Eternal life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/11

I see it as him refering to religion, especially in this line: "And tell me where is the love in what your prophet has said?" , although I can't understand all he says --i'm not an English fluent speaker

i love | Reviewer: j | 1/12/11

i hate that you are gone jeff. i hate that you dropped the most amazingly significant rock collection of all times, and then left. the 1st time i heard mojo pin, i was in awe of his voice. i had to hear more then bought the cd while i lived in LA.. not much after i read he died. to this day, everytime i pick up this cd i cant help to cry, for many reasons.

Jeff was Spiritually Enlightened. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/31/10

They say, when you become spiritually awakened, you understand fully that there is no death.

In the unawakened state, man strives for goals by putting others down with a very destructive mindset that causes people to attack others mentally. Man thinks "when I get this I will be fulfilled" .. and will tread on others to chase that... Of course when they get everything they dreamed, they are not content. ("and as your fantasies are broken in two...")

You better turn around and blow your kiss hello to life eternal angel means.. you better Stop going in the direction you are going in.. and 'become spiritually awakened'. if you like.. and realize you and everybody else spiritually 'unawakened' are striving for something un-achievable ..

Fantasies will be broken in two..
Jeff wishes to guide people away from the current world of fear, hate and fighting into a world of love peace and happiness..

It's the predominant message in a lot of his songs.

Eternal life | Reviewer: derf | 8/9/10

I think Buckley is refering to a person or a group of persons when he cries out racism, and killing. When he invokes the bloody road and then, eternal life, i feel he is refering to a religious person or group. Eternal life is what is sought out by most religions, I feel, therefore, I think it is a criticism of religious fanatics who kill in the name of eternal life. But, it could very well be something else...

Just plain rocks! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/10

This song is wonderfully powerful! The discordant guitar coupled with the savage vocals and the crisp bass runs; they make you feel the angst that the lyrics convey.
Definitely a nice heavy counterpoint to the rest of the album.
It took me decades to sit down and enjoy Buckley, but now his album, Grace, is one I can listen to over and over again without tiring.

blablabla | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/14/10

he was the only one who knew what really ment by his lyrics.what you see on them is related to you and your can't see beyond your experience.appreciate his music and your life.just don't take it too seriously because everything happens and then goes away.

Simple as that! | Reviewer: Izzy | 2/4/10

I don't know how about you people, but every time I listen to this song I feel like there's a suicide message in it... simple as that! "When will I find the strength to bring me release?" It feels like he's confused, tired of life, of asking questions and can't find a source of true love, peace & happiness... all deeds are senseless to him... "You better turn around and blow your kiss goodbye to life eternal angel" Sad story if you put this song and his tragic death together... IMHO (You may have your own opinion, it's just how I think)!

eternal life | Reviewer: brandon | 11/30/08

This song isn't just about paths, internal conflict and society.

It's more simple than that. It's about random emotion. Based in one singular ideal. Eternal life, is unacheivable. Mistakes, errors, and even great deeds mean nothing. But living within one's boundaries, or limitations is just as much a loss.

Instead, live as though life were eternal, then when it's time to die. Just die.

Buckley wasn't trained. He didn't learn to write by going to a compositional class or series of lectures.
Remember, he is just like you and I, except, you and I don't understand how to be honest AND full of life at the same time.

He did, and here he convey's it very clearly.

Eternal life is now on my trail, it is behind me.

Review on Eternal Life | Reviewer: Lydia | 2/2/08

This song is well written; truthful, smartly self-contradicting and very thought-provoking. I enjoyed his Grace album a lot, and Eternal Life is indeed one to really look out for apart from Grace, Last Goodbye, So Real and Dream Brother. He came up with almost insane lyrics; so hard to comprehend with a strong story hidden in it.

There is a lot to think of when you put this song and his tragic death together. It is almost as if he had somewhat an inkling of it.

I wonder what more could we have enjoyed from Jeff Buckley if he was still alive. Such a masterpiece, a class of his own. He was an amazing musician.

Grace | Reviewer: Thomm | 12/19/07

Fantastic Song. Really Great. I was listening to this album not to long ago, and told myself what a masterpiece it was. i really wish i had written this song. never mind the song, i wish i'd written the whole "grace" album. I sometimes wonder where Jeff Buckley would stand in modern music if he were still alive. But, what an album, great lyricist and song writer.