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book | Reviewer: Tony | 1/15/14

I was wondering when your new book will be wife and I want a copy really bad.we love to hear you sing and the stories that you talk about in your we think will be great.thanks from two of your fans.

Need Your Book | Reviewer: Wendy | 10/6/13

My husband watches and records County Family Reunion which he loves, he heard of a book Jean Shepard wrote and has had me looking everywhere for it and I cant find it. My husband is in cancer treatment and it would make him so happy to have this book. Does it exist and if so where can I find it?

The Best Lady Country Singer | Reviewer: Nancy Dyer-Faidale Ky | 10/5/13

I love to hear Jean Shepard and think that she is the best woman country singer..I love to see and hear her on the Family Reunion tapes that I have purchased and wonder why she was not invited to the newest one to be recorded in Nov 2013 (I received the promotion letter and she wasn't listed)

Another ( just like me) | Reviewer: Lola Baldwin | 9/1/13

When I think of females in country music I think of people like Kitty Wells & Jean Shepherd, they are old school & really know how to belt out the good stuff.Keep em coming Jean! I'd listen to you any day over this hip hop junk.

A Favorite Lady | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/10/13

Years ago, in the 1960's, I attending the Friday night opry at the WSM studios, and later Saturday nights at the Ryman but backstage. I made friends with Jean, and many times watched her boys while she was on stage. Harold Jr. was maybe a year old, and Robin was still a toddler. Those are memories I will never forget! Years later I saw her again at the Ernest Tubb record shop after the Opry, and she met my children. It was a happy reunion!!

Many Happy Hangovers | Reviewer: Janie | 3/8/13

I was about 13, and my mother was dating an alcoholic the first time I heard this song. I drove the radio station nuts requesting it.

Love watching you on CFR and hope you get better.

A true lady | Reviewer: Marcia | 3/9/13

Enjoy listening to you on RFD Family reunion. Been trying to find your book at library. Cannot actually read it but hope someday hope it will be audio book. You are always so well dressed and act like a lady. These you ger ones should take lessons from you.
Wishing you many more happy and healthy years.

Charlotte Frankiewicz 02/10/13 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/13

I have been listen to Country Music since I was a teen-ager,I'm in my late 60's now and was so glad to be able to see you on Family Reunion every Friday night on RFD. Thank you all for keeping Country Music the way it should be.

Jean is a special Lady | Reviewer: Verla Brown | 12/23/12

I been looking for your new book my husband want anso do i we watch you on family reunion all the time i dont get to go to church anymore because of my eyes i cant see to drive so i watch the country show i love all the old time song my Daddy use to sing to me when i was little i love your songs igot cds in my car i can play your song all day love you Jean ps.i have your name to it is verla jean brown.

Seven loney days | Reviewer: Jack Singletary | 12/12/12

Jean I would like to thank you for your song Seven Loney Days it has brought me through a lot of hard times I still have a 78 of it Also thank you for your support of the Viet-nam vets I`m so glad thea we have people like you that supports us God Bless you and all our Vets and the men and women that are serveing us now GOD BLESS AMERICA

Book | Reviewer: Pat Bogue | 12/12/12

I watch you every week on Country's Family Reunion. I am 74 and I really enjoy the real country singers. I am so glad RFD came along and brought back country as we knew it. Where can I find "Down Through the Years"? I am sure it would be entertaining.

Thank You For Your Music | Reviewer: Daisy L | 12/8/12

I don't want to tell anyone my age, but i have been listening to
and loving your music for many, many years. When you and Ferlin Husky did duets, nobody could come close to being as good.
My husband are trying to preserve our old music. We have around 8oo 33 1/3 albums, over a thousand 45 records, a couple hundred 8 track tapes, about 600 cassettes,and about 3000 c d`s.
We also have the machines to play any of our music we want to listen to. So keep up the wonderful job as long as possible.

Beautiful Lady,You are The Best

Jean Shepard's new book??? | Reviewer: Chastidy Ezra | 12/1/12

My grandparents are huge fans of Jean Shedard. All they want for christmas from me & my family is her newest biography book... Can someone please help me.. please let me know what the name is & where can I find it? My grandparents mean the world to me & I really want to find this for them...

Book | Reviewer: Nancy Armstrong | 9/9/12

God Bless you I am 76 have followed you since grade school,have dvd's of them. sorry of your illness but happy to know your doing well now. I am so looking forward to finding your new book that you talked about on country reunion would'nt miss that show. Continued good health,best too all the great ladies of country music.

New book you have talked about | Reviewer: Diane | 8/5/12

My mother-in-law asked me to find your lastest book for her. I have looked and can't find any information on it. Can you tell me if it's out yet, and what is the title??? Thanks a lot.

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