Treasure each for their own beauty. | Reviewer: diebuchen | 8/27/11

I was a great fan of Tim Buckley's music back in the day, and was introduced to Jeff Buckley in that way. Their music is so different in many ways, yet alike somehow. I love them both: which is better, gold or platinum? I don't know. If you read Tim Buckley's biography, "Blue Melody" you know at least one of the verses to Dream Brother is about his father, Tim.

Tim knew he had been a bad father to Jeff, and apparently was going to make amends, but died before he could do so, according to "Blue Melody."

Tim died in 1975, not 1979 as indicated by a previous reviewer.

hooked forever | Reviewer: hannah | 7/20/11

found Jeff Buckley in a very strange way, was listening to Paolo Nutini singing dolphins,on YOUTUBE, and someone commented on Tim Buckleys version, so went there and someone commented on his son Jeff, bought GRACE album just for hallelujah, and only listened to a couple of songs on it,I had a remote control for hifi, so skipped past most songs on it, thought the rest were too noisey!!! when remote broke I was too lazy to bother skipping songs, Thank God for that!!! as after a couple of forced listenings, I became completely hooked!! anyway this beautiful song, as with all his other ones has a strange under-current which speaks to the soul, and captivates, unmatchable, love Jeff Buckley!! gorgeous man, and soul, if you've read all of this then you must love him as much as me, hehe, cheers

Beautiful song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/11

This song totally changed everything for me. It haunts me! I never knew what it was actually about. I always assumed it was about considering leaving someone you love for someone else, dreaming of that person, kisses on the lips of another... But regardless the arrangement, musicianship and the overwhelming emotion drives me insane. I can't stop loving this track.

What I Think | Reviewer: Buckley Fanatic | 10/6/09

I wrote alot but bear with me.I heard that Jeff Buckley had a friend who was a musician. And he was having a bad marriage life. The guy wanted to leave his family behind. Im guesshng Jeff made this song to make the guy understand the error of his ways. But deep down Jeff saw a similarty in this situation to his life. Jeff Buckleys father Tim Buckley was also a musician.In 1966 at just age 19 he married, had a child (Jef Buckley), and released his 1st self titled debut album Tim Buckley. Tims music life affected his marriage which lead to a divorce. Tim left his child behind, to pursue his tragic dream of bieng a renowed musician. He created a barrage of great albums but they were all shunned for its experimentations. Tim would later marry another woman, but he felt devastated for the absence of his child. Tim clearly adresses this in his song Dream Letter. Pherhaps he adopted his second wifes child to ease his mind about it. Since the day he left them, Tim Buckley would only manage to see his 8 year old son only once in his life. The struggkes of success got to Tim and hed enter a world of drugs. Tim would quit but one 1979 night after a sold out concert, Tim would go to friends in search of heroin. They didn't want Tim to take drugs but they gave it to him anyways. Tim took a heavy dose and fell into an immediate coma. After quickly bieng transported to his wifes house, the little attempts to revive him failed. Paramedics announced dead on arrival. He was 28. Tim Buckley left his child, his love behind to create wonderful music.But all he did was alienate his fanbase and die in debt, that is very tragic. News of Tims death would arrive to a young Jeff Buckley who back then was known as Scott Moorhead. Jeff would not attend Tims funeral. After the funeral Scott Moorhead decided to officialy change his name to Jeff Buckley. Jeff would later grow up to be a musician like his father surpassing hm in fame. But alas that fame was shortlived. Jeff would drown in a freak accident. Hed barely outlived Tims death he war 30 years old. Getting on to point, Dream Brother [crazy resemblance to Dream Letter] was more directed to Tim Buckley and Jeffs pain. The musician was just an excuse to write this song. The term dream brother now an unknown phrase used to adress those who never had their mother/father in their life. (Note: There was also a small conspiracy to the line "asleep in the sand with the ocean washing over". some people thought this line meant something of death which lead some to believe the odd scenery it gives you resembles Jeffs mysterious death was probably suicide.) P.S.: If any one read this freaking long essay,....I say thank you for your time.

Reminds me of... | Reviewer: Sergio Contreras | 9/25/09

I am not really into this guy, but recently my wife pushed his music on me and once i heard this song i made an instant connection to The Doors' The End song. really such a beautiful piece. Even though i could barely understand the lyrics i know it had to do with something deep and personal. I remember saying, "Cant understand what hes saying, but you know its something strange. Gotta love it." Well glad i finally looked up the lyrics. Adding as one of my all time favorites.

on and on | Reviewer: ben | 9/1/09

thanks to my sister! I went to buy new David Gray's new release, but it was not out yet!
then she introduced me to Jeff B.. Bought the cd without questioning!
.. result? I've been listening dream brother ever since, on and on! incredible guitar and drums! I think there is something which reminds me Jim Morrison.. maybe in his emotional voice! but much more fine than him!
Haven't listen Tim's music yet! what do you rekon?
ciao from Italy

It's a song he wrote for Chris Dowd | Reviewer: Wofats | 6/18/09

"Dream Brother" is Chris Dowd (Former member of Fishbone).
Chris' marriage had come to a crash and Buckley is asking his friend to not end up doing to his children what his father did to him. (Not have much to do with their lives.)

Jeff appears on Chris' album "The Seedy Arkistra".

'N stuff!

Love the new Buckley live disc "Grace Around the World" that just came out.

Dream Brother | Reviewer: Colourblind_Kurt | 5/26/09

I also think it's about lost love and with a message for his father too, and maybe saying "don't do what my father did"... Don't be like the one who made me so, don't be like the one who left behind his name... Or this is how I feel about it, sometimes we listen to music we can relate to, and we find our own meanings to them. That is why it touches us so deeply... especially with Jeff's voice, so filled with emotions (like he's playing on the strings of our soul, as a special someone told me once)... whatever, it's such a beautiful song... Thanks Yavin for introducing me to Jeff Buckley :p

Perfection | Reviewer: Lee | 4/24/09

Without wanting to beat about the bush, I think this is the best song of all time. Every version. The album version for its haunting beauty, the olympia version for the rollercoaster voice style, the chicago one for the repeated "flying buckley" operatic notes, the sony one for the intro you never want to end. And the rest. Simply art.

amazing however misinterpreted | Reviewer: Django | 4/25/09

I personally think the song is about abandoment. He is in love with someone that he knows is going to leave him, "The love you lost with her skin so fair...and your kiss on the lips of another" and he's asking her not to in the chorous saying everyone else has left me dont be like all the rest of them. In the end he's lost his love and wants to die because of it, "Asleep in the sand with the ocean washing over"