amazing | Reviewer: MM | 8/31/11

amazing. just amazing. that voice, the lyrics of his songs. amazing. i wish he were still alive. if we could trade an artist today to bring Jeff Buckley back, i'm sure we would do so in a heartbeat.

notitle | Reviewer: tania | 2/11/11

such a powerfull song. it can make me cry everytime i listen to it. such a great and truly words. thats so hard to realise that the one and only has gone but only jeff can make it with the sorrow, pain and beauty in the same time.
i love absolutely all of his songs.
cause it all came from the bottom of his heart. and it still comes to ours.

beautiful disaster | Reviewer: jackie | 2/12/10

if ever heartache had a would be jeff buckley. everything he's ever written literally seeps from all pores pure emotion. last goodbye can still make me cry today,same with forget her and lover you should've come over. i remember i was 16 when I first heard him several years ago...his affect on my soul still is heart wenchingly sweet and getting "my kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder" tattooed on my shoulder...its going to be an ode to the pain and love and life...that was jeff and intern any other broken spirit with a song to sing.

Greatness has no name or face | Reviewer: Yoni | 11/4/09

You know when you hear a masterpiece. there is no words of describing it. it just is. will allways be the best piece of music that ever came out.thats for sure. cant stop hearing it 'over and over'.Greatness.

real musicians dont write for fame and fortune | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/09

buckley refused to put this song on grace cause it was too personal, which is why it wasnt released until after his death. if thats not the notion of a true artist, then i dont know what is. he wrote songs like this because he needed to, it was his soul coming out in the form of music, which is why they are so powerful.'s all about pain! | Reviewer: Venera | 4/3/09

Grace is one of my favourites albums ever. It haunts you, it disarms you with its natural and pure beauty from within. I'm eager to listen to this song over and over, it's amazing... but it hurts so badly...

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/09

I'm speechless.
I've just listened to this song for the first time and I'm actually gob smacked, it's so powerful!
I absolutely adore everything he's done. I especially like Yard of Blonde Girls and Lover You Should've Come Over :)

wow. | Reviewer: Nanna | 2/14/09

i just don't know what to say. i love this song, and all the other fantastic songs on Greace. i can't do anything beside listening to him sing when i hear his songs. it's like everything stops. love it.

Amazing | Reviewer: Rafaella | 9/14/08

It's beautiful, it's pure emotion, it's so true and it's so sexy. Damn, such a complete artist... I don't think the world will ever see such a guy like this before.

RIP Jeff. Hope to meet ya someday.

I'll never forget the first time | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/4/08

I heard this song. I was driving home from work one night, half listening to the small town AM radio station.
'Forget Her' came on and I just had to pull over to the side of the road. And there I was, sitting in the pitch black by the side of this country road listening in awe to this amazing song.
Thankfully the announcer gave Jeff's name at the end and when I got home I downloaded the song. I have been in awe of it ever since. It haunts me. Like everyone here has stated - it describes perfectly the emotions felt by those who have ever found themselves in just such a situation.
Why is it that the greatest musical talents always have to die way too soon?