Beautiful | Reviewer: Ruby | 7/13/07

For such a beautiful song, it is a shame that this website and 10 people who obviously like it didn't realise that a lot of the lyrics are wrongly transcribed. I guess that is of none importance, really. But it is still sad. Haunting and awesome nonetheless.

I miss Jeff Buckley.

This was me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/3/07

i listen to this song and realise that i have been this girl in the past - it never ceases to make me want to turn back the clock!

struggeling with a lost love | Reviewer: Mike | 6/29/07

Together with 'Last Goodbye' this is a song which helps me overcome a lost love. She fell in love with another man ("all of her men"). I'm still struggeling with it every day. The lyrics are so 'right'it's almost scary but made some adjustments like "all full of whine the world before her, while I'm sober with no place to go", the way I understand it better. What a gifted man he is, Jeff Buckley, how sensitive, how gifted and how this became fatal to him. Few can get close to his greatness, maybe Damien Rice (Blower's daughter and Cheers darlin'), hope he will be with us for some time.

soul deep | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/07

the first time i heared it was a live cafe recording in ny city. i accidentally down loaded it from the net. this song brings back all the deep sorrow hidden within. any time i want to feel sad , i know what to lissten to. best song ever.

Astonishing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/31/07

Without a doubt the most moving song ever. It touches me, real hard.

Want Something To Break Your Heart? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/07

This will do it nicely. His haunting voice coupled with the incredibly touching lyrics really connect with you on levels you didnt even know you had.

Fantastic song.

The most beautiful song ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/5/05

If you were ever in love and lost it you would know that this is what you feel. Jeff Buckley is just so amazing it is hard to explain. His voice shows all the emotion of a heartbreak.

Jeff's song is beautiful | Reviewer: Charles Bruner | 11/4/05

I am not a man who cries often. But when I heard this song I wept. I can relate directly to the lyrics and the passion of the song is undeniable even if I didn't know them. Genius is rare and I have no doubt about Jeff's. And I never use that term lightly. I wish he were still alive. It's hard to believe someone so beautiful can leave us so soon. All I can say is this song is a work of poetry and greatness and a blessing to those who hear it.

speechless | Reviewer: daniel | 9/25/05

this song is superb... i'm portuguese, and i understand the words he's singing, but even if i didn't understand, the vocals would still reach me (almost) the same way... if feelings had a voice, jeff would be the "voice spokesman"... few artist had an effect on me like buckley, and his humour, words, voice and music is wrapped around inside of me... and i don't want those knots to be untied... ever! luckly for some of us, music is eternal, and so is Jeff Buckley.

This is the most beautiful song... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/6/05

Ever!!! I adore this just really shows off his voice with all the goodness that's in there! It's truly beauitful, but all of his songs are!