strange delight, under a lilac tree...."

Hello | Reviewer: matilda | 9/23/07

Jeff is my favourite musician. His songs are so beautiful and deep. they strike chords within me and no matter how many times i repeat his songs, i do not get sick of them and i usually get sick of every song i am obsessed with, but never with any of buckleys music. even though he only produced one official albulm and not a huge amount of songs, it seems like each time i listen to a song its like im hearing it for the first time as im filled with excitement, sorrow, goosebumps, thrills, every emotion, its so amazing. his lyrics are so mystical and dreamy and i love the metaphors and all the techniques that fit in so elegantly. the voice is so powerful, it resonates and jeff has such a great vibrato! omg!! his singing seems easy but really it is far from it, he is just a genius. his range is outstanding and his songs do not merely show off his talent but they connect with the listener and absorb into our minds. i listen to jeff everyday, never get tired of hearing that heart warming voice. its the best voice ive ever heard as its comforting, striking, exciting, empathetic, soothing..... im mesmerised by such a beautiful soul, who is still alive, just not in an earthly way.