Glaze for Dayzzzz | Reviewer: Lace&lipstick | 5/15/13

I found this song on a friends' playlist and I am a dancer in Los Angeles, whenever I play this song for stage, by the end of the song I need a shopping bag for the $$$$ . It moves men like a bulldozer ....

Men have imaginations, and they can be electric charge pulses
Thanks Jeff , you make my night .... Every night

Poignant Memories | Reviewer: Marg | 9/25/12

This song never fails to stir me. My husband played it for me the first night we met at a party. My first husband had died tragically 2 years earlier and I felt that I was being pulled in all different directions - then I heard this song and it was the beginning of my new life with a new love. Still together 13 years on!

meaningful | Reviewer: Bonnie | 9/24/10

When I discovered Jeff, I was completely immersed. There isn't such an artist that could reach me the way he does. His CDs are some of my most precious things I have. The music helped and still helps me during hard times, it's a life saviour, really. Jeff lives on!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE | Reviewer: Ally | 7/25/10

I discovered Jeff's music shortly after he died when I moved to the US and I have been a fan ever since. There are not many vocalist who can put emotion into every word that they sing and let the listener feel all that he is trying to convey; Jeff was one of those few. He sang with so much passion, soul and sensuality. Everytime I listen to his music I have fixed feelings. I enjoy his music, I am totally in awe of his beautiful voice yet I truely feel the loss of this great artist. I just wish he was still here to give us more.

everybody here wants Jeff | Reviewer: lian | 7/17/09

Jeff and women alike are so in love with you...wish you're still here.
Whenever i hear this song i couldn't help but swoon for Jeff..i think his voice in this song in particular is the sexiest i've ever heard. The lyrics is so romantic. his voice never fails to warm my heart.
I know i'll meet him someday to where he is now.

Beauty. | Reviewer: SJ | 2/8/09

This is by far the greatest and most depressing Buckley song out there. I cry each time I hear it because he's such a legend. He voice is fabulous and he manages to pour so much emotion into all his songs. It breaks my heart to think he's gone, and there will never be any man anywhere near as good as Jeff. Forever in our hearts. Everybody wanted him. I know I still want him.
RIP Jeff.

Trade in your music | Reviewer: Aaron Brown | 4/4/08

Trade in the "hottest songs" of today which are shit. Completely void of any musical talent.
Start listening to someone with true lyrical and vocal talent, not the crassly commercialized crap (such good alliteration) we here on pop radio.
Jeff Buckley's music is a gift. Enjoy it.

Jeff is the truth... | Reviewer: Jason | 12/9/07

Jeff is the truth. To anybody that understands what he meant by referring to himself as a ‘romantic’ this songs is for you. Never give up on love and never let love give up on you…The most beautiful man ever to song a rock song, his heart and soul will forever be apart of us all…I love you Jeff Buckley…

absolutely brilliant | Reviewer: Tim Lefebvre | 9/19/07

People who can pick up a guitar and play are everywhere... someone who can pour his heart and absolute emotion in a song is extremely rare. Perhaps Jeff is gone, but we all have a small piece of him inside of us because of all the emotion and passion he pours into our ears. I just recently finally puchased the live in chicago DVD, and the EPK that's on it is astonishing... What I would do to be able to see this man alive.

Absolute Surreal | Reviewer: lily | 9/20/07

I wholeheartedly agree with you all!! Especially Carmie and L.Hay. :") this is one of his most entrancing vocals ever. He brings me into a state of joy,tears,that electric wave that chills you to the soul and blood, and leaves you breathless. (sighs)

A genius never forgotten | Reviewer: nicla | 7/13/07

No one else can move me like Jeff can, his amazing lyrics and his wonderful vocal ability are not matched by anyone around these days. He had a special talent which still lives on and always will!

So Soulful | Reviewer: Carmie | 5/30/07

This is soooo beautiful! - the kind of song where you close your eyes lie back & let it weave it's spell over you - so sensual, sweet & personal - Jeff was such a master when it came to captivating his audience - you can imagine him singing this it to you & you alone - if only... Jeff you are so missed.

incredible | Reviewer: Jasmine | 5/29/07

i'm glad my aunt introduced me to this musical genius......there is no one up to his calibre these jeff buckley because you made all our lives easier to live.

gorgeous. | Reviewer: Andy Porritt | 2/16/06

In a word, gorgeous. Haunting lyrics and THAT VOICE! Still moves me everytime I hear it and it's a testament to Jeff's songwriting that the few covers of this song that I've heard still reel me in almost as much as this plaintive original.

not the last goodbye | Reviewer: L.Hayman | 7/14/05

Im sure my views of this man are mirrored all around. A tragedy he's no longer here, yet a privilage to have had the Jeff Buckley experience that, may i add, is anything but gone. Besides his friends & loved ones, Jeff left something else behind...this amazing song, among several others. Possessing an effortless knack to write these tunes plus the passion and talent to deliver them how he did, should be an inspiration to all of us, aspiring songwriters and music lovers alike. This man was loved for a reason, and my words could do no justice to Jeff's music, so i say to those who havn't heard this play,sit back,listen...enjoy.LH