Angels will alway live on...... | Reviewer: Ally | 4/18/05

The loss of Jeff was and remains devastating to those who listen and hear. This track is powerful display of deep and honest emotions, and sung how only Jeff knew how.... beautifully.
The sadness in his lyrics, i believe, reflected his emotions about a brief, intense affair. I understand his feelings were still raw about the episode thus felt unable to place it on grace. Who can blame him, he was being true to himself.

I adore this song... who wouldn't? | Reviewer: Tindomiel | 2/2/05

Inspirational, so full of emotion. Rumour suggests that Jeff may have also have personal reasons also for taking the song outof the original Grace album. Shame really, it would have been one of the (many) highlights of this magical compilation.

I always thought it was 'despair on the bed' though. *shrugs* That bit of the song always stirs me.

Hail Jeff Buckley, who lives on.

One Of His Best Songs | Reviewer: Suzie | 2/2/05

I absolutely adore the song. It's heartfelt, intense and passionate - displaying all of the characteristics for which he is famous. It's fast becoming my favourite Jeff Buckley song, after "Last Goodbye", "Lover, You Should Have Come Over" and "Everybody Here Wants You". It reminds me of a love gone wrong from which I am still suffering. I needed to hear his soothing, angelically sung advice, "Forget [Him]". This song deserves to be a hit worldwide...unfortunately it never will be. I still miss Mr. Buckley!