His father | Reviewer: Sebastiaan | 4/1/09

I think this song is about his father: "Don't be like the one who left behind his name" "'Cause they're waiting for you, like I've waited for mine" (but nobody ever came)

It's so emotional, it's a great song.

ethereal plane | Reviewer: kennundrum | 12/11/08

This song - hell, the entire album - has an energy and spirituality about it that one seldom
encounters in music. I wanted to tear my eyelids out when I heard about his death (that's about the best way I can describe it-so senseless). On the bright side, though, Jeff died without having to burden us with human failings such as writer's block, sophomore slump (Sketches for my Sweetheart.... seemed destined for that), and the like. I think that's part of the haunting beauty of this set of tunes.

Magical | Reviewer: Moonfant | 1/29/08

This is an amazing song, I love it so much.. Jeff's voice is amazing. Thanks to my father who introduced me to Jeff Buckley, I will never ever stop admiring his music. RIP

magic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/07

I listened to this song sitting on a beach with some friends one night, and it was incredible. staring up at the moon listening to this song was such an amazing experience. its just such a mystical piece of music... awesome

Hauntingly, Beautiful...... | Reviewer: Kimberly J. Owen | 11/21/07

I remember this song driving in the night going up the mountain, drive in Eureka, Springs, Arkansas. It was so, Tim Burton like. And his music made it so, much, more beautiful. I love this song I've always wondered is it a Syntar or a Resonator instrument? He'll be missed RIP......

hauntingly beautiful | Reviewer: Dean | 11/15/07

When I first heard this song, i was completed entranced. the musical progression coupled with jeff's amazing voice has made me a bigger fan than ever before. thanks to my brother jonathan for introducing me to JB. RIP - you are missed!!!

another classic | Reviewer: tarzan | 6/27/07

this is my second most favourite song after forget her. juliet thanks for introdusing me to jeff buckley. peace