the voice that make me amazed | Reviewer: chep | 11/26/2008

i never knew jeff buckley before. i only knew him about 2 months ago. i started listening to Grace and i realized that i missing an important man. i live for 22 years but knowing jeff buckley for only 2 months is a shame. there'a a lot great singer in the past and present, but nobody can sing like jeff buckley!

Dreamlike... a fairy tale of a song | Reviewer: Gaye | 12/24/2007

Rarely will you hear a voice as pure as his. This song is the perfect vehicle for Jeff's amazing voice. A simple song, but Jeff Buckley's icy-clear, beautiful vocals make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Maybe God called Jeff back to lead his choir of angels. His talent took my breath away from the first time I heard him; how sad that he left us so young. When he sings you feel how comfortable with himself he must have been.

Corpus Christi Carol | Reviewer: chris | 10/20/2007

Simply one of the most moving songs of all time. Delivered with utter sincerity and tremendous sensitivity, this song is almost baroque in its powerful spirituality.

Tears | Reviewer: lily | 9/20/2007

This is simply astounding and I agree as a fellow fan til the day the world falls away. He was sent here for a reason and his life wasn't in vain. though I am forever shocked that he left so soon and unexpected..well to us it was...but to him? I think he was at peace beforehand because it seems as if Grace was his note to the world, his last goodbye. :| Immortal indeed in us and the next generations to follow.

Nothing new. | Reviewer: Biance | 4/13/2006

For those of you who have that unrelenting grip on Jeff Buckley's music, Corpus Christi Carol, won't seem out of place. Jeff's voice is far beyond anything most of us have ever heard, and that is why his death was such a slap in the face. The CD Grace, has a variety of beautifully crafted songs... representing those emotions we've always over-looked, because that's what Jeff does for us all, he soothes our pains and awakens new emotions. I think we can all agree this song, is a sacred entity, the song is so romanticized it almost puts you to sleep... it's so beautiful, that semantics are put to shame when one tries to describe it. To be honest, I don't think this song could be performed any better, Jeff put his signature on it, and it's may as well be his song now. God rest his soul, and I say that out of respect, not religious belief.

Otherworldly | Reviewer: Y. Ebestibit | 3/9/2006

Jeff Buckley's interpretation of this beautiful carol, often sung by a classical male soprano, is simple and effective in a showcase of Buckley's ethereal voice and range. Unexpected, but not really. Not from Buckley.